When Should You Replace the Roof on a Rental Property?

4 thoughts on “When Should You Replace the Roof on a Rental Property?

  1. Thanks for the video I was on the phone today with a roofer for one of my rental properties. Do you recommend a roof over on rentals? Would it affect the resale of the house in the next few years vs re roofing it. Thanks.

  2. HI clayton,
    I just received a call from someone from denver, I did not feel comfortable, it was like a sale call, he sent me an email and he did not even sent his phone number or professional realtor licence number. I asked him for your headquarter offices, he did not gave me any info. because I wanted to visit your office in Indiana and check all the areas for investment. how do I suppose to trust?

  3. Best time to replace the roofs on your rentals, after hail storms and have Insurance pay for your roof less your deductible. You can write off your deductible, but not full cost of replacement because insurance paid for it.

  4. Really crossing my fingers on this one. We had a hail storm in SE Michigan and I'm hoping my roofer can show my insurance company enough reason to cover it.

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