Where the city is allowing repairs after Harvey

when you start looking at building permits for Hurricane Harvey home repairs that can tell you an awful lot about which neighborhood suffered damage and which ones are building back channel to investigator Jewell Eisen bomb pulled the locations of permits to map the recovery for you and also to show you some of the hurdles faced by those still in the recovery process when Harvey finally moved out tens of thousands of us did too I’ll be sleeping in my car tonight tomorrow and the next day that curseth storm damaged and destroyed 47 thousand homes in Harris County alone 2.9 billion dollars of catastrophe and a year later for many of us it’s still not over [Music] Margo Alexia is sunk $70,000 into rebuilding her northwest Houston house my microwave was there and it’s all for nothing I came by the house to pick up some mail and there was a red tag on the door from the city it turns out the contractor who has now disappeared never pulled the required permits and now the city of Houston won’t issue any because this Mangum Manor home is sitting inside a floodway Houston’s perpetually influx FEMA flood maps have dire consequences for some I feel really stuck right now but in a Lexi’s case there is hope because of this gully the city of Houston has expressed interest in buying her out it won’t get her out of debt but it is a chance at a hand-up and a lot of us could use one of those about now my wife gets very nervous when there’s any kind of puddle in the street because of the devastation that happened here the story of our rebuilding can be mapped each icon here represents a home with a post Harvey reconstruction permit 6000 393 permits in Houston alone Jon Sorrentino lives among a heavy concentration of these icons here’s a bedroom community inside a king wood called the Barrington at the gated community of 280 homes it’s my understanding at all of them flooded that’s the San Jacinto River inside sorentino’s house twelve months later it’s largely put back together and he’s back on track but in his Kingwood subdivision Barrington that’s a hit or miss prospect about two hours ago over there hot tub a year ago the cajun Navy was navigating these streets but it’s 44 miles away on Houston’s west side where you find this single Street issued the most post Harvey permits in Houston 297 on Memorial Drive a thousand more on nearby neighborhood streets this area took a huge loss because they opened up two reservoir inundated by the dam releases hundreds of homes still sit in various stages of rehabilitation hundreds remain vacant the heaviest clusters of home renovation are along the bayous Meyer lands recent history has been well documented a long braised Bayou the sea of permits extends well eased but you don’t need a fancy map to tell you a year later Harvey’s not done with us yet I’m probably gonna end up renting it’s probably gonna end up running my credit we’ve posted this interactive map on click2houston.com just check our investigates section we’ve also got one for Galveston plus an easy way to find exactly where your home sits in relation to the flood plain Joel is a mom KPRC Channel 2 News

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