White Water Rafting on the Futaleufú River – Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral in Chile (Part 3)

The Carretera Austral in rural Patagonia. Known as one of the most scenic roads
for adventure seekers in South America. After checking out the impressive marble caves of Puerto Rio Tranquilo in the last episode i hitchhiked further north in this
episode to go rafting on the Futaleufú river! Puyuhuapi…this is the name of the small village down there! I decided to take a day off from hitchhiking because I quite like this relaxed place! And so did the first settler who came like me from Germany to settle down, build a carpet factory and later on started with fishing. Until 1982
this place was only accessible by boat or by plane. Then the Carretera Austral was finished and nowadays you can can easily go south. This is the only section of the
road where the road actually runs along the seaside
because this is not a lake – it is a fjord of the
Pacific Ocean! …and so I stayed for one more day and had some nice salmon right
from the Fjord I headed north to Futaleufú on
the next day. it only took me about 15 minutes to get
my first lift. he took me rights to the next
village named La Junta where I should wait a
little bit longer. 3hours of waiting and then there was Tomas and he took me here
to Villa St. Lucia! This nice rainy place 🙂 68 kilometres…and now I want to head 77 kilometers more to Futaleufu! at that point I only had about three
hours of daylight left so I was quite happy when I found my
last lift to take me to the village Futaleufu
and the Futaleufú river! Action time I’m in Futaleufu and this is the best place to do whitewater rafting…I’ve heard…so I
have to ask you what is so special about this river? Well first of all it’s location..I mean the
andes here are incredibly rugged and of course that
rugged mountain ranges makes this river so rugged itself. The river is dropping from a lake in Argentina which gets the
sunny side of the Andes. So that water gets warm when it comes
to these rugged andes here in Chile. And this river has it all! We got very challenging rapids, very difficult We got beautiful water and nature. We got fun places – the biggest waves
you’ll see in the southern hemisphere! Guys! I would say let’s get dressed up and then lets get wet! after getting dressed up we got briefed by our rafting guide Humberto before starting at the Las Escalas Valley. Rapids of the classes 3-5 where waiting for us. But we started smoothly. Had some picturesque breaks and enjoyed river as much as
possible before arriving at the throne room this is a 5 plus rapid where groups usually don’t raft…but Humberto convinced me and another crazy guy to give it a try. So we nearly made it through the throne
room… but Humberto did it for the first
time ever and he was quite happy 🙂 So that was the first day and now we
are in the camp I had a pretty nice warm shower. now we just relax there’s a sauna down
there. There are warm showers and then we’ll go over there to have some nice food…look
at that. We see each other in the morning! their homemade food was simply amazing so I had a pretty nice sleep in my
little cabin right next to the river and I was ready for the next day to do some
more rafting! The second day was packed with some crazy Rapids again from class 3 to class 5 plus. Especially in the very famous bridge to
bridge section. As we already had the experience of one
full day of rafting we all got already used to the
instructions and commandos given by humberto – so it
was quite easy to go through the rapids and
we have been an awesome team and only fell into the
water when we wanted to get through the lower
Rapids without the raft. After two days of amazing scenery and a lot of fun we finished our trip
and drove back to the village of Futaleufu. Stay tuned for the next episode where I
will hitchhike too Chaiten, avillage which was destroyed by a volcano just a few years ago and I will continue my way through the
Fjord Region to the finish of my trip in Puerto Montt Make sure to hot the subrcibe button and check out the other videos Cheers! if you also want to travel to South
America make sure to check out my travel guides with the links provided Indian box below

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