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We’ve got young Jess coming along with us this
trip, and let me tell you, he’s been a breath of fresh air, you know. Why are you on the floor, Jesse? A bit seasick, mate. A bit of a young fella around camp. Someone else to lend a hand, and he’s quite
strong. CAMERAMAN: Oh, do you need them to help pop…? JESSE: Yeah, I need a hand. We’ve been picking up a few things from him
too like how to handle snakes. Whoa. He’s a braver man than you or I. Just a good fun lad to have around. So Jesse is a crocodile… trainer? So my background with wildlife starts early. I grew up on a small property with my family,
and they ran a wildlife rehabilitation centre. As I grew up, I stayed in the industry and
now my profession is specializing in crocodiles in Cairns at the local crocodile park. Oh, that was a good one. Jesse can teach us a thing or two about reptiles
and crocodiles on this trip. It could be a little whip snake this one. Or a little brown. But when it comes to 4-wheel driving, we’re
going to be able to teach him a few things. Yeah, boys, you might have to come back and
give us a hand, eh? When Jase and Simon asked me to come along
for Season 10, I was quite excited, as you can imagine. It’s a dream job, really. You get to travel around the Australian bush,
explore new places, and we achieve the impossible. And we have a bit of fun along the way. And yeah, good times. How you goin’, Jesse? Mate, I’m having a ball! Mate, I’m up.

11 thoughts on “Who is Jesse? ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. I saw jesse do a show at hartleys. Good fella, good sense of humour and has a set of stones on him to play with all those teeth

  2. Poochie? Let’s face it, all4 is about Simon and jase, just hope it’s not too far a stretch.

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