100 thoughts on “Who is the RIVER SHEN of League of Legends

  1. Some memes like these make me question this fucking community…

  2. i know im one year late but i really wanna say that ur the only utuber who makes me laugh loudly at my laptop when im home alone

  3. River shen is Dutch….

    – leeuwen = lions
    – hoek = corner

  4. the River Shen player's nationality is Dutch… that's all the information I can give on this subject.

  5. Warum machst du englische videos mit deutschem titel 😮 würde mich freuen wenn du mich aufklären könntest 😮

  6. things river shen says: River shen.
    things river shen doesn't say: I'm not river shen

  7. Pianta: -I'm not river shen…
    Literally anyone: -That's something a river shen would say

  8. this is river shen https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=AVLeeuwenhoek
    no one knows when he last blessed the rift with a dash ;-;

  9. Use my like button to say to riot that we need a river shen skin.
    It’s gonna look totally the same as the normal shen but when you are in river the “river shen song” plays.


  11. Lmao i guess someone i played randomly with watched your video before…cause he also played shen and just stayed in riverXD

  12. he plays river shen, he says he's not river shen for 100 times, he whispers once he might be river shen and then keeps saying he's not. HE IS RIVERSHEN

  13. River shen on 99% power in river but since the whole will be a river with ocean drake river shen can unleash 999% of His power

  14. im dutch(belgian) and by looking at his name a can tell you thats hes from the netherlands or belgian we might be tracking him down guys

  15. Guys i'm from the Netherlands. The real river shen's name was AVLeeuwenhoek. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek 1632 – 26 August 1723) was a Dutch businessman and scientist in the Golden Age of Dutch science and technology. A largely self-taught man in science, he is commonly known as "the Father of Microbiology", and one of the first microscopistsand microbiologists. The real river shen is a Dutch guy. Probably

  16. The original rivershen was called "UVleeuwenhoek" I don't know about the UV but leeuwen hoek is Dutch and means lion corner for some reason. I think ive heard it as a last name

  17. Faker should study this strategy. Maybe then, his team would actually win Worlds again…

  18. River Shen is like a Buddhist monk who has nothing and lives only from EXP people like Zoe give to him as a donation. The river is giving him all he needs

  19. Once I played a game and the enemy team had a "River Shen". I was like "wtf are you talking about who is River Shen?" and they just said he was River Shen so I had to search it and … I still don't know and wish I knew who that guy was and why did literally all except me and 2 others didn't know. Yes, I'm confused if you didn't get it. No joke, while I was playing that game I was SO confused I just kept playing normally and sometimes killing River Shen while being 7 levels ahead of him. I am still SUPER confused, and I want a real explanation of what happened in my game.

  20. How can champions run on river? I thought that only Jesus Christ was able to do that!

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