Why Are We Just Hearing About This Jersey ‘Tsunami?’

(Image source: The Watchers) 
BY JASMINE BAILEY Normally when a tsunami hits this is what’s
expected. (Via The Guardian) But that was not the case in New Jersey when
a rare type of tsunami hit the coast on June 13 — which could be much of the reason we’re
really just now hearing about it. The wave was about six feet tall, sweeping
three people off the shore and injuring two. This is the first time a tsunami has been
recorded off the Jersey Shore in 80 years. (Via The Weather Channel) No coastline damage was reported. As Fox News
explains, the cause of the tsunami likely played a role in the minimal damage. “Scientist say what hit is actually called
a meteotsunami. It’s caused by two things, the weather above the surface of the water
and likely the slumping of the continental shelf.” A storm system that moved across New Jersey
just before the tsunami is being investigated as a possible factor. Tsunamis like the one
that hit Japan in 2011 are usually caused by underwater earthquakes or landslides.

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