100 thoughts on “Why Argentinian Football Fans Are Absolutely Mental | Boca vs River Super Clásico


  2. Siempre pensé que el mejor lugar para vivir el fútbol es argentina, a mi me enamoro Boca por su pasión y su historia saludos desde Perú!

  3. Excellent report Just one mistake … the Racing and Independiente clubs are not from the autonomous city of buenos aires, they are clubs from the city of Avellaneda, city head of the municipality of Avellaneda, Province of Buenos Aires.

  4. Aconsejo a la página hacer un reportaje en la recta final del Brasileirão, como dicen en Brasil – vai pegar fogo, aquellos que caen a la B, el campeón y la Clasificación a Libertadores, Saludos |Barcelona|

  5. they aren't all that, boca juniors have spealers around the stadium to make more noise, which is very lame !

  6. Boca tiene 18 titulos internacionales (no 14 3:18 ) Y la distancia entre la Bombonera y el Monumental es de 14 km (3:44 no 30km)

  7. The only difference between Boca and River is the >MARKETING> that boca does outside since Macri´s time as boca president. River doesnt.

  8. Dont be fooled by the Boca's marketing machinery, nowadays River Plate fans show more passion and likely more numbers along Argentina territory.
    Nevertheless a Super clasico by itself is the ultimate expression of love and madness for your favorite colors that can not be surpass by no other derby in the world
    Vamos River!!!!

  9. Used to watch torneo verano when channel 5 used to show Argentinian football. Miss those days.

  10. This is not football fans, they are just sick people. Do you remember when those sick people almost killed River Plate players? And then they were suspended from Concacaf for some time. Remember?

  11. min 10:11 i understood that reference https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRN-6-DPNncVEyeRAOmNAKg/featured

  12. These teams still don’t compare to Euro teams!!! MLS teams can beat them 😂😂😂 Ciao Bella

  13. I dont understand why they dont give these games on TV in Europe. To be honest, El Classico is nothing compared to this. The passion they have is insane!

  14. Gay-ina hija de puta te fuiste al descenso cagon, esta libertadores te la ganamos y te cagamos a tiros

  15. too much footage of the chap pretending to be an Argie footie fan getting over excited

  16. Buen vídeo admiración de occidente por argentina..ir a racing también son los mejores fanaticos

  17. 10:10. "River and Boca are rivals, not enemies."

    Lol not this year, not in the Copa Libertadores

  18. Next Copa90 video: "Why Argentinian Football Fans Crossed A Line l River vs Boca Final Libertadores"

  19. Is all fun and games until they start vandalizing ang killing each other, as they always do ,don’t glamorize that.

  20. there a joke compared to English fans stick to dancing the tango there not fighters us british are

  21. Make a video on kolkata derby in India, its east Bengal vs mohon bagan, both the clubs has an history of 100 years, and both the club has such huge fan base, and its quite a big derby

  22. That game they played in Madrid because their fans can not behave themselves…….
    Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi say they are proud Argentinians………
    NEITHER of them were at the game……..
    FUCKING PUSSIES the pair of them

  23. Argentine FUCKWITS
    They have two stadiums BESIDE EACH OTHER
    Why not share a fucking stadium and stop wasting peoples time???

  24. Perché la boca è la rappresentazione dell'italianità!!! Argentina figlia d'Italia

  25. Ahora hace el video de la cogida que le dimos en el Bernabeu para que todo el mundo vea y sepa lo putito que sos bostita juniors. bosta la concha de tu madreeee. 3 a 1 y la gloria es nuestra. El mundo lo vio, y ahora saben la verdad: que River es el mas grande de todos y nunca abandonó.

  26. This is madness! I have to go to Argentina sometime in my life during the world cup.

  27. When you find yourself not belonging to anything or you have nothing to prove in your life, you get lost in some useless shit easily. Look at these people!
    some of them old and have kids and still jumping up and down for nonsense. Let's not forget the system corruption,drugs and poverty in Argentina .People need to change the system.
    fight to a change ,a better life quality before this shit above.

  28. El partido de partidos, el clásico de clásicos, la final más importante de toda la historia de los River – Boca… la ganó River! Sigan llorando, se acabó la mentira.

  29. I absolutely love COPA90 and all of its content, but you're the best journalist they have… the (incredible) writing, narration and passion is second to none. You're football's Anthony Bourdain. Much love and respect!

  30. Just a quick question to boca fans. Do you by any chance know who won Copa Libertadores in 2018? 🙂

  31. ¿Por qué esto?
    Porque aunque los ingleses crearon el futbol,en Argentina se evolucionó y mejoró,tanto como en Uruguay

  32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcQyVJxieQA&feature=youtu.be

  33. Voca no necesita hinchas extranjeros porque nosotros llenamos el estadio solo JAJAJAJA Q MITOMANOS MENTIROSOS ..#VOCALACONCHADETUMADRE

  34. Really dissapointed…

    You don't understand NOTHING from Argentinian football….
    boca Juniors fans are the WORST fans in Argentina.
    In fact, they represent the wish to win with cheats or every dirty way.
    The worst fans in South America

  35. Minuto 12:00.
    Como siempre River ganando.
    Mar del Plata es de River, el más grande de Argentina.

  36. Copa Libertadores

    Leg 1 of 2:
    2 – 2
    River-Plate: 2
    Boca Juniors: 2

    Leg 2 of 2:
    3 – 1
    River-Plate: 3
    Boca Juniors: 1

  37. Legend has it that the racing stadium is badly built … because it has the bathroom three blocks away

  38. River Plate's stadium, neighborhood and fans are a million times better than our poor cousins in the south. La 12's main source of income after drug dealing is robbing north americans and european tourists who stray outside of Caminito.

  39. Just imagine what happened when Messi play for Boca …and Ronaldo play for River…Just imagine

  40. When Maradona(Boca Juniors) was coaching Argentina during the 2010 WC, he did not allow one of their best players to be on the team, because he played for River Plate. Diego HATES River Plate that much.

  41. When Maradona(Boca Juniors) was coaching Argentina during the 2010 WC, he did not allow one of their best players to be on the team, because he played for River Plate. Diego HATES River Plate that much.

  42. a la verga el futbol español, no compares ese show mediatico a un clasico verdaderamente genuino y unico de pura pasion como el boca – river. El madrid y el Barca me chupa un huevo

  43. Top 5 clubs Argentina.1River Plate 2.San Lorenzo 3.Racing 4.Lanus and Rosario

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