Why Be An Entrepreneur

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morning everyone and welcome to the easy like Sunday morning podcast I am your
host Charles Watson and happy Sunday November 4th hope you guys are having a
great weekend I know we are we went shopping yesterday and had a great time
and realize that everyone is already putting out Christmas decorations which
is a little early but it’s also fun kind of gets you in the spirit good morning
good morning TIA so we did some shopping yesterday it was
a lot of fun we had a great day yesterday and hopefully our weekend will
continue to be great today so welcome to the podcast
today we are going to be talking about why you’re why finding your why and I’m
gonna share with you five reasons why people become entrepreneurs it’s kind of
crazy it’s a lot of work takes a lot of dedication and resources so why would
people want to do this and become an entrepreneur especially in this day and
age where it seems like the economy is doing well there are a lot of jobs
available out on the market so why would somebody want to become an entrepreneur
I mean too many becoming an entrepreneur seems a little scary and and high risk
you know it’s a high risk taking journey but to some into the majority you know
this unpredictable adventure of entrepreneurship seems like the perfect
path that their life should should take you know entering the unknown
battlefield of business is is probably you know the only way that people who
hate their jobs can change their circumstances and and
be successful in this day and age so I just want to share with you guys
5 reasons why dreaming of success and leaving a cubicle can drive people to
become an entrepreneur so the first reason I think we want to talk about is
that usually people that become entrepreneurs they have seen other
successful entrepreneurs and they admire other entrepreneurs I mean the fact of
the matter is as successful people inspire other people to become
successful they believe that becoming an entrepreneur will allow them to network
with people who have already built a great business and that’s true they
think that they have enough potential to find that next profitable idea and
change the lives of millions I’ve said this in past podcasts as well that uh
usually someone that because the entrepreneur is because they see a
service or they see a product that they wholeheartedly believe that they could
be providing better maybe they sought out a product they sought out some
knowledge on a particular topic and there really wasn’t a lot out there at
the time and they got the idea hey I’m gonna learn about this and then I’m
going to spread my message and I’m going to use this as a platform to inform
other people and to educate other people and you know it’s really exciting when
you see someone with with nothing you know you just create this brand to
create this lucrative business you create this endeavor out of out of thin
air and that is uh that’s really inspiring you know and and for a lot of
people that’s inspiring enough to have people like like what we did when I
found others were making a living and making –side income by spreading their
message and teaching things that they already knew I mean that inspired us to
start saving up some money and and start up our own brand and start up our own
business and that’s that’s exactly what we did so for people it’s uh
you could definitely be a role model role model to definitely expire
inspiring not expiring inspiring to other entrepreneurs the second reason
why someone might become an entrepreneur is uh they don’t want to have a boss
frankly some people out there they struggle with respecting Authority they
don’t like the reality of having people in you know superior or management
positions lording over them micromanaging them and managing their
work and just kind of looking over their shoulder they feel like they can do a
good job they can do a good job the first time they really don’t need anyone
holding their hand or telling them how to do their job so they might as well
work for themselves you know not having that say and final important decisions
sometimes turns people off they they they understand they got their hands
dirty they did the research they have the fundamental understanding of the
topics at hand and they feel like they should be making those types of
executive decisions that drive innovation that drive business growth
that drive brand growth and they just don’t want anyone lording over them they
just don’t want to have a have a boss you know and even though they might not
like authority figures you know as true entrepreneurs believe that if they
become their own boss that’s really the only way that they can work effectively
and and be happy Martin good morning welcome and that that’s kind of how I am
you know like why do the job for someone else and and make someone else rich when
you can put in the investment in the time and you can you can do it for
yourself you know and I think that’s very
rewarding when you can wake up in the morning and you know that it becomes a
labor of love that everything that you do everything that you’re moving forward
and and the work and the hustle that you’re putting in is is a is coming to
you know to reward you good morning the third reason people decide to become an
entrepreneur and this is kind of adding on to the second reason is some people
just can’t handle having a nine-to-five job
the reality of working an average job just doesn’t seem rewarding or inspiring
to most entrepreneurs it’s just kind of going through the whole drum life you
know day-in day-out same thing there’s not a lot of excitement may happen to
finish on fulfilling tasks seems really boring they’re not engaged they’re not
you know they’re not challenged I mean getting coffee and greeting nice
co-workers every morning gets boring after a while you know and then the
repetitive routine of just working nine-to-five doesn’t feed their burning
passion or desire for creativity and an innovation and I totally relate to that
it just kind of becomes going through the motions there’s no challenge there
there’s no creativity and so entrepreneurs just kind of long for more
they want to be challenged they love the obstacles that come
towards them every day and they just kind of want to meet those head-on you
know they feel like they just don’t want to do because they just don’t want to
get caught up in what society expects them to do instead of making a
difference in the world you know it’s hey you punch in you punch out and for a
lot of people it’s through starting their own business that they can freely
express their creative ideas and fulfill their dreams and I agree 100 100 percent
the fourth reason someone might decide to become an entrepreneur is that they
just like risks they like taking risks they like tackling problems they are
risk takers Angela good morning you know building a successful business building
us a sex a successful brand becoming a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of
risk and most entrepreneurs most people they they love risks they live for that
excitement and adventure they love brainstorming new ideas and gambling
their chance of succeeding in their target market you know it gives them
goosebumps they look to manage products with high stakes because they have
enough confidence to execute them and that’s very true they’re very
self-confident they have a lot of confidence some people might calm cocky
but there’s a difference between being cocky and being big-headed and being you
know talking down to your clients and talking down to your potential audience
rather than coming from a place of helping and that that’s what we’re
talking about helping people building your brand helping your audience
engaging with your audience being there with your audience they have that
confidence that they can manage a product and they can manage a project
from inception – to the very end and I know that we have some entrepreneurs
watching right now Martin Angela and and these guys I mean if you pay attention
to their social feeds they’re hustling Angela’s hustling products that she
believes in she’s using the products for her brands and she believes in them and
she’s just out there helping spread the message Christian good morning you know
whether the projects become million dollar success stories or complete
failures I think an entrepreneur regrets nothing it’s the act of betting on an
idea and watching it develop that makes a aspiring entrepreneur smile and we
know that not every idea is gonna be a million dollar idea and not every idea
is gonna be a thousand dollar idea we’ve talked in the past morning Christian
we’ve talked in the past that you know when something is successful you really
already know that that works you can move on and your attention needs to be
on projects and decisions that aren’t successful remember that which gets
measured can be improved so even failing like with a product launch or even
failing with a brand or even failing with a product that has valuable life
lessons and I think that’s what separates an entrepreneur from like the
rest of the crowd where someone’s whose heart and passion is an in
this or isn’t in their industry whenever they fail they get frustrated they feel
defeated and they roll over we’re a entrepreneur a clear thinker can step
back from that situation I can say okay this didn’t work let’s take a step back
and let’s try to determine why it didn’t work and there’s different ways you can
determine that we have talked about this in the past engage directly into your
audience your audience loves to engage with you your audience will absolutely
let you know what is working for them and your audience will absolutely let
you know what is not working for them but it’s all about you know taking
taking some risks entrepreneurs love to take risks and finally the fifth tip on
why people become entrepreneurs is they just have no other choice you know some
people become entrepreneurs because they see it as a mandatory journey to take
their prior experience in the job market or achievements and education just makes
them realize that working for other people it’s just no longer a life suited
for them they have a fire in their hearts and a burning desire that tells
them that they have a strong purpose in the world that surpasses the reality of
being an employee and you have to find that purpose that’s part of the why and
it can’t be just for financial gain it cannot be monetary I am the first one
to tell you and I always say this this is not a get-rich-quick scheme this is
not a sham you have the opportunity and the potential to build a real operating
functioning five six seven figure a year business sharing your knowledge and
talking to people about things that you are interested in makeup beauty products
car parts skateboards video games theater these are topics and industries
that are pets that are multi billions of dollars people are looking for
information in these niches and you can position yourself in the forefront to
not only get your message out there to educate and build a community but let’s
be honest also to build an income at the end of the day even though that is not
your final goal building the income is what we are after Roger good morning
so entrepreneurs see that just being an employee isn’t suited for them anymore
you know they got that fire they got that desire to be successful
entrepreneurs are driven with the need to succeed and control their own destiny
owning a business gives them no limitations on the profit and
opportunities that they can gain and so it’s super exciting it’s like you know
if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life and I
think that that’s exactly how every entrepreneur feels now we’re not saying
go out and quit your job and stuff like that you need to do this on as a side
hustle you need to work on this on your down time I mean what are you doing
anyway are you coming home from a long day and you’re popping down on the couch
and you’re reminiscing about how Bob screamed at you today and you know or
are you hopping on Xbox are you hopping on your ps4 when the kids are in bed
what are you doing rather than sitting down and and binging some Netflix you
can invest some time in yourself and invest some time in creating a brand and
a product for yourself and you can build this up over time it is a marathon
Anthony good morning it is not a sprint we are in it for the long haul but if
you stick to it and you stay consistent it will eventually take off for you we
all know that most start businesses fail three out of four and
that’s because of distractions they get distraction they get distracted they’re
in it for the wrong reason they’re in it for a purely financial and monetary gain
and that just doesn’t bring you you know through the long haul it just doesn’t it
just doesn’t it you’re gonna get discouraged
we have spent way more money than we have made in the past six months doing
this John good morning Martin that’s awesome Martin says oh man I feel the
same way thank you yeah and I mean I think we all feel like that when we’re
trying to get something bigger and feel like we have something to offer the
world most entrepreneurs think that they can do something better and that their
message the world needs to hear their message and I don’t disagree with you
you know the the fact and the goal is is to get the community and to get people
to take engage with you I watch less than an hour of TV a day Martin says and
so do we I mean we have cable we have internet because of our business but
honestly we’re not watching TV we work T and I both work 40 hours a week jobs and
then we sacrifice and when she goes to to school three days a week and then I
come home and I hit this stuff hard and on the weekends we really sacrifice our
personal lives and we really sacrifice our art you know not gonna say happiness
because we enjoy doing it but there is sacrifice rather than watching TV rather
than going to the movies rather than going out to dinner three or four nights
a week we take that money and we invested in our business we buy training
courses we buy books we set up websites we make digital products these are all
things entrepreneurs people that take it serious are doing and if you want to
take it serious and you want to be an entrepreneur you need to do these things
too it’s not rocket science and it’s not like black magic anyone can do it all
you have to do is follow the footsteps of the people that have
come before you that have been successful well guys thank you so much
for tuning in this Sunday I hope you felt excuse me wow that was cough that
was crazy I just that was terrible anyway uh I just burped on my podcast
that’s gonna have that at that I won’t edit it out well thanks for tuning in I
hope you guys found value in this you know even though we are trying to grow a
business our end goal really is to build a community and show people that there
are other alternatives from the 40 work our 40 a week our 9 to 5 grind there are
tons of creative people that we are friends with there are tons of creative
people in our community and there is no reason that all of us could be doing
this all of us can can be doing this and all of us can be doing a little side
hustle I mean you know they say the economy is getting better I really
haven’t seen it that much yet I don’t have tons of money in my pocket I am not
the 1% I am NOT the super rich John good morning Trisha good morning so for us in
our household 2 40-hour a week jobs just isn’t cutting it we want to have more
free time to spend with our family we want to have more free time to do the
things we love we really don’t want to work for someone else we rather invest
that time in our own brand in our own business and do it for us you know so we
are right there with you guys we’re doing it we hope we invite you guys to
come do it with us well guys thank you again I’m gonna go ahead and knock off
if you like this concept and all this brand we just and all this business
advice we just launched a brand new brand called expert influencer
Academy you can go to expert influencer Academy calm we also have a YouTube
channel and a Facebook page we have a blog that I post on every day or every
other day on the website and all this information just kind of works
together so I will be posting some follow-up content on YouTube for this
podcast so just kind of check that out if you want if not no big deal
if you got it under control please reach out and let me know how you’re doing it
I would love to hear from you guys if you want to check out the books that
I’ve been reading and yes I have read all of the ones listed and I continue to
build my my list you know because as an entrepreneur you are a student first you
have to realize that you have to value continuing education and you have to
value learning about your niche and you have to learn business and how to put
this all together I mean you have so many hats to wear so my goal is that I
can consume all this content bridge that gap for you and just kind of provide you
with the cliff notes of entrepreneurial success have a great weekend guys we
will see you back here next Sunday live at 9:00 a.m. and until then go
forth do good and be awesome and we will see you in the next video

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