Why Boca vs River is the most important final in South American football history – Oh My Goal

I have chills just thinking about it… It will be the end of football! The apocalypse! I think that after a final between River and Boca in Copa Libertadores There’s no tomorrow, nothing beyond that for both teams! El Superclasico is the best thing in Argentine football. The whole country is paralyzed during the game. The moments before, during and after the game are simply unforgettable It’s a game you have to win, no matter what. It doesn’t matter the current team’s status or rank going into the game… In the 2015 Copa Libertadores, the most shameful
act in the history of world football happened. The most cowardly act we’ve ever seen on a football field It was one of the saddest moments I lived on a football field. I was covering the game for La Nacion. It’s true that it was first of all a big scandal, with the pepper spray and all. For two hours, we didn’t know what had happened. It was really, really sad. People from River say that Boca abandoned the game, but in Boca, they say it’s River who abandoned the game! It was the worst thing that happened in the history of this rivalry

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  1. Buen informe, pero creo que no ayuda que digan War, es un deporte (It's only sport)!!!.

  2. So glad I’m Hispanic and speak both English and Spanish, football is in my blood, it’s who I am.

  3. We know this, am disliking this video, if ur a football fan since the mid 90s u dont need this channel to tell u about this

  4. Omg how many Classicos and Derby's and there this week?
    Boca vs River Plate
    Bayern vs Dortmund
    Man city vs Man U

  5. Why do they always use that antonio banderas music for argentinean videos? Lmao, thats not even south american music

  6. Los hinchas del equipo derrotado tendrán que huir del continente de tanta vergüenza.

  7. Quien pierda esa final, perdiera su honor, carácter, moral y será jugado en el alcantarillado hasta el fin de los tiempos.

  8. These two games will decide the king of Argentina whoever wins will have the most trophy’s in Argentina.

  9. After this match clubs around Europe will knock the door of Boca for Cristian Pavon

  10. Thaught it was borinfg but after watchunf this video i am soooo exicted for the match

  11. All these people asking about a “face reveal”

    You people realize that this is a soccer news channel who pay the narrators to voiceover the scripts – if you want a face reveal for the editors, say that instead. You aren’t gonna get a face reveal for the narrators people since they aren’t a part of this channel

  12. Fuck River they beated my team Tigres UANL in 2015 in the Libertadores Final ,Boca will win no doubt

  13. nosotros los argentinos odiamos a los ingleses pero gracias por crear este deporte

  14. Subtitles are available in English or Spanish by clicking on CC / on "…" in the bottom right corner of the video if you're watching it from your smartphone!

  15. This isn't the most important final in south america
    They're not even great teams
    (P.s. i'm from south america)

  16. El mundo se Parra con River vs Boca por Dios es una mierda el fútbol suramericano. Los mejores futbolistas están en Europa. Lo único que importa es la concacaf. Both teams suck

  17. River plate is the best!
    Di Stefano, Trezeguet, aimar, saviola, mascherano, demichelis, solari, higuain, batistuta, caniggia, falcao, alexis sanchez… pff…

  18. VAMOS RIVER A GANAR ESTÁ PUTA COPA🇦🇷🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴

  19. Boca Juniors is a disgusting and corrupt club, with disgusting fans that attack teams and fans.

  20. Everything returns Boca, we descended and made our life impossible to burlandote our descent, but we ascended stronger than ever and won the 2014 Argentine tournament, South American Cooperative 2014, Libertadores 2015, Una recopa sudamericana, a suruga bank, 2 Argentine cups, 1 Super Cup Argentina that we won in your face 2-0, and now the Libertadores 2018. Karma (Gracias traductor de Google)

  21. GRACIAS RIVER CAMPEON ,bostero como te duele todavia la tenes adentro yeaaahhhhhh

  22. The most important final in the history of South America was Santos of Pele and Peñarol of Spencer, Rocha and Mazurkiewickz learn more football history before saying some stupid shit like Boca and River

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