Why do you need smoke damage cleanup?

Hi! This is Travis Chancey with Abbotts Clean up and Restoration. Customers asked, why do I need smoke damage clean up. Well, that’s a good question. Some people try to do it themselves, and we totally understand. We can help you by consulting with you to kind of help you through the process of how to do the job. A lot of times people just don’t have the time or the….money to pay for it, and they want to know if their insurance is going to cover it or not. So typically what will happen is the customer will call us, and we’ll come out, walk the customer through all the damages and what needs to be done the pricing, the whole nine yards. If it is something that’s bigger than their deductible, then it’s probably worth it to just pay the deductible and have the whole job taken care of by your insurance company and make sure you could resell the property down the road with no problems. Sometimes people try to do it themselves, and what will happen is they’ll just kind of chase their tail. and the smoke never goes away and they wasted all that time and money for nothing and they should have probably called a professional company originally and they could’ve just taken care of it the right way, the first time. I know people think it’s just open the windows and open the doors and just let
the smoke you know you know dissipate and some jobs are so so so small that makes sense. But some of jobs where there’s different types of smokes and different types of soot, people don’t really understand, it’s really hard to make sure it’s done right. Without having a certified company doing it, that’s been in business for a long time. So, think about it! I mean how to clean up the smoke damage you can Google
and try to figure it out you know more power to you, but it’s always nice to have that certification. from a business so when you resell the
property like I said down the road you’re not going to have any problems
with the transaction so call us today at 303 975 4000 or you can reach out to us
on our website at www.goabbotts.com

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