Why don’t we just dam all of these rivers!

19 thoughts on “Why don’t we just dam all of these rivers!

  1. This is encouraging to watch; I don't feel so naive for pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering now.

  2. Jess, I am a chemical engineering student in the U.S., and I just wanted to thank you for putting up this video. I want to put my skills and knowledge to work for conservation and sustainability, and seeing that there is a community of like minded people out there helps me keep my vision for the future clear. 💕

  3. This is how we spend the first ever STUDENTS FOR RIVERS CAMP! It was a great success!

    Currently, there are 2796 dams planned in the Balkans over the next decade. In this video, I share some wise words from a few of our students and presenters, shedding a light on how screwed up the situation is.

    Additionally, I think this video gives you some ideas on how to reach the EU targets without building 2700 dams. For example, as Pippa said, most of the dams planned are SHP (small hydropower plants – meaning they don't help us achieve our energy demand anyways. E.g. in the US, 65% of all HPP are SHP, but its only 3.5% of all hydropower generated electricity). So best here might be to build a few big dams but leave all the small rivers alone.

    Second thing Pippa mentioned was about each country deciding what kind of "renewable" energy to subsidize. Currently, hydropower is significantly subsidized compared to other forms of renewables (i.e. wind, sun), so it doesn't make sense for companies to invest in other forms of energy.

    Final thing, there are so many old HPP plants across Europe that aren't being updated, this is an opportunity!

  4. Hey Jess, will you ever interview a mechatronics engineer? Would like to see that someday.

  5. Europe has long had a touchy relationship with Russia, with Europe’s dependence on Russian gas being a potentially major source of concern. But away from the rhetoric, the dependence is growing, and the question is how to diffuse tensions.

  6. What about damless hydroelectric? It would be like wind power but more predictable.

  7. What an awesome group of people did you bring together 😀👍

  8. I am a trainee in indian institute of petroleum , and here we are researching about emissions and their prevention.

  9. The video was filled with love and compassion they were having towards their environment. Thanks for the vid. As a Mechanical Engineer myself, they(colleges, govts, companies,etc) want us to get into fulfilling their needs with no concern for environmental change and impact on other life forms. They want us to build more structures, places and equipment that can make their lives keep going along the race. We literate humans should be aware of all the consequences of our actions. Its our responsibility to find solutions without affecting the environment.

  10. Hi Jess, I am Niken from Indonesia. I think in indonesia a lot of alternative energy to convert coal energy but, in the other hand cost to apply renewable energy (like solar panel, wind power, and wave) its still high, so our government dont have any choice, so in here still maintain using coal which can be damaging our environment

  11. What we see? We see the international group of people who're united by the COMMON FOR ALL HUMANITY problem.
    The people who REALLY care of nature! Thank to you the nature will be more safety and healthy!

  12. You're doing a great job Jess! When is the next campaign and what do I have to do to get involved?

  13. Jess, I Am Civil Engineer from India. I have One Year Experience..I want To Job In Abroad This is My Dream. Can You help me Jess ???

  14. She needs more views for these types of videos, people are too obsessed with fun to watch videos. It's fun to watch and learn how to save the planet from an educated woman.

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