100 thoughts on “WHY Jake Paul Anxiety Backlash Is SO HUGE, “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett SWARMED By Protestors, & More

  1. I missed y'all yesterday. The office had President's day off, BUUUUT I was able to get 2 PAs in to shoot a new possible format for a Friday or Sunday show…
    Timecode: Jake (00:08), TIA (3:57), Gun Girl (5:40), DOJ (11:01)

  2. There are levels to anxiety. MILD anxiety is what everyday normal people feel once in a while in their lives. SEVERE and PANIC anxiety is not controllable and you need professional treatment… even though Jake Paul, “wanted to help” he failed to realize that his anxiety is normal everyday anxiety that CAN be controlled with the things he said, also he failed to realize his life is A LOT better than other people’s lives or at least a lot more comfortable…..BUT anxiety that some of us feel CANNOT be controlled by anything besides therapy and medications. And those who don’t have health insurance are screwed…


    Especially if I had seen this at night I start
    getting all paranoid like they are on me.

    Much love for you Phil, but no love for spiders

  4. I am a gun-owner, pro-gun-rights, and pro-free-speech, all part and parcel of being pro-civil-rights and individual freedom and responsibility. I respected Kaitlyn Bennett original protest against Kent State, because it pointed out a bad policy in a cheeky way. However, the resulting fifteen minutes of fame have cause her head to inflate to ten times its normal size and she is now no more than a shit-disturbing, rabble-rousing agent provocateur. She is doing incalculable damage to the pro-Second-Amendment cause.

  5. If people on the left want her to go away, ignore her, don’t be interviewed and walk away to resume your day. She’s winning by your reactions so control them. She’s a clout chaser and smart like trump on how to get attention. Do I agree with her? No.

  6. That funny, your going to bully a person who carries a gun. …that's crazy. Let's see where your diaper when I cock this gun. See what I'm saying.

  7. As much as you say you don't like jake paul, would you be willing to interview him? I think it would be great.

  8. I don’t like fun girl, not because of what she represents, believes, or supports. But because she purposely looks to creat conflict and decides the nation even further into sides and breads more hate

  9. Throwing things at people is not speech. I it really shows how much you are changing when you where saying she went to talk not to have a conversation but to have a confrontation. How can you express an opinion on campus now days when militant leftists commit acts of violence against people who express different opinions and people like you are like well you must have wanted a confrontation and to get assaulted because you expressed an unpopular opinion. I think you are spending too much time on twitter and it's changing you. A couple years ago you would have said that this reaction was not ok. Violence is never an appropriate response to words.

  10. Only just stumbled across this channel – seems like a decent guy.
    I agree that Bennett thrives on this stuff, without these confrontations she has nothing.
    But with that said, imagine getting that upset by a bit of water.

  11. I think it’s funny that poopypants threatens to bring an army of gunownwrs and do an open carry walk through, as if it’ll stop people from protesting. I’m not sure how other people feel in their interactions with people who outwardly support guns but they don’t scare me. I mean none of them would use their guns on people protesting (a lack of) gun laws because then that would just add to the case for restrictive laws… Also the whole situation makes me laugh at the hypocrisy of conservatives

  12. For kaitlin Bennett to say for someone to have a political opinion opposite yours and say they are terrorist is how people who have run dictatorships rule there country by saying anyone opposed to them are terrorists

  13. As someone who currently attends Kent State, I’ve never met someone who takes her seriously with her “gotcha” tactics and incredible inability to have a balanced conversation, instead of a steamrolling monologue used to make people look ignorant. It’s just bullshit at its finest.

  14. literally everyone has anxiety
    jake paul does not have anxiety disorder nor social anxiety issues

  15. Jake Paul's ability of looking and sounding stupider every single time he opens his mouth baffles me

  16. About the Bennet situation: I don't think it's okay to do what the college students did. Doing that just makes the people of the opposition seem just as immature and just as violent when we should be the bigger people in the situation. They should have let her in and whenever she tried asking a question they should've just ignored her. That way they would make their discontent very clear and things wouldn't get so violent and childish.

  17. You can tell from the video that she posted that Kaitlin was scared… good. Keep her scared 2020. Maybe she will realize that going to college campuses to ask pointed questions in order to get his exact reaction to use as fuel isn't the move. She is trash and will never be anything more than trash.

  18. We can’t pet fascists, we must silence them. They must feel like they have no rights, because they really don’t!

  19. Even as someone with a psych degree, this whole Jake Paul thing is a bit overblown. I don't like the guy. He's an asshole. I'll call out people when they actively push "alternative medicine" or tell people to avoid medical attention, and I've seen a lot of people saying things like, "depression isn't real", but this tweet seems pretty meaningless. He doesn't say anxiety doesn't exist, just that it is internal, which, though very oversimplified and uneducated, isn't outright wrong and shouldn't be likely to lead people away from seeking medical help. He also says "sometimes" in the following statement and his only advice isn't harmful. No, "chilling out" isn't going to cure someone with severe anxiety, but the general idea of de-stressing and talking to friends can help and the latter could lead to discussions and seeking medical attention or at least take the first steps towards it. Another thing to keep in mind: not everyone who experiences anxiety has it in the disordered range! Anxiety is normal and assuming he's making claims on disorders primarily is reaching. We shouldn't be treating it as if "some people have big problems with this trait so we can't discuss it" is a healthy attitude to have. You have to be pretty strongly primed to see this as objectively harmful. Could someone somewhere take the wrong idea from it and end up worse? Of course, but that's not the most likely result from such a meaningless, hallmark-card-level "be happy" tweet. You could also argue that people saying that this tweet is harmful enough to ruin people's lives and supporting the idea that it can't be helped outside of serious medical intervention at all levels, might be making people catastrophize more and develop a feeling of helplessness. Regardless, this is not news.

  20. As for the gun girl thing, despite agreeing that she is pretty much a troll and, from what I've seen, she has some pretty shit views, the display there was pretty bad on the protesters' part. Legal, well, assuming no charges were pressed and no injuries reported, I guess so, but it does show a very childish group of people ganging up to disallow someone a voice. You can say you don't like her voice, but shouting her down is not a great way to do that. Let her points stand or fall on their own merit, rather than giving her fuel for the fire. Congratulations to that group though: they just made themselves look like a gathering of hollering children. I'm not going to lie, assuming it is within the laws of the state, it would be interesting to see her return with legal gun owners, just to see the reaction then. My bet is, if she did follow through with it, anonymous threats would be made, the police would be present, no one would act the way they did there, and a lot of nothing would happen overall, despite all the talk on both sides. The left would call them violent or mall-ninjas, and the right would call the protesters cowards and stupid. What you'd likely end up with is a group of people with firearms casually walking through a place while people protest elsewhere or online. Nothing of note would happen. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  21. "This morning she was contacted by the FBI.."
    "Ah, because she said she would bring an army of gun owners to a scho.."
    "..about threats against her."
    "Right, forgot which country this was."

  22. PDF Show somehow still relevant and entertaining and even informative. Awesome seeing a fellow NYer make it.

  23. Bennett, opportunistic, greedy, profesional 💩 starter, as a conservative Trump supporter, she DON’T represent me!! I agree with all of you that say, ignore her… she will go away!

  24. Anxiety is created by the individual. I don't see how it's true – compulsive or controllable issues aside.

    Fucking ridiculous.

  25. I dont agree with everything she says, but seriously saying she asked for it? I thought that the left is the side that fights saying a woman doing anything is never a call to be "sexually assaulted" or anything along those lines. It just seems to be around the same idea. Not only that, but she never complained about them yelling stuff at her, but they did much more, hot coffee, water, and throwing stuff at her head. Smh

  26. I think it's slightly inaccurate to say the reason why people really hate Kaitlin Bennett is because of her views. Sure she has views that I strongly disagree with or I think she is very misinformed about, but the thing is, she is a rude hateful person who trolls people for attention. She isn't there to talk about her beliefs she is there to make a fool out of people by mocking what they say (although usually she is just making a fool of herself). I can understand why an entire campus would not tolerate that.

  27. I fucking love Gary Gulman—I would also recommend watching Career Suicide by Chris Gethard. Then listen to both of their podcast episodes on The Hilarious World of Depression (or listen to the whole podcast itself. Comedians talking about their depression/anxiety).

  28. Gun girl does realise that threatening to march onto a school campus, a no gun zone, with a large group all carrying weapons is a threat of domestic terror,,,right?

  29. Just wanted to say thank you for suggesting Gary Gulman. I found his HBO special very helpful. I highly recommend it.

  30. Americans have lost the plot they are sooooo soft and emotional it's messing the whole world up

  31. There are gay people who say being gay is a choice so who do I believe? The people who want to play victim to a choice or the people who say they are not. Personally I’d like to not have to pay attention to either.

  32. People say its like this just because she's Conservative. It's not, its because she herself is a horrible human being. She does not want conversation, she wants confrontation and to ridicule 'the other side'. If you are nasty to people, especially because you disagree with who they are, you cannot act surprised when they are nasty back.

  33. Anytime she's challenged she brings up her gun rights. It's like she's threatening to shoot someone for their opposing views or when they get mad at her when she says something INCREDIBLY rude to someone. For example, the overweight girl in a yellow shirt at a rally, Bennett gave her the Mike for a second, and she whooped in it, and Bennet said "she's gonna eat the mike." And then girl turned back, offended and aggressive. She got all scared and said she carries. It's ridiculous.

  34. I dont like Kaitlin but no one deserves to have hot coffee thrown on them. Ohio embarressed themselves this time.

  35. I think for the gun girl situation I think it’s so silly that protesters attack a thing about her pooping her pants instead of like something about her views.

  36. the girl seems like a bad Lauren Southern but still these kids at these campuses prove jus why people find them annoying and sometimes laugh at them. it seems most of them cant listen ri anything anyone says who has a different opinion and then rects like this.mot trying to shit on libs in general, this seems to be more college kids. i mean serious most of them cried cuz they couldnt get their way when Trump won.
    Lauren and Blaire white had pissed thrown on them before been assault and everything and all police do id just them to walk away. this is the generation of kids who were only put on time outs (not condoning hitting your kids) leashes (though this was rare) and the EVERYONE WINS sports participation awards. also there like the first gull generation to be away from their patentsd so much with prices being what they are so both parents work and the kids get ledt with nannies and daycares early as 2.
    This girl is definlty doing it for the reaction and attention at least the other two girls I mentioned tried to talk to people and tis was back in before 2015. its sad to see college KIDS act like this. all both sides are doing is adding fuel to the fire. i thought this was over but we got an election coming up. NOt a huge fan of bloomberg but i really hope he wins and i say this as a republican and wouldve voted for Trump, if i went to vote in 2016

  37. She absolutely deserves this kind of reaction. She needs to know how she is not welcome when she’s spewing out hateful nonsense. She asked for it. But I think ignoring her might be even better

  38. People being mad over Kaitlin truly need something better to do with their life. Her content is not at all bad- it underlines exactly what the problem in society is. There is no conversation, because most people don't know enough about a topic to discuss it. Rather than admit that they don't know, people become rude or use personal attack. Is she out for such 'dumb' reactions? Even if she is, getting them at all just underlines the point. Had this been the other way around- a leftist youtuber on a right-wing campus with this sort of turnout, it would've made the frontpages. Honestly I hope she continues forever.

  39. With the situation regarding gun girl I have mixed opinions. I support 2nd ammendment rights however I think that the way she goes about protesting and dealing with this important topic is antagonistic and ineffective. However, on the other side I think it's entirely innapropriate to throw drinks and get a crowd to bully someone just because they are loud. As a college student I think we all need to learn to be a little less entitled and learn how to put your ego down to treat people as people not an enemy that needs to be silenced. Both "sides" lost during that time. We need to become bigger people regardless of how others are acting. Both how gun girl and the crowd acted is not how you bring about change.

  40. The left literally made me a Republican. They are such psychotic group thinked losers that they preach about tolerance, yet are more hateful than any Republican by far. Look at prisons. They are mostly left wing. Most political violence is left wing. They are full on insane and have driven so many people out of their own party. Liberalism is about jealousy and hatred of successful people, not liberty. Many left wing protestors go to Trump rallies to start commotion. You don't see that happening the other way. When the protestors go in, they get kicked out. You can't say she was looking for trouble when the other side does the exact same and plays victim when they get thrown out. The hypocrisy is ridiculous.

  41. While mob rule and rioting at different opinions is wrong, is it any questions why she gets this kind of backlash? She goes in spewing inflammatory rhetoric then when there is any sort of reaction she threatens to show up with her own armed mob. She's no different than those she tries to trigger: an immature child who can't win her own fights with words and worships a political figure like they were a god. Anyone who willingly writes for Infowars and LH (which is a joke to libertarians) should not be taken seriously at all. She's be more effective if she didn't act like the whole world was a Facebook comment section and thought for 2 seconds before acting…like maybe don't tote a gun around the sight of a mass shooting maybe?

  42. People like her are the reason its “bad” to like Trump, just making herself look stupid

  43. this is the result of years of Marxist indoctrination within schools and especially in universities in the minds of these lobotomized people you are an enemy to be eliminated

  44. This is still irresponsible behavior. We used to agree or disagree. Now everyone wants to scream nonsense or throw things at people. The police still should have stopped this. God help us if these so called grown up college students are to run our Nation one day. Plus with the anxiety, why do we have so many anxious to the point of this irrational behavior? Parents and teachers stopped telling their kids No or stop their behavior before others get hurt. To respect each other. It is called Self. Control. If you have anxiety that bad, you are a danger to yourself and others and need locked up. It is just an excuse to dismiss and them get away with their actions. It is people with that level of anxiety that usually leads to them shooting or killing someone. So many angry. This was all set up by Doctors and their ADHD garbage. Teach your children to behave don't slam them on a pill. It doesn't really help. Take a look at the generations before who were corrected properly and these UNDER 35 year olds today. Spoiled brats. It is not a sickness just laziness on peoples parts to not teach respect. Sad , sad, people. We need Prayer and Bible teaching back in school. When the Bible was used to teach, you had less crime and more self control. GOD'S word brings peace and love to those who are taught by it. God help us all.

  45. Kaitlin annoys the crap out of me, but not nearly as much as childish liberals getting away with assault. These are grown adults acting out like children. Bring your A game and debate like you have some civility. She wants animals to act out.

  46. So a known moron raises ire and gets protested.. calls the protestors terrorists n calls for the school to be defunded by the POTUS… and we're all supposed to pretend she isnt defective?

    … naw.

  47. Crowder: So some people didnt like that i came to a campus that i was preregistered to hold a discussion in, but thats ok its their right.

    Bennett: I arrived without warning to the university without mentioning it before and then received critisism for it … TERRORISM!

  48. If someone with bad political opinions is met with literal assault and you equate that to disagreement and "the first amendment" you need to take along hard look at your perspective on how our rights work. I'm all for people opposing her politically, get loud, say mean things… but literally surrounding someone and throwing things at them? nah, that crosses a line and that's where "Free Speech" stops.

    BTW- Your editing where it makes talk faster is REALLY irritating. Sounds like blah blah blah blah….
    But then I'm not a psychologist.
    I am, however, an editor.

  50. I think it's completely fine to yell at Kaitlin Bennet. That's your 1st amendment right. So go off, she completely sucks.

    But no one should throw things at her. That crosses a line. No matter what horrible things she has said before. Going down to her level is not at all productive.

  51. On the Kaitlyn Bennett subject, she deserved this. She doesn't have an intellectual conversation with people. She cuts them off, shouts at them discredits their opinion, and is rude homophobic, transphobic, racist, and is pro monarchy. She doesnt do the things she does to be a good person and try to start a civil conversation. She will talk and talk until she finds your nerve and then will pick at it until she gets the reaction for her videos that she wants. Her goal is to make liberals look crazy, she got what she wanted and got her footage.

  52. If your first response to having water thrown on you and chants directed at you is to bring a bunch of guns, you don't deserve guns.
    Not to mention that her backlash isn't unprovoked. When you say stupid and ignorant shit, don't be surprised when you piss people off.

  53. She’s threatening to bring an army of gun owners to walk through a college campus??? Because they hurt her feelings??? And that’s just okay???

  54. I watched kaitlyn Bennett for some time, and seeing this video made me surprised and also not surprised at the same time. I don’t agree with the way she does things, but I watch videos like this and videos from the other side of things to challenge my stance in everything. I’m a conservative and have beliefs that conflict with today’s society amongst other things, but I’d rather sit down and talk with someone with an opposing view. I already knew that Kaitlyn Bennett was the type to cause conflict for the sake of a video. I also agree to an extant that this is what happens when your known to cause conflicts and riots. Should the collage students who where there behaved differently? Of course, cause this didn’t do anything except fuel kaitlyns flame. And the best thing to do would’ve been to leave and not talk to her, that way she has nothing to post. If you did want to talk to her, it’s important to make sure your not letting your emotions control you, cause then you might end up saying something you regret. Also, my personal belief is that I talk to people the way I want to be talked to. I think that’s very important, especially when it’s two different views on very touchy subjects. I think she needs to work more on having conversations with people rather than getting a reaction. I also disagree that the collage should be cut off funding, because I’m sure there was a lot of students in class not wanting to have anything to do with this. Also it’s important that when someone says everyone has a right to freedom of speech, that means everyone, even those you disagree with.

  55. I’m just saying, bringing an “army” for an open carry walkthrough…. y’all. That’s fucking scary. You’re bringing a gun to a water fight.

  56. As a Conservative myself, PLEASE don't even give her attention. She's just wanting to stir the pot. I don't agree with how the student acted, but I REALLY disagree with saying that she'll bring an Open Carry protest group to OU in a response to their enactment of their Freedom of Speech. That's gonna make people react to such a thing very violently, and that'll especially make everyone think we're nothing more than a bunch of Instigators, thugs and crybabies; especially when you whine about it to the President. Quick idea of my thoughts on her would be that she's like a conservative Jake Paul: if you ignore her, then she'll just disappear into the annals of the internet.

  57. As a person with an actual anxiety disorder, I believe what jake Paul said was very ignorant, but so ignorant it isn’t harmful. Clearly nobody thinks that way, and I think that while what he said was so dumb, the backlash spread to more people than that original idea of just don’t have anxiety

  58. I find it really funny how hypocritical the right can be

    A right wing fueled terrorist attack happens.
    People: eh, it is just some extremist and does not represent the right.

    A bunch of college student harmlessly protest a persons arrival.
    People: oh my god the left is terrible.

  59. I'm 23 and I'm educated about many things. I don't think being young is an excuse for him for not knowing

  60. Bringing an assault rifle to the site of a famous massacre where 4 were killed and several others wounded is tone deaf if nothing else

  61. I can't say that I feel bad for Kaitlin Bennett. I have about as much sympathy for her as someone who got stung a thousand times because they decided it would be fun to kick a hornet's nest.

  62. Philip D. Never giving full details I almost forgot why I stopped watching him some time ago

  63. Mueller investigation was a joke to begin with & it should have never been allowed in the first place

  64. While I agree we should have the right to speak our opinion this girl ( grown woman) is going into these situations to provoke a reaction . She says she wants to come to the campus with other gun advocates and see what the reaction would be – so in essence it seems as if she wants to be at the center of a modern time Kent State tragedy . What irritates the most is she is blatantly asking trumplethinskin to become involved and because she and her kind pander to their supreme leader he just may become involved to stroke his own ego . Tin soldiers and trumples coming – just doesn't have the same ring as the original Ohio ( look it up)

  65. If this was a muslim parading around with a suspicious device everyone would call it brave and stunning and call the people who are afraid racist.

  66. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety when I was in elementary school and I'm now in college. I have had so many people tell me so many of their opinions on mental illness through the years ranging from it isn't real and I should just stop worrying about things to taking medicine every day to treat it is just taking the easy way out rather than going to counseling ( which I did for months before we started medication) and I'm just using it as an excuse to get out of things when the truth I've had to cancel plans because I had a panic attack getting ready and then couldn't convince myself to leave the house. I am very open about my anxiety (I mean hello, I am literally talking about in a youtube comment section) and most of the time I use these as teachable moments to politely explain the facts to hopefully change their opinions, but sometimes on bad days it gets to me and I start thinking about how maybe they are right and maybe it is all made up but being I have lived with this most of my life I am able to remind myself of the facts, but I couldn't always do that and not everyone can, nor should they have to. I understand Jake Paul said what he said out of ignorance and didn't mean to cause any harm, but he did. I feel like we need to use this as an opportunity to educate people bout mental illness and remind them to think before they post something. If it could negatively affect someone's mental health or self-esteem, it should not be said.

  67. Gun Girl: People said mean things to me and threw stuff at my car, this is prejudice because I'm conservative!

    More than 20 trans women of color were MURDERED last year for simply existing. The students at Ohio U were literally exercising the same constitutional right that she was (throwing things is assault though, that should be looked into). But she's literally crying oppression for people not liking her.

  68. it's not because she's a trump supporter, it's because of all the horrible, disgusting, mean things she's said and done over the years to provoke and distress people. How does she not see these are direct consiquences to her own actions? Did she think people would just keep allowing her to do this? She had all this coming to her.

  69. Her comments of "I'm going to bring an army of gun owners to do a walk through of the campus" is a threat beyond anyone at the protest. No throwing things at her, including liquids (even if it was just water) is not right, but you cannot purposely poke a bear and then get mad when it tries to attack you. In accordance to Ohio law, and well fucking common sense really, if she brought others to do a walk through of Ohio U while openly carrying weapons she likely will get herself and everyone else arrested. It blows my mind that she believes there isn't anything wrong with this. Its still a school. It is still a home where people live. Bringing guns and openly marching through the campus is setting yourself and others up for domestic terrorism shit. She is fucking stupid if she does that.

  70. that girl is entitled she got mad over liquid on her car? if it rains she gonna get mad lol and crying for trump to help her is just sad and kinda funny. I hope Karma comes for her one day XD

  71. Caitlin Bennett threatening to return to OU campus for an open carry walk the is 1. Illegal, as OU doesn't allow open carry on campus and become of that it is 2. A threat of domestic terrorism

  72. Shouting someone down with words is completely different from attacking someone and throwing things at them. STOP promoting mob mentality!!

  73. Please stop posting about Jake Paul. He’s an idiot, we know he’s an idiot and next week when he does something stupid you are prolly gonna advertise that he’s an idiot again. I’m just asking to stop his madness here

  74. What they don't talk about Kaitlin is that she was harassing people and asking racist, homophobic questions towards people who are black, gay, etc. They started filming after the fact of her attacking people who were trying to mind their own business. She's a bully and people throwing water at her is the least worst thing that happened to her.

  75. Yo. I Have Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. It’s very common and treatable, and everyone I have ever met with these issues would NEVER consider themselves qualified to speak on them in a broad or general matter. People with mental health illnesses speak on them personally. We understand that even if you have the same diagnosis, it will affect someone’s brain VERY differently. Hell, any psychiatric professional will tell you that mental health is a huge spectrum. It’s just ignorant to assume any kind of Umbrella Solution or Fix It All Pill.

  76. A follow up on her Ohio University story would show that she started that outburst. She showed up on campus with a camera crew, started shoving a mic in people's faces and asking awful questions to individuals she knew would get upset about it, and then only made the outburst public to make things seem like we immediately mobbed around her. No, she lit that fire. You can't come up to people of color and make slavery comments, lgbtq groups and make comments about how their life holds no value, and say things that support the holocaust and expect to not cause a scene like this. That's what she left out of her videos, and she did it on purpose to try to cause a scene and stay relevant. Until she started doing that on campus people were ignoring her.

  77. When the police engage in facilitating of assault. Yet when other less than noticeable events occur they are deemed as "Riots"

  78. If you throw gas on a fire, do not be surprised when you get burned. Kaitlin knew what she was doing and was ACTIVELY hoping for the response she got. I am not supporting violence committed by the protestors, its gross and proves her dumbass point. But I certainly will not be shedding a single tear for little miss gun girl.

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