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In Punjab, people have a strange sense of humor You see very unique kinds of signs in the markets During winters, I saw sign in a shop that said: Customers with cold hands should only ‘Salam’ with their mouths (no handshake!) Another very common sign in the markets is: No credit-buying (udhaar) until Kalabagh Dam is made What is this Kalabagh Dam issue? Kalabagh is located in the north-west end of Punjab Where Punjab meets KPK This area is famous across Pakistan for its Iron Ore reserves, Nawab of Kalabagh, and the dangerous bridge It used to be a wooden bridge, but a road has been built on it and it’s not that dangerous anymore But, Kalabagh’s most famous thing is a dam that was never made Even though Tarbela Dam and Kalabagh Dam were scheduled to be made together But, back then, WAPDA officials and Government ministers believed that That Tarbela Dam alone is enough for next 50 years And Kalabagh will generate even more electricity than Tarbela Dam So what’s the point of producing so much electricity?
Where would keep so much power? How right-minded they were… weren’t they? If check out this area on Google Maps We realize that Indus has a huge amount of water here Second thing we notice is that the mountains are naturally creating a dam Mountains surround three sides already
Build a wall on one side, and your dam is ready The design for this dam was complete in 1988 But, back then, our political leadership was so busy in leg-pulling each other That nobody paid attention to the country And, with the passage of time, the very project of this dam was washed down What happened is that KPK and Sindh provinces developed reservations against this dam KPK’s leaders claim that if this dam is made It will drown Nowshera, a city in KPK, 200 KM away They claim that Nowshera is only a little above the level of river water And, if the dam is made, then water in the Indus will rise and drown the city Jamaat-e-Islami of KPK goes as far as claiming that this dam will drown Mardan, Peshawar and Swabi as well Experts say that there’s zero chance of any city drowning because to this dam On the other hand, Sindh province claims that if this dam is made The delta areas, where Indus meets Arabian Sea Sea-waters will come up the stream and salinize the whole area Which means, that the sweet (drinking) water of Indus keeps the sea-water pushed back If the amount of water reduces, then the salty sea-water will rise up and leave the whole area salinize If we look at this area on Google Maps, we realize that there aren’t any crops being produced anyway The point of salinization shouldn’t rise because the land isn’t being used anyway So, what’s the real problem?
Why are these provinces against Kalabagh Dam? *The Secret Behind The Curtain* For last 12 years, Pakistan has faced severe shortfall of electricity And whatever electricity we do have, it is ridiculously high-priced Most expensive in the South Asian region On the other hand, the situation is that floods come every 2-3 years Hundreds of millions of rupees are wasted, people die, families get destroyed The solution for both floods and electricity shortfall, is dams! In fact, dams have another plus point Which is that when we don’t have enough dams, we produce electricity through petroleum And petroleum we have to import And wealth flies out of the country The country gets buried with deficit Had Kalabagh Dam been made, it would be producing 3600 megawatts of power Which would cost around Rs. 1.5/- per unit Today, we’re producing this electricity through diesel
At Rs. 11/- to Rs. 15/- per unit And, it destroys the environment as well If these dams are in everyone’s favor, why are these provinces against it? * Spilling The Secrets * When a project hangs in the balance for as long as this project has The realities come out Print media has published all the secrets That who is against it, and why KPK’s areas come under danger only if If the dam’s height is kept very high Because then the river water will rise greatly But obviously, the experts have not designed to dam to drown half of KPK The real problem is that the lake of this dam will be in KPK But the dam would be made in Punjab What this means is that Punjab will get royalty of the electricity While KPK will have to sacrifice its land Sindh’s argument is a little different Back in 1988, when the design of this dam was completed Sindh feared that Punjab might take away a lot of water through canals If Punjab takes all the water, Sindh will die out of thirst In 1991, all four provinces signed a pact And resolved this issue once and for all That which province will get how much water This pact is available on the Indus River System Authority’s website It clearly states how much water can each province take Any provinces can make new canals, or terminate the old ones Build new dams or decomission old ones Water-share will not change No province can take more than their quota Even though, Kalabagh Dam’s design doesn’t contain any canals whatsoever But even if a canal is added, Punjab’s share wouldn’t increase It just cannot happen that Punjab takes away Sindh’s water, KPK takes away Punjab’s water or Gilgit Baltistan takes away KPK’s water This is not some street cricket where the one who has a bat gets to play first On KPK’s reservation, Shehbaz Sharif gave a simple solution He proposed that Punjab’s area where the dam (not the lake) is supposed to be built, should be given to KPK Then the royalty of dam’s electricity will also go to KPK But, Pakistanis are always late in coming up with solutions The problem is that now this issue is being used by the politicians who believe in ‘Divide and Rule!’ Now, it is near-impossible that this dam will ever be made No government will have the audacity to build this dam on the cost of enraging two provinces But now, our responsibility is that dams that are actually building Such as Diamir Bhasha dam and Dasu Dam etc. We shouldn’t make these dams controversial
We should believe in the experts And complete the projects quickly We should be Pakistanis first, Sindhi, Balochi, Pathans second. Produce low-cost energy
Boost Pakistan’s economy And, subscribe to K2K Please remember me in your prayers

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  1. I am a Sindhi; live in the southernmost district of Sindh. And I believe that Kalabagh dam should be built.

  2. I am from india …. Bhai tumhari video achi lagati hai .. kuch indians bhi pakistan ke bare me janana chahate hai unke lia yhe channel acha hai thanks

  3. Agar itni study ki hai to thori aur b kar lete, kahan se ye study ki k sindh ki land area pe ocean ki encroachment nahi horahi? Thatta city almost ruin hogai hai. Sindh already water shortage se jhoojh rahi hai. Link canal jo jhehlum se already bnae hain punjab ne uske koi documents hain k kis pact k hisab se ye sindh ka pani le rahe hen? Jo flood canal bnaya tha wo b ye keh kr k jab excessive water aaega in case to ye canal kholenge flhal check krne k lie 3 4 din k lie khol rahe hain uspe b mukar gae ab tak wo pani b le rahe hain hai koi uska hisab? Pakistan me srf punjab nahi kuch socho parho phir jake esi vedios bnao

  4. The current statics shows SIndh is deprive of 30% of water to fulfill their needs out of 16% is illegally being taken by the punjab government. Is this the fucking justice? Why dont you say anything about this haven't you study about this?

  5. Bhai mere pani zindagi hi… Pani ke liye kuch bhi ho saktha hi…Pani ki chori subo ke bich bilkul hothi hi… Upper states allotment se zyada pani chori chakori kar ke use kar lethe hi…nichle states hamesha nuksaan zel the hi… Dam bhar ne tak pani li bahav ruk jathi hi… Pura eco system imbalance hojatha hi… Zarur zarur zagda hojayega Subo ke bich… India me ise bahut examples hi…Pagalo ke jise dam banathe banathe Hamare states… Pura environment bigad chuke hi…jisa chal ra hi chal ne do… E development apne saat tabahi latha hi…

  6. او بروے سنہ1986 مین ضيا الحق کے دور حكومت مین بلوچستان سندھ اور خیبر پختون خواہ اسمبلیون نے متفقہ طور پر اس دیم کو ریجیکت کیا ہے کیونکہ اس دیم سے فائدے کے بجاے نقصان زیادہ ہو رہا ہے اور قانونی طور پر یہ دیم بنایا نہین جا سکتا اس وجہ سے اس کو کینسل کر دیا گیا ہے ضيا الحق اور مشرف جیسے دکتیتر نہین بنا سکے تو کوئ لنگ مار منافق بے ایمان وطن دشمن غدار کا باپ بھی نہین بنا سکتا 32 سال مین نہین بنا سکا اب کیا بنائین گے ہم نے تمھارے راستے قانونی طور پر بند کئے ہین اور اگر ہاتھ لگایا تو تمھاری عورتین ہم لے جائین گے اانشا الله

  7. National refrundren hona chayea kala bagh dam pr pta chal jayega ks ko taqleef ha

  8. پاکستانیوں ایک ھو جاؤ. انشاءاللہ جلد کالا باغ ڈیم بنے گا. پاکستان زندہ باد عمران خان زندہ باد پاکستان فوج زندہ باد

  9. Bai gilgit baltistan sa ana wali pani cpec or tourism sa Pakistan ko mipalna wala fida 1 video banayan

  10. Asalam u alkum, aik good news hai Pakistan ky liye, UK main sikh community ny peshkash aur request ki hai Prim minister Imran khan sy keh ager who dam ka naam baba Guru Nanak ky naam sy rakh dein tu Dam ky pysay sarey woh dyein gye, I think this will be awesome, ager kalabagh Dam ka naam ( Baba Nanak Dam ) rakh diya jaye, iss ka humarey PAKISTAN ko kafi fyda hou ga, Dam bi easy bun jaye ga, sikh community bi sath hou jaye gi, pori duniya sy sikh community funding bi karey gi plus ager india ny dam ky muamlay main panga kiya tu Sikh bhai ussay sidha kar lein gy. Humari Sir Bajwa sy aur Prim minister sy purzour mutaliba hai ky kala bagh dam ka naam ( BABA NANAK DAM ) rakh diya jaye.

  11. Bande ki baat me dum hai .. but political halath dekh ke yahi lagta hai ki 2025 aate aate Bhukmari aajayegi

  12. MashaAllah great. DUAS FOR KalaBagh Dam and ALL PAKISTAN. May DAM be made and save PAKISTAN. InshaAllah Aameen. Live in Sindh Duas for KalaBagh Dam. Am Muslim than devoted Pakistani. Humanity comes first.

  13. Before going to build diamer basha dam plz make sure of constitutional rights of the residence and area because in the latest consensus Supreme Court let no obscure while saying that Gilgit Baltistan isn’t part of Pakistan.

  14. Foreign countries fund kartey hai aisey oppose karney wali partiyo ko Bharat me Sardar Sarovar dam ko bananey me 50 saal lag gaye.

  15. Dams are always one wall project & always surrounded by mountains my friend. KBD is Not the only such project. 3600 MW don't solve the problem any way.
    Why after all, some ppl keep hammering & drumming for KBD with different paints to make it more colourful & hope to do magic & cheat others by hook or crook. Expected affectees are far more aware & vigilant about the project & its side effects. Please don't play with people's emotions. This is sickening & a disservice to the nation. Don't create hatred. Do something else better for the country if you are so patriotic.
    Pakistan zindabad!

  16. Have you seen kotri in winters? Have you seen Nowshera in monsoon? CMH Nowshera was submerged in flood in 2010, the services club was gone forever etc etc. I lived there for 2 years. Now make KBD & it will be a phenomenon every year. River is turned into sand dunes in winter at Hyderabad where also I happened to live for 3 years. Who are your those so called experts???? Have they ever seen River Indus in all seasons??? This is nothing more than a political slogan. Nobody will make it once he knows the real truth. That's why no Gov makes it. Understand facts.

  17. Q: can Pakistan strike a better deal with India than the existing Indus Water Treaty? After all, some Plato's are criticising it. Any expert views???

  18. punjab waly kabi be pakistani nae ban sakaengy . sirf apne mufadat ka sochta hae, baqi sobo ko pakistan e nae smaj ta hae. kala bagh dam par jo information di gai hae, sary k sary ghalat hae,

  19. Kalabagh dam banna chaheay
    anp ppp ky siasatdaano ko phansian do Jo kalabagh dam Kay hilaf hain aur awam ko gumrah kartay hain

  20. Jandu dam banana hai aur dam banani k ley arbo rupy lagte hai aur pak k pass jaher khani k ley paise nhi hai ?????

  21. Ayub Khan kay daur main Khyber Pakhtunkhwa main tarbela dam bana jis main Haripur ka bara ilaka aur amb ki puri riyasat aai aur mangla dam bana jis main mirpur ka pura city doob gya lakin us daur main kisi province nay larai nai ki

  22. پاکستان کے پانی کے لئے جھگڑا یہ بنگلہ دیشی ای کے لئے مضحکہ خیز ہے?

  23. Our nation should stop selling itself in the hands of enemies and start thinking above provincialism, however, Shehbaz proposal was good and workable as well

  24. Tum bhai logo jihadi banao kaha dam bana rahe ho. Jihad jindabad. Kashmir kai liye lado dam kis kaam kai .

  25. Bhai jaldi dam banao, paani ki.bhot kimaat hai, ham paani chode or aap samandar mai bha do sahi nahi hai yeh

  26. Dams are 20th century solutions to energy. In the 21st they’ve been discredited. All over the world, damns are being dismantled due to the environmental damage they’ve caused.

    Pakistan needs to stop thinking it’s the magic bullet for the energy problems.

    They’ve got the ideal environment to leapfrog all these technologies and move to wind and solar. And have a decentralised energy network.

  27. Wali khan nai Nahi baney Diya yeh bohot bhainchod hai Apney baap Bacha Khan gandu ki tarha??

  28. I am from Nowshera. 2004 Musharraf came here and he try to convince people of nowshera but ANP and other corrupt leaders did not let this project to be

  29. Now that Pakistan has the money from the oil reserves estimated at 110 billion barrels of oil near the Iranian border,The Kalabaugh Dam and many projects in the CPEC will be built.

  30. Sad thing you guys are intelligent and educated ,why you are not force to government for do this type project …only weapon se tumara peta bharega…jay hind ….India mne 490 dam hne.

  31. Pakistan bhikari h uske pas paise hi ni h Dam bnane k liy….Dam k liy bhains bech rha h…Chande collection kr rha h….??

  32. Why dams are constructed only in Punjab why not in Sindh? baat dobne ya na dobne nahe bat ye hai k dams bana ka nehren Punjab k tarf nikale jate hen

  33. Pakistani leadership hamasha galthi hi karthi raha jiska karon pakistan aj india sa economically kamjor country baan geya,,,,

  34. I think , your presentation skill is simplest and best , I had ever seen

  35. Mehmood khan achakzai k muu par chapal bandh kr iss k muu ma tota hua shisha daal dena chie !! Haram zaday ko saza deni chei aur sath hee Asif Bhutto Zardari aur khusra zardari ko bhee saza milni chaie

  36. This is because of education infrastructure
    Weak education also created this situation

  37. ???TARBELA DAM ???















  38. I am panjabi live in India this is man made crices that developed by people of pak

  39. Please subcribe Karey merey channel ko subcribe ???????

  40. Kalabagh Dam Project is a concrete example of the regional differences highlighted between Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunwa and Sindh. None of these differences were resolved amicably and the Project has not yet started even after 40 years. Now, Pakistan has no money to implement the Project this Pakistan as a nation is suffering from water and power shortages.

  41. With blessing from Allah we hope balochistan gets freedom soon… India can build dams all over… like they are building in Afghanistan…

  42. Sir you're one of the PAKISTANI channels, correctly state. I wish you good luck, for your future endeavours.

  43. it is blunder on part of zeena to make Pakistan out of Hinustan. Now suffer Pakistanio for sins of your father of nation zeena.

  44. اگر کسی میں دم ہو تو کرکے دکھائیں کالا باغ ڈیم کے دیکھتے دیکھتے تمہارے آبا واجداد بھی مردار ہوئے یہ کسی بھی صورت نہیں بننے دینگے پنجابی پاکستان کے ٹھیکیدار نہیں ہے

  45. inshaAllah kala bhagh dam banega or Pakistani awam ko sakhon milta Afghanistan me raw k agent yahi chahty hai kala bhagh dam na bane

  46. asal bt ye he k sare sindhi bhai or kpk k bhai sb log kala bagh dam banana chahta hen lekin ppp or anp ko india paisa khila raha he.

  47. "dam banana ghair Islami hai kya bhai?tum log keemti Pani barbad karte. hame bhi use karne dete nahi.
    tum chahte kya ho. Aklmand Dushman se baat ho Sakti hai par jaahil bewakoof madarsa chhap Pakistani se baat karna namumkin hai

  48. You are a wise man Abid and talking senseful to your national interest.

  49. First sensible video I've seen from a Pakistani. Well done. Facts presented rationally and opinions expressed based on logic rather than emotions. If you continue to recognise facts for what they are, good or bad, then you will come up with solutions. Follow & believe the DGISPR's verbal diarrhoea and the world will continue laughing at you. I wish all the people of Pakistan well.

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