Why The GOP Dam In The Senate Isn’t Likely To Break | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Why The GOP Dam In The Senate Isn’t Likely To Break | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Their “JOB” isn’t the worth it part; it’s to remain in power. Trump with his personal wealth, family wealth, cronies’ wealth, and the aid from foreign interests will go after the Senators that fail to tow the Trump line!

  2. If the GOP openly ignore his crimes at an impeachment hearing, even if the crimes themselves are blatantly obvious, will the voters punish them at the following election?

  3. Still suffering from TDS? lol You will not overturn the will of the people. Trump 2020!

  4. Democrat supporters talking all this crap. 2020 is on the way and our president will keep America great. Trump 2020!!!

  5. Putin has Trump over a barrel, whenever someone with a name goes to Russia, the Russian government is constantly filming you. Trump was in Russia during the beauty pageants and other business dealings that he had. Out of all of his time in Russia, they must have come up with some dirt on him. Then all of a sudden when Trump started running for the POTUS, they seized the opportunity to get him into office. Using the dirt that they had on him, it might be something to do with Russian whores because they send them to wealthy foreign men. Or it could be something dealing with Trump's finances for Putin to strengthen his power over the world.

  6. If you consider Jeffrey Epstein's ending suspicious, many things that seem inexplicable suddenly become possible. Not saying Moscow Mitch plays with kids, but someone behind him might. Or is that cRaZy?

  7. Trump supporters think the liberals are evil. The liberals think Trump's supporters are dumb. Actually, even Trump thinks his base is dead from the neck up. After all, It was Trump who said they'd still vote for him even if he shot someone.

  8. The next election will be pro ( republicans ) versus anti ( democrats ) corruption.

  9. I went along with Trump and destroyed the Constitution. Put that on your CV. I wonder how many of these politicians have families who are secretly ashamed of them.

  10. With due respect Mr. Kkk didn't go or die or what eve you said is in the people's house ! Smh

  11. Republicans are traitors to America especially the republican officials running the administration there playing dirty and working with Russia. The trump supporters are morons so there like sheep and don’t know what’s going on.

  12. They elevate and value this baboon, Trump, over our Constitution for job security. Shallow values like this, convictions of convenience, will go down badly in flames at some point. True conservatives will have to re-establish the Republican Party from what it has become; a Populist Party. The Trump Party.

  13. Almost all politicians are cowards, it isn't just Republicans. The two Democrats that broke away from the party did so because they are in districts where Trump won in 2016. This would be no different if Hillary would have won and the shoe was in the other foot. Almost no politician is being intellectually honest.

    Everybody that thinks the other party is the corrupt one is delusional about what their Congressmen would do.

  14. I know what the problem is .. Deplorables aren't actually illiterate and we do understand what is happening…

  15. They are going to smear all the witnesses. Since the people testifying don't like or adore their leader that WILL BE their defense. They will say that every witness has some sort of axe to grind. That they are never trumpers and that they have been trying to bring him down since 1/20/17 when he was inaugurated. Those will be the talking points put out on Fox News Opinion shows, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bernard & Sid and lets not forget the Michael Savage radio shows. That's all they are going to do. The followers of these shows are receiving a steady diet of this information EVERY SINGLE DAY. In the background behind the scenes the Justice Department led by Barr are sending out dog whistles to Trump followers that everyone that was in the Obama administration is going to arrested for Treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors. They are being told that Guantanamo Bay has cells preserved for everyone in the CIA, FBI, NSA that worked with Obama and his whole past administration. That is what they are going to put out to their supporters.

  16. Trump support in congress is not based on loyalty to HIM, it's based on their own economic and egotistical interests. How much will the country have to go through before we get THE MONEY out of the political process?

  17. Trump was accused on ten different occasions of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report. He is under criminal investigation by the SDNY and is being investigated by congress for high crimes and misdemeanours and yet the Republicans refuse to condemn his activities as possibility being illegal. They all really need to go down together for the good of America or the rule of law and the constitution will be changed forever.

  18. If stupid mens like trump pence or gaetz can rule thins country!This country have a real politic problem!

  19. Why? They are deep in the CULT. It’s not easy to escape the Trump-Cult mentality

  20. Is it just me but do these co-anchors has some sexual tension between them? They do sit really close to each other!

  21. They won't break because they are part of the greatest sellout in US history they are all in on stealing the Presidency and using the office to praise Putin in order to gain wealth from Ukraine and Syria

  22. I believe it's a Win-Win Situation for the Dems , if the Senate doesn't Find Trump Guilty , then the Trial , will Expose Him , with Eyewitnesses Testimony , Documentation ,a Good Prosecutor and Other Evidence , the American People will see What Crimes Trump's Has Committed and Can Judge for Themselves Come Election Day ,

  23. GOP is spineless, Moscow Mitch will, with the help of Putin and Zuckerberg, make re-election a piece of cake.

  24. for Trump all migrants are second class 🤔 latín black CUBANS chicanos 🤔 blacks Even if they are nationalizad or have been born EUA 🤔 NO DEBEN VOTAR POR TRUMP PUEDE INICIAR UNA TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL 🤔 Y ULTIMA DESPIERTEN SU ESPOSA TAMBIEN ES MIGRANTE 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  25. I wish you would stop blowing smoke about what the future holds. The only true statement is there will be change. Report the news in the present. Like David Ingnatius' editorial in the WaPo, or the release of the unredacted Mueller report. If you can't do your own reporting, you are wasting our time.

  26. First "Quid Pro Quo" was for anti tank missiles for dropping Manafort investigation. This should be Check Mate. Once evidence is collected this may be enough to wake people up. Then it is the beginning of end. A very good day Indeed. Spoiler alert … Both ends of the deal happened. CHECK MATE.

  27. Well we are witnessing the fall of America. All empires fall why not this one.

  28. I'm so scared for my children and Grandchildren!!! The best we can do is vote vote vote!!! The Republicans will one day have to explain their part in destroying America to their Grandkids!!!!

  29. the GOP might be going down with the president even the republican propaganda network/Fox-news won't save them especially if the house indicts him which we think will happen if the senate doesn't find him guilty the people might find them guilty of corruption

  30. Dear America, America is what you have made it. And supposing the internet had been around in 1919? That's the difference in 2019.

  31. Looks like a roll of the dice, hoping the hearings sway the swing states. God help us.

  32. Fake news is a Criminal Offence and if it's not it should be no government of any persuasion can function on false information.

  33. It is all about being elected not representing or standing up for the truth. What a sorry state we are in!!!

  34. Come on, Republicans, who else can stand up now and run for your party?? Are you that weak that you have no backbone to support anyone but con-man Trump?

  35. Look how Trump has pulled us into his stinkin dysfunctional dramas. We all should be angry at him and not at each other. We should unite all of us, and come against all what Trump stands for and that is crud and crime. We are better than that together by far. Bring back America, vote Blue!

  36. It won't break, but it will be burst open. You can't escape the inevitable truth 🤷‍♂️

  37. Theirs something drastically wrong with his followers because,why would you take a perfectly conversation and hide it in a secure server and present the imperfect draft of the conversation to the American people. Im sure it work well on your followers. But i say good plan wrong man…

  38. apparently POtuS isn't wrong about his supporters because they still support him.

  39. When did getting a subpoena become a choice? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #richpeoplerules

  40. …… if the Senate does not impeach …… watch the Republican party fall ……… and the it will take 20 years for them to clime out of that hole

  41. Nobody expects the Senate to "break," and that's on their head, to be judged by history.
    On the plus side, that blocks Pence the Pardoner. We'll outvote DT, and he'll be prosecuted criminally.

  42. Meachum is excellent, reminding us of the Klan fever in the 1920's. Trump's KKK father was arrested in a Klan pro-Mussolini "riot" in those days.

  43. Bezos could buy Fox and run it into the ground. He won't though, because he might have to pay taxes like the rest of us.

  44. Of course they will work against the country. Their entire life's career depends on it. Do the right thing, LoL.

  45. You're argument is our government is so corrupted by partisanism that we can't remove a wanna be dictator. If you ask me that's an argument for removing our entire government and starting over. Maybe it's time for that revolution after all?

  46. This converges toward a vote between a Constitution or No Constitution, i.e. between democracy, where no one is above the law, and tyranny where the tyran makes the laws. The frightening thing is that apparently the Trumpers want a tyran, they like him for exactly that. It is a form of (suicidal) romanticism.

  47. Joe, why are you guys so afraid to just deal 100% with the obvious: The problem is FOX News. You talk about this very briefley, but it's the ENTIRE story. They own 40% of the voters, and they lie to them every day. NOTHING else matters, & we need to find a solution. The 2nd amendment does NOT say you can lie, it only says you have the right to assemble & to SPEAK.

  48. YOUTUBE :Donald Trump caught trying to bribe GOP Senators with cash over their impeachment votes
    Oct 31, 2019
    President Donald Trump is reportedly rewarding senators who have his back on impeachment with cold cash— and sending a message to those who don’t get on board, Politico reported Thursday.

  49. The Rethugliklans "DAM" may not break, but they WILL be DAMNED for life after this!!!

  50. If Trump will run to Florida to escape NY tax investigation, he WILL run to keep from being indicted by the SDNY! TRUMP IS A COWARD LEAVING HIS GOP GOONS TO TAKE THE HEAT!

  51. It a rap you guys stop encouraging this man with wrong doings it is not good for the country. Every other country is laughing at us. What happened to the beautiful big apple country. The United States of America. People wake up and rise and shine this never happens for a long time. Every day is something new.

  52. Until you can crack the cult's blinders, congressional Republicans will support Trump – winning the next election is more important to them than their morals, the future of the Republican party, the country, and the security of the world itself.

  53. On a massive turn around to all of my comments..If Trump wins and things go on? The next time America questions or argues this same case you will have Russia seeded deep enough that you will regret the chance you have now to stop the inevitable!

  54. There is a saying from a film,,'You Rise Only To Fall'..The fall is recorded and talked about more than the rise. Then again who cares about history and lessons anymore. I hope I am alive long enough to say I told you so!

  55. The only way to end this apocalypse which is soon to be Trump is to put a full metal jacket right between his lying eyes, as a marker just below his candy floss comb over if said marksman has any issue with the mark.

  56. I hate to label people because that is only stupid people do but I think GOP can be labeled as a dumb bunch.

  57. The GOP are like a pack of hungry coyotes trying to take dinner away from a pack of Wolves. Let's NOT FORGET EVER NEVER that The REPUBLICAN'S had both HOUSE'S FOR TWO YEARS and look what we have found out SINCE they don't CONTROL OF BOTH HOUSE'S ANY MORE ?

  58. yeah w.t.f. how long are we going to put up with this? ,We the people are equals meaning if you are going to impeach ,concerning our government at home ,no one has the right to hide any process like impeachment from us, By all rights we should be able to walk in and have a seat Oh why do i miss trust the swamp ,dems

  59. Any decent President would have resign by now. You want to know why, he still kept staying. Money. He need to take has much he can. Tax break for the rich, why?. For him self after he leave. Look up, everything he does is to get ready for cash to flow in his pocket. He kept going to his golf resort, useing tax payer money on his business. I wont be surprise, if some how he got more richer after leaving the office. Wierd huh.

  60. Sorry guys…the time to pretend to "play nice" about the intellect of ANYONE who still supports tRump is LONG past. They may be WILLFULLY ignorant but they ARE truly ignorant. You will call these comments "tribal"…they are simply, irrefutably true.

  61. The people that support Donald Trump are not really Republicans. Because Donald Trump is not an actual Republican Donald Trump is a lawless arrogant bully. And his behaviors go against the true Republican party and their values. So right now what's left is a cult of people to follow blindly behind someone who does wrong things daily but none of them have a spine and will stand up to him. They are bankrupt of morals and integrity. Which is supposed to be one of their key tenants.

  62. The thing is Republicans need to weigh the balance, Republicans are becoming as rare as hens teeth, less than 23% of the population are registered Republicans. Only 75% approve if Trump.
    That’s approximately 18% of the voting population are with a Trump. So 80% plus are free to vote for any any Trump candidate. Someone needs to show these senate members the figures.

    In addition Joe you are mad, taking about a post literacy social media age. Everyone who communicates on social media reads writes and types!

  63. Jim talking the usual false equivalence BS. And no, it's not "exactly the same" as previous incidents -there will be a public trial that will shine a clear and unblockable spotlight on his crimes in all their uncontestable corruption, and GoP Senators will be required to stand up and leave the historical record showing their acceptance of high crimes and misdemeanours, bribery and corruption and their refusal to stand against it. It may make no difference in the refusal of the GoP to acquire a spine, but it is absurd to claim the situation is the same as ever.

  64. Morning Television…Today, again, I spent a few hours reviewing just a few of the morning television news teams, marveling how glamourized they all looked, I sure would like to take a peek at their hair dye, wig and make-up budgeting, excluding their journalistic expenses, with both things not being equal. I wonder which is the most expensive for their network to produce, their entertainment or news programing, I bet the return on the dollar is about the same, as early morning news has demonstrated can be a top earner and is big business, being able to afford all that journalistic millionaire talent. When will George Stephanopoulos start dying his hair and greasing up his lips? only the budget masters knows for sure, who is keeping a keen eye on if it will ever become necessary to boost program income, and if some of the females will have to unbutten just a few top blouse buttons, early morning news television has become a ‘cut throat business’, earn or be gone…

  65. This situation with not compying with supenas is not only legal but immoral from those who are being paid buy we the people.Brace yourselves for Turmp being re-elected. WELCOME TO AMERICA A DICTATORSHIP..

  66. If the facts of this are laid bare to the American people. And support for impeachment and removal rises to a consistent 60%. But Senators don't vote to convict, which is likely the case, the GOP are going to be destroyed in 2020. Do they not see that they better get on the right side of history in this?? But I've said this from the beginning, keep your eyes on the prize. The prize is the 2020 election. All I care about is Trump having the indelible stain of impeachment on him for all eternity. And asterisk that will be next to his name in the history books. Once the House votes to impeach, I'm satisfied. The real fight is the 2020 election.

  67. I can just picture Trump Tweet-raging after John Bolton testifies, accusing him of being a lifelong socialist and a Democrat in his spare time. 😜

  68. Quid pro quo? … who cares? Most americans don’t know and don’t care to know what that means. What it really was is EXTORTION in plain sight. And that is a CRIME easily rising to the level of an impeachable offense. Period. The Dems need to move on with it and by pass trump’s endless ‘muddying the water’

  69. How in the world does trump get his 40% solid support? Most of his adherents got hit by his so-called tax reform bill big time. He declares repeatedly that he and his spawn didn't benefit from this bill. This is utter brazen lying. What has occurred is the most massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy in US history! By 2027 those earning annually $40-50,000 collectively will pay a total of $5.3 trillion MORE in taxes. While those earning more than a million annually will collectively pay a total of $5.7 trillion LESS in taxes. These are numbers certified by both the CB and the Joint Committee on Taxation. This is so outrageous that people should be up in arms.

  70. Donald Trumps supporters are not illiterate – they are in DENIAL of facts -the truth

  71. Are we honestly relying on a lying criminal crooked Australian (Murdoch) to do anything good for anyone?

    That man is more likely to illegally survail congress than say anything against Donald trump.

    Remember, Murdoch is promoting the axis of evil with Boris Johnson.

    He doesn’t care about America.

    I also don’t believe any foreign or should be allowed to own media in the United States. Wonder why?

  72. yeah w.t.f. how long are we going to put up with this? ,We the people are equals meaning if you are going to impeach ,concerning our government at home ,no one has the right to hide any process like impeachment from us, By all rights we should be able to walk in and have a seat Oh why do i miss trust the swamp ,dems

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