Why Your Body Needs Detoxification

Nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām || I was sitting and working on certain detoxification process. I was testing it on my own system. First, I want to tell you why Mahadeva insists on detoxification. Sadashiva in many Yoga literatures, Sadashiva has given beautiful
Yogapada in Agama and some of the Yoga based literatures. See, complete works of Mahadeva
only I consider as Agama. The word Agama sometimes is looked with narrow mindedness as only what
is talking about the temples and rituals. No. Complete works of Mahadeva available to
planet Earth in this age, I call that as Agama. Beautifully He talks elaborately about this
detoxification of the system. Today I will explain the fundamental understandings
and ideas about detoxification because that is going to play a very major role in coming
MahaSadashivoham program. See… the food you eat becomes part of your body, day by day. It becomes part of your blood, the bread becomes your blood, part of your bone, part of your
bone marrow, part of your internal organ, very subtle but surely part, even becomes
part of your intra-organ. In this whole process, not only the food you took becomes part, the thought currents you cherish also becomes part. Understand, the food you took is processed
along with the thought currents you cherish and that becomes part of your internal organ or intra-organ. You may think… ‘Oh God, whole day what a dash-dash mood I´m in, I only know, all that is becoming part of my internal organ Ayyooo…´ He gives the good news for you. Mahadeva has
good news for you. Morning, before you clean your system, when you wake up, if you make
a conscious will ‘Let my body be purified, detoxified, brought to tune… with my conscious
will of manifesting MahaSadashivatva, anything else which I cherished automatically as a
pattern, mechanically, let them be out of my system’. That single conscious will works on your intestine and detoxifies you intensely. Understand, … consider this practice from today. Elaborately Mahadeva explains about…this whole… how the system gets toxified and how detoxification should be done. System gets toxified… by the chemicals… which are poisonous, which makes you withdraw from life. See, the pesticides
and all that chemicals, even when they spray on the… plants they cover their mouth. Then when they eat, are they going to cover the mouth? … Now, when they spray they cover the mouth. I wanted to ask them… ‘arrey even while you spray you cover your mouth and nose… then when you eat, are you going to put it through some other hole?’ Understand, anything which makes your internal
organ, intra-organ withdraw from life understand… pesticides and chemical fertilizers are the conspiracy against… underdeveloped countries, Third world, please understand… Already the third world country, HUGE CHUNK already is toxified… suffering with the side effects of the toxification, including cancer, impotency and… low immunity, many other disorders. I am not even talking about the mental… impact… side-effects… …all the things you go through psychologically. – I´m talking only about the physical. Mahadeva talks about… Jaati dosha… nimitta dosha… ashraya dosha. In Vaishnava sampradaya, they are very strict about these 3 doshas
in their food. Unfortunately,… the mainstream Hindus…. have stopped the following… Understand: Jaati dosha means:… by nature any food makes you withdraw from life. If you take… the food items… filled with the pesticides and chemical fertilizers… you think you are going to be
very alive and active and jill-jill. No! … You ARE going to be suffering …all the withdrawal
symptoms of life. Understand, now I wanted to reveal one important secret. Even if your third eye is
not awakened, initiated properly, just by detoxification… without eating… any chemical
food and living with organic food… …you will start manifesting the preliminary levels of
third eye powers immediately. Understand… the preliminary level powers… you will manifest,
radiate just by pure third eye, unpolluted third eye, not even awakened third eye. There are 2 levels. – See, powers like Akashic reading, remote vision… all that comes only
by awakened third eye. But the preliminary level powers comes even by pure third eye. Then understand the importance of detoxified body. That is why many people… some of you
maybe having doubt: ‘I am not integrated. How I am having powers now?’ Because you
are eating in the… -KAILASA!! *celebration happening* This food… makes your system automatically… unadulterated third eye, not awakened. See, awakening you need initiation, Awakening needs to be done with initiation,
kundalini and all of that. But just the food and water, un-fluoridated water, no fluoride, zero fluoride lifestyle. Our Sangha lifestyle in this campus is zero
fluoride lifestyle. There is no fluoride involved in anything and literally no toxification. Whole
day you live a complete detoxified lifestyle. Listen carefully, whether the food you eat,
water you drink, the air you breathe, no toxification. When river is not polluted continuously, automatically
it purifies itself. Same way, if you are just eating in the Aadheenam, your system gets
detoxified because when there is more toxification is not added, your very regular living goes
on detoxifies you. It is like Ganga if you don’t add all that leather factory, leather
industry chemicals inside, just by Her flow she purifies herself maybe in 1 week. Maybe
it takes, I am telling you roughly, it takes water drop from Tapovan Gomukh to Ganga Sagar
maybe a week. Or I don’t know maybe a few more days extra, whatever number of days.
Within that days she will purify herself if you don’t add more toxins, more chemicals,
more impurities in Her. Same way your body. 21 days if you don’t add toxins, chemicals,
actually in the regular society you don’t eat food, you eat food-like products. You don’t eat food, food-like products. Understand… toxification in your system, listen carefully, whatever you eat and the thought currents you cherish gets processed and becomes part of your system. And more negative thought currents, more toxins when they settle together
they start acting as small-small independent army inside you against you like sleeper cells.
Listen carefully, negative thought currents and toxins, they make friends. When they settle
down together they become like small-small sleeper cell army. Like inside your country
army the opposite country persons are becoming part of it, sleeper cells, and during the
problems they act against you instead of in your favor. Listen, that is exactly what happens, if you collapse,
they all work and finish you off instead of raising you up. Those parts are only called
parasites. Listen, the yogic definition of parasites, I am not giving so-called modern medicine definition. I am translating the yogic definition of parasites. In Yogic tradition even one cell does not listen to your will is considered as parasite – anti-being. If
you have problems like ‘I want to be integrated, I am not able to. I want to wake up, I´m not able to, I want to be always active but I am not able to’ – Be very clear your
system has toxins and toxic parasites. Understand… if you are a non-vegetarian lifestyled person, even 5 years before, you can be very sure you need detoxification. You need detoxification. Whole system of Mahadeva is Agama, means results in reality, not imaginary. No. Not imaginary, No. Results in reality. Agama is results in reality. Understand, that is why Mahadeva insists on detoxification. Five major methodologies Sadhashiva gives for detoxification. One – The packs, aushada masks… aushada masks like… turmeric and there are processed 2 aushada masks we have got shastra pramana, you are going to have it.
Already the shastra pramana has… we have got it, You are going to have it. Various… – like a mud pack, turmeric pack… mud mask, turmeric mask, like that packs.
That’s one. Second:… understand this is very important …right, non-toxic food, what you take in, should be completely non-toxic …no chemical, no… toxins. Third:… aushada’s being used, energy medicines used. Ayurveda, siddha, herbs… under the proper guidance of the practitioners, experts. Fourth: The mutation processes like, in our tradition we have fire walking – of course, we are not going to be doing this here for various reasons. But I am considering
we will do all these traditional practices like fire walking everything in Tiruvannumalai, in Tamil Nadu… *celebration happening* for various reasons. All this transmutation processes… the word may look too big, so don’t worry… means balancing the system and awakening the whole consciousness
to your whole body… …is what I call transmutation processes. Means, some parts of your body becomes
insensitive to the existence… because of the job it is doing, like your feet. Because of the continuous walking… …it becomes insensitive, your cheeks how they are sensitive, they don’t´become sen… they lose sensitivity to the reality. But for the complete kundalini awakening, your whole body needs to be alive… and experiencing the reality and ability to experience the higher consciousness. That is the reason we have the process of fire walking. Understand, each of these processes has a reason. So, this is the fourth. Fifth: – very important, you will be shocked…The fifth is ´Nirahara Samyama´. …*music instruments are celebrating*…. Mahadeva gives Nirahara as one of the very
important processes for detoxification. In the modern-day thousands of researches have come, even if you practice 3-day Nirahara. Mahadeva defines Nirahara. I will give you the original verse also. What He calls as Nirahara, you know… …without taking solid food, taking only liquid juices, till your outgoing becomes pure liquid. It happens within… 4 days for any healthy man. Within 4 days, input and output – both will be liquid. He says, that is the point, your system is detoxified. So, once… at least once in 3 months… …you should do 1 Nirahara. This is, what is called 1 Nirahara. Stop the solid. Go to the liquid. All intake should be liquid. – Either juices… …like Arugambul juice… or many other, very healthy juices are there. Go for juices, so the intestine is given a rest. All the internal organs are given a rest. They start cleaning themselves. All the solid waste is moved out of your system. For any healthy man, I think 4 days. If you are already toxified too much… …maybe in a week. Till when your body comes
liquid to liquid cleanliness. If you don’t allow the solid food, it is called 1 Nirahara. At least once in 3 months you should do one Nirahara So the system is kept pure, alive, awake. Actually, that is what I was working.
But for me, it took only, I can say, 6 hours. It took only 6 hours for the liquid to liquid transition. Means nothing much inside. It’s already a clean system. And… all these major 5 methodologies Sadashiva prescribes in yogic literatures, in Agamas… we will be using for detoxification. Understand, detoxification is not just removing unnecessary toxins from your system… …in course of time these toxins becomes independent intelligence, does not allow your whole system to flow …with the reality you are supposed to function. How much ever you psychologically decide and charge you up, your body just psss…… …like a puncture tire. You just phoo, phoo…phoo. In the Satsang, I do all the pumping. Pump you up, energize… …the moment you step out of the Rajya Sabha, prss….. (audience laughing…)… This charging up …and psss…. To break this vicious circle… and one more thing: See, 10 times when you are charged up and collapse, you lose confidence on you. That is the sad part. Nothing else is a sad part. The sad part is, you are losing confidence on you. Then you associate yourself with the parasites, instead of you. Then you think, instead of you considering your parasites as your enemies, you consider me as your enemy. Now, that is what is going on, for many people. Unfortunate! Life should be chaarged up! – You are all Shiva Bhutas. *celebration happening* Bhutas don’t have parasites. If they have, they will just tear their stomach and throw the parasite out. …and lick the finger. – laugh – Shiva Bhutas don’t have parasites. You are all Shiva Bhutas, Shiva Ganas. Be ferocious like Shiva Ganas, with you. That is the only psychological way, of not letting the parasites settle in your system. Then physical way we will do, now through all this cleansing. Even if you cleanse physical way, by the time you cleanse psychologically, you SHOULD become Shiva Ganas… Shiva Bhutas. You are all embodiments of Shiva. – Shiva Bhuta means, all your elements have become Shiva. – Understand, …this Shiva Bhuta word is completely
mistranslated, used very abusive way. Let me translate that word properly. Bhoota means, element. Pancha Bhuta means 5 elements. All the elements in you, have become Shiva, that is why you are called Shiva Bhuta. *celebration happening* Understand… Shiva Bhuta means… all your elements have become Mahadeva, Sadashiva. Arunachaleshwara Temple is the only temple, where inside the temple, main Agamic temple Fire Walking happens. *celebration happening* That is why I wanted the Fire walking to be
done in Tiruvannamalai. *celebration happening* Understand… …almost all human beings in the modern day has some form of toxification and parasites inside the system. Only if we help them to detoxify them, we can expect pure integrity from them. – Otherwise, nobody can be blamed. Nobody can be blamed for their non-integrity. Now you have a reason: ‘Ah, parasite what can I do? – I can sleep. Why no morning yoga? Parasite. Why no morning puja? Toxins. But what to do? Anyhow… …I will provide every possible help
and methodology for detoxification… …with all the methods Sadashiva is prescribing, Sadashiva is giving, Mahadeva is providing. After thoroughly working on this detoxification, studying for some time and working it on myself, I have decided that around the Vaidya Sarovar and Manasarovar, detoxification centric. Mainly for the power manifestation purpose, we will
be having Ayurveda Siddha hospital. *celebration is happening* I was already planning for a complex around the Vaidya Sarovar and Manasarovar. Now I am upgrading that as Siddha Ayurveda Indian Traditional Medicines Hospital. *celebration happens* We will now add all the components required. This will be mainly working on detoxification. Detoxification itself cleanses many diseases… …and helps you to manifest powers
and higher intelligence. All the instructions as per Mahadeva, as per Sadashiva’s instruction, we will run this detoxification center. Today… I´ve introduced the understandings about parasites, toxins and detoxification – as per Mahadeva. One… this one Truth: ‘You considering yourself as Shiva Gana´… …ferociously can psychologically prepare you, for detoxification once for all. *celebration happening* See… even if you stop pumping chemicals inside Ganga, if there is one Flood, all the old things will be cleared. That flood is this psychological declaration: ‘ I am Shiva Gana. *celebration* There cannot be any sleeper cells inside me. Whether sleeping or waking it has to be only Sadashiva’s battery. No other…no other sleeper cells`. So, I´ll initiate you into this energy Flood
of detoxifying your system. Just sit visualizing you are Sadashiva Gana. Your whole being is
Mahadeva, Sadashiva, MahaSadashiva. Sit with that conscious declaration. Every morning before you go to the restroom, once you wake up…. …sit with this declaration consciously at
least for 3 minutes …and then go to the restroom,
wash yourself, brush yourself, do 1-2-3-4,
whatever you want. Because this conscious will will remove all the toxifications. Unconsciously what you build in your body for 10 years can be removed consciously by 1 hour. Because consciousness has power. Conscious will has power. *celebration* Come on, now sit as Shiva Gana. Close your eyes and sit straight. Let’s start the initiation. Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham Gula Kundalini – Wake up! In everybody. Fill everyone with the Shiva Ganatva. Sadhashivatva. Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham
Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham (participants) Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham (participants) Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham *music playing…* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham *music* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham *music* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham *music* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham x 4 *music* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham *music* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham *music* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham *music* Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham Let you all open all your three eyes and manifest the powers of MahaSadashiva, be MahaSadashiva Ganas. I blessyou all. Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing living Shuddhaadvaita Shaivam, Sadashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You.
Be Blissful.

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