WILD ALASKA LIVE | Exploring a Beaver Dam | PBS

– Now here we are at the dam. This is incredible. You can see it’s made up of
lots and lots of branches, alright? Now the beavers go into
the surrounding forest and they cut down trees and drag back lots and lots of branches. They pile them up wherever
there’s rushing water. They pile them up, and then they stuff mud
in between the spaces. They stuff a whole lot of mud there so that it blocks the water
and forms a water-tight seal that holds back huge volumes of water. Now, these habitats
that the beavers create, you can see from our drone footage, how much water that it’s holding back. This is our dam right here, and the bottom of the
screen was the beaver pond where I am right now. This habitat that the
beaver creates is great for the beavers, but also
lots of other animals, different species of
fish, waterfowl, ducks. I see a few over there right now. Moose, but there’s one creature that isn’t so crazy
about these beaver dams. And we got some footage
earlier of these salmon trying to make their way
across the beaver dam. It’s yet another obstacle for these fish on their amazing journey. Oh, and that guy made it. So there’s definitely, with
the perseverance of the salmon, you can see that a lot of
them are making it past. They can get across these
beaver ponds no problem. But it’s another obstacle. So lots of beavers, lot of
animals like these beaver dams, and some don’t like them very much.

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