Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 Kayak Video Review

Hi I’m Jenna I just paddled the Wilderness Tsunami this is the women’s specific Tsunami is the 135 I absolutely love this boat I gave it five out of five stars I actually own this boat for almost a 14 foot boat I am extremely comfortable on it it tracks very well it’s very very stable for a boat this long what i like the most about it is how great I fit into the women’s specific cockpit it’s a lot narrower than the men’s Tsunami which is really important for me for a boat this long I really need to be able to shift my weight around and control it to be able to turn it and if I’m really locked in there which I am with this boat and this seatinhg and makes it a lot easier for someone like me I’ve only I’ve actually only paddled for about two years I can actually keep up with guys if I’m paddling with them in this boat just because how well the boat tracks it’s got a great amount of storage on it I’ve actually taken it camping quite a bit for you know multiple days at a time you’ve got pretty big dry storage up there in that front then you’ve got one dry storage here you’ve got the little hole right there so you can have a little bit easier access into that back dry storage the seat in this is extremely comfortable I paddled hours on end with its a Phase Three Seating so what I really really like is that underneath my thighs I can actually pull up and tighten this tighten myself right into the thigh braces which makes it really easy to control the boat and kinda have a kind of feel one with the boat I can turn it very easily just by shifting my weight i can also I can also adjust the seat back of the seat higher move it up closer to my body if I need to I can paddle just a very long time without getting tired or my back starting to hurt so I recommend this boat for anyone who really wants to get into something they can take again maybe longer trips across the lake something they want to be able to really well with spent some time in great for your intermediate to advanced level paddler but not too aggressive for someone just starting off that wants to get that confident feeling and a little bit longer of a boat.

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