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Sheriff’s office. I need emergency assistance. What’s your location? The Wind River Indian reservation. I’m Jane Banner. FBI. Welcome to Wyoming. All by yourself? It’s just me. That’s Cory’s Lambert. He’s the one who found the body. This is a homicide. I knew that girl. She’s a fighter. They gave us six officers to cover an area the size of Rhode Island. Maybe you can help. I know what the tracks say. What is that you do again? I hunt predators. So why don’t you come hunt one for me, then? Why would a teenage girl be out here? What’s she running from? You’re looking for clues. But you’re missing all the signs. Shouldn’t we wait for backup? This isn’t a land of “backup”, Jane. This is a land of “you’re on your own”. Oh, my God! You won’t get the answers you’re looking for. No matter what you find. Why would your daughter run from home? I don’t know why. She didn’t tell me. Out here… You cannot blink. Not ever. This place…. What it takes from us… What it took from you… I got lucky. Luck lives in the city. Get your hand off that weapon! Hey! Jane! Luck don’t live out here.

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  1. Watching the traiier I thought I saw one of the Olsen twins, then I found out its their other sister lol.

  2. This movie was 9/10 and I'm picky with movies. So glad I went to see this gem instead of Mother.

  3. Scarlet witch, hawkeye, elektra and the punisher haha this was such a good movie. pissed me off if you watched it you know what i'am talking about.

  4. The most remote terroritory in the U.S., in short we are back to the 3th layer of inception.

  5. This is honestly one of the most well written movies I've seen In a long time! Loved it!

  6. This trailer makes you think that Renner character is the murderer. Clever trailer, Great movie, a must watch!

  7. Really good film. The last 25mins were fantastic.

    It's starts off a little slow but soon kicks on.

  8. I totally lived on that res when I was really little. We moved because a guy was murdered a block away from us and the police there did nothing about it. Should be an interesting movie.

  9. A really good movie, brought up so many emotions on deep issues. always try to be unbiased, tho this movie really hit me with the ruthlessness and frighteningly different mindset of men. Just kept asking and thinking, i really really wanna know if woman (with attitudes like those men) put in the same situation, would they do the same as those men. Deep down im pretty sure i know the answer….. anyones whos watched the movie, lemme know your opinions about my thoughts. Peace.

  10. Man this movie is awesome 👏🏻 just saw it. Weinstein really knows how to produce movies.

  11. do this movie have rape,porn,sex, nudity or even mention that? or is safe to watch with my parents?

  12. So, no one is gonna mention the fact that this movie was based on actual events
    Ok then just passing through…

  13. Complitly very good work. Actors,camera movements,soundtracks,snow landscapes,everything is real…

  14. Just saw the film and it was engrossing, along with it's beautiful cinematography. You don't get the whole story right away. It's peeled away bit by bit. From the beginning scene of the film, which doesn't look powerful, it connects the dots, and you watch that scene in a different light. Many people reviewers have stated this film is too depressing. While most of the film is depressing, one of the last lines of the film truly captures what the movie is conveying, it's about surviving around your environment.

  15. I've just watched the movie and didn't see 1:35 in the movie. Her saying "OMG" while looking at pics made me think of a storyline completely different to what it actually was.

    Still an amazing film tho.

  16. Anyone think that the guys who killed Natalie, killed the guys daughter as well?

  17. "While missing person statistics are compiled for every other demographic, none exist for Native American women." “I had two researchers spend THREE MONTHS trying to find a statistic… They came back and said, 'Taylor, we cannot find a statistic.' No one's keeping it. And I said, 'well, that's our statistic.”

  18. "you're on your own"

    ugh i hate that the first thing came to mind was mark ruffalo's running away in avengers bloopers

  19. I was lucky enough to see this at my friends home (he's a boxxy user and we saw it for free) and I thought it was excellent. Go watch it.

  20. Just came here after watching the movie. A great experience. Good writing good acting. Everything is perfect!

  21. Didn’t expect to be such a blubbering crying mess watching this movie. RECOMMENDED WATCH.

  22. I can’t believe more ppl don’t talk about how freaking good this movie is. I tell everyone to watch it.

  23. So much has been said about the greatness of this movie. But let me say this is one amazing trailer. You can't get anything from it, but you can't wait to see this movie.

  24. God that Harvey Weinstein scandal really crushed this movie's popularity. Such underrated great movie.

  25. This was a really really good Movie¡! Really underrated!!¡! Love it

  26. Guys, I understand this was a fantastic film, but let's not forget the message of the film. Let's not forget about the Native Americans and do our best to help however we can… If you know how I can help make a difference, please comment with suggestions… My great, great grandma was Native American and I heard she was a noble woman. I want to help somehow.

  27. What an incredible movie. The story, the visuals, the acting, the soundtrack. Everything. One of my favorites of all time.

  28. Movies like this that showcase over important and looked Issues, are beautiful.

  29. to me the acting seemed plastic and the story not plausible . totally predictable from beginning to end , don't waste your money and time.

  30. A movie without any western propagandas, just a great plot and great writing!

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