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Her family’s people were forced here, stuck here for a century. That snow and silence. It’s the only thing that hasn’t been taken from them. I need emergency assistance. The Wind River Indian reservation. I’m Jane Banner, FBI. That’s Cory Lambert. He’s the one that found the body. Didn’t you people get the memo that it’s spring? Welcome to Wyoming. How far do you think someone could run barefoot out here? I knew that girl. She’s a fighter. This is a homicide. You driving this vet around? It’s what they asked me to do, not what I’m doing. What ARE you doing? I’m a hunter, what do you think I’m doing? You think there are multiple assailants? Should we just maybe wait for some backup? This isn’t a land of “backup”, Jane. This is a land of “you’re on your own”. Oh, my God! Wolves don’t kill unlucky deer, they kill the weak ones. You don’t think I can make it? Out here, you cannot blink, not once, not ever. Hey, FBI! Get your hand off that weapon! Out here you survive, but you surrender.

100 thoughts on “Wind River Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Hawkeye And Scarlet Witch…..This is a Teaser of Avengers Infinity war????

  2. Damm, saw Jeremy Renner in the thumbnail and thought this was the trailer for infinity war not gonna lie XD

  3. when i saw the thumbnail i thought they released avengers trailer… 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. at first i thought it was the teaser trailer for Infinity War. Now im dissapointed =(

  5. remember what Hawkeye told Scarlet witch.. u set out those doors, you're an Avenger… hope they kick a lot of asses together, I always thought Hawkeye and scarlet witch make a great team.

  6. Is this one of those movies where the female authority gets in the way of simple justice?

  7. Scarlet witch and Hawkeye team up in the future and scarlet lost her powers

  8. Sheridan is really someone to look out for. Wrote Hell or High Water which was crazy good. Now stepping up to direct. I can't wait.

  9. "Without a doubt, the best movie I've seen in 2017"

    But "The Emoji Movie" isn't even out yet. Don't blow your "Best Movie" load until you see all the movies.

  10. i saw hawkeye and thought this was the infinity wars trailer 🙁

  11. Well at least we know he can shoot a bow and arrow with his eyes closed and shes a good magician

  12. So after the events of Civil war Hawkeye & Scarlett witch went to hide in the hills & meanwhile Wanda left her powers and Clint moved to shooting.

    Hmmm….. pretty much believable canon for MCU .

  13. That snow looks so……..cold and atmospheric. Makes you miss the winter times….

  14. all these marvel people commenting totally missed that John Bernthal (The Punisher) is in this movie.

  15. Still don't understand why this was filmed in Utah and not Wyoming, where the story takes place.

  16. Did anyone else see this thumbnail and think it was the infinity war trailer ?

  17. Good to see Elizabeth Olsen getting to stretch her acting chops in meatier roles in between the MCU movies!

  18. If HawkEye & Scarlet Witch meet Shaman in this film, does that mean in the sequel they'll meet the rest of Alpha Flight?

  19. I saw that. I thougt,
    it is not marvel movie. but first time they thougt this hawkeye. right? So,…


  20. I wonder if the Indian chap will have better instincts or something. You gotta be original

  21. First I see

  22. I'm so excited for this. I think Jeremy's great and I love his chemistry with Elizabeth so this should be so good

  23. Did anyone else see Jeremy Renner and thought it was the Avengers Infinity War trailer?

  24. Hated sicario loved hell or high water, hopefully this is good

  25. Did anyone see Jon Bernthal/punisher character? I keep trying to find him in this trailer but can't find him 🙁

  26. I saw this at the Nantucket Film Festival back in June. It was excellent. Taylor Sheridan does good work. I liked this just as much as Hell or High Water. Renner's best performance since The Hurt Locker and The Town. Actually, it's better. I will be seeing this movie again when it's in theaters.

  27. So…. Hawkeye is good with a Sniper Rifle too mmmm…. I guess it make sense, Wait!?!? is Scarlett Witch too?! I'm sold xD

  28. This movie exceeded my expectations. This trailer can't cover the whole suspense of the movie. This movie has you guessing.

  29. I like how he blinks multiple times while saying "you cannot blink. Not once; not ever." 😛

  30. Just watched this film tonight. It was brilliant. Heart wrenching intense and the photography is beautiful. Really moved me. Highly recommend it. Brace yourself.

  31. I was lucky enough to see this at my friends home (he's a boxxy user and we saw it for free) and I thought it was excellent. Go watch it.

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