Winter Camping – Kingsford Dam Lookout [Frontenac Challenge Part 10]

Hello and welcome back to Conjuring Rock where we enjoy all season camping and fishing. Today is part 10 of the
Frontenac challenge and I am here with Justin and Ben. So we have two adults and one child. Hahaha That’s not funny We are going camping on Kingsford Lake at site 11 and we’re searching for some open water trying to catch some fish let’s see if we can just
get our lure into water. I’ll pull the sled.
Oh, okay. I’ll pull it.
Thanks super cheif No problem. We need wheels. what a beautiful day yeah it’s the end
of November right now so it should be a little bit colder than what it actually
is. It’s wonderful Want me to show them how fast I can go? Yeah let’s see how fast you can go. He’s so fast!
It’s gonna get you! We just got to camp. We’re gonna set up a
couple tents and set up a stove, heat up some food and then go fishing because we have some open water. It is freezing, but it is open. It’s fishable.
Ben’s gonna go and test the waters now some open water here. Looks like a bit of a drop-off No bites on the spoon. That is a nice touque. hahah That is a hahaha get real close to me I just want
everyone to see this. Yeah haha. That’s a nice beard, did somebody knit that? I’m gonna go catch a fish. okay Benny C here is gonna take off
He’s got some dogs to take care of and he really didn’t plan on staying the
night anyway. He just came out for the day yeah I had a great time though thanks, man.
Appreciate it. I’ll see you again for sure. You forgot tongs? Yeah I…
Well do your segment on the camera here what you forgot this trip.
Yeah, I guess so, thanks for reminding me Justin. So on todays trip, we forgot tongs. Oh look at how stringy it is! Ugh! Happy eating man. Cheers bud, cheers. good morning so we’re gonna be making
some oatmeal and some instant coffee just to keep it nice and simple so we’re
using the water filter so that we don’t have to bring the water to a rolling
boil for like five minutes so uh yeah just cutting some corners well there are few things out there that warm your soul quite like oatmeal in the morning.
Nice hot pot of oatmeal. Well we’re gonna pack up now and apparently there’s a lookout not too far from us so we’re gonna go check that out once we get packed up, and yeah, so stick around we got a downed tree. So we think that was the lookout. We found the path this is the lookout ..ish. ish, yeah. although if these trees were full of
leaves that’s all we would be looking at normally when you see woodchips like
this you think it’s gonna be a beaver You’re not always right. Check out the
damage that this woodpecker has caused That’s from a bird! Pretty cool eh? it’s beautiful it’s so warm I don’t know
how you’re wearing that coat. I’m good I’m gonna strip mine off. Yeah? Yeah I’m sweating good. That’s better. all right we had a pretty good time hope
you had as much fun watching it as we did filming it. If you haven’t subscribed
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entire trip of this year anyways thanks for watching catch you later

6 thoughts on “Winter Camping – Kingsford Dam Lookout [Frontenac Challenge Part 10]

  1. Gotta soak up those rays before the sun packs it in for the winter! Benny C IS SO FAST! 🤣 Nice little video Ben.

  2. Awesome video! Looked like a blast! I completely agree, nothing like a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal. Also, that woodpecker went HAM on that tree! Keep it up!

  3. Awesome video. Nice job. That park looks like an epic place to go to. Nice channel, subscribed. ✌️

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