Winter Warnings are up More Snow,rain & Wind For the Weekend Weather News With J7409

good day everyone it’s time for weather
news with j7409 the name you know. the news you can use. today of course is
Wednesday the 24th of October 2018 taking a look here at the watches and
warnings map courtesy of the National Weather Service this morning we can see
down in Texas where you see the dark green areas there that is a flash flood
watch just a watch but you’ve got about a hundred percent chance of rain in all
of those areas today and will you see the lighter green that is a flash flood
advisory or warning that color stands for both so that’s what’s happening in
Texas as we move on up north my goodness gracious snow snow snow freezing rain
all that stuff I’ve been talking about is happening and for you guys up in this
area right in here just a little bit of Vermont right here but for the most part
in Maine wherever you see the pink that’s a winter storm warning and
wherever you see the yellow I’m going listen to me but yellow the blue I
haven’t been up long people the blue where ever you see the blue that is a
winter weather advisory so let’s check out some of these places right quickly
now I’m not going to read all of this all the way through but if you need to
know if your area is involved with these watches and warnings
you can go back stop it and check out the areas okay winter storm warning
remains in effect until 6:00 p.m. EDT this evening
what for heavy snow heavy snow is expected plan on difficult travel
conditions including during the morning commute today total snow accumulations
of 5 to 8 inches are expected where should this happen in northern Franklin
and central Somerset counties went through 6 p.m. this evening now you
should be prepared I know you guys who live up there
to the snow and a winter storm warning for snow means severe winter weather
conditions are occurring if you must travel keep an extra flashlight some
food and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency so once again this is
for northern Franklin and central Somerset counties through 6:00 p.m. this
afternoon you are under a winter storm warning with the chance of snow
accumulations of 5 to 8 inches and we have winter weather advisories that are
going to remain in effect until around 11 a.m. this morning EDT time snow is
expected you can plan on some slippery road conditions including this morning’s
commute your snow is earnest isn’t as much total snow accumulations maybe 1 to
3 inches with localized amounts up to 5 inches are expected this is in parts of
New Hampshire and also in parts of Maine in northern Oxford County it in this
advisory lasts through 11 a.m. this morning for you guys okay that’s 11 a.m.
this morning Edie tee time one to three inches in all
of these places you see right here including parts of New Hampshire and
Maine and a winter weather advisory is going to remain in effect until around
2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning now this is further north and northern
Maine and for you guys in the area you can expect mixed precipitation occurring
you’ve got to have some freezing rain might have some ice pellets leading into
now the snow accumulations should be two inches with localized amounts up to six
and high terrain and this is in Northwest Aroostook hope I said that
right northeast a rootstock Northern Somerset and all the rest of the
counties including Washington County that’s up north and when should it
happen well you’re going to be under this until
2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so it’s coming your way please prepare for an
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my look here this system looked like it was going to do nothing yesterday well
check it out this morning disturbance number one a large area of cloudiness
and showers over the central tropical Atlantic Ocean its associated with an
elongated area of low pressure that you’ve been hearing me talk about it’s
located more than 800 miles east northeast of the labour’d Islands now
this broad low is expected to move slowly northward over the next few days
into an area where the environmental conditions are forecast to become more
conducive for development now a tropical or subtropical depression could form
over the weekend while the system turns westward well to the north east of the
Lesser Antilles wow man the environmental conditions
yesterday we’re looking like well at what’s going to make it and now boom by
the weekend we could have a tropical depression for now the chance through
two days of it forming is 10% through the next five days is medium at 50% so
I’ll keep my eyes on this and keep you up to date on it and as we take a look
at the GFS map courtesy of tropical tidbits this morning this is what it’s
looking like on the latest run at 6:00 a.m. this morning
so we have the snow going on up in Maine up here where you see the pink that’s
like freezing rain okay other than that you know the deal
and how it runs green is rain when you get to the yellow that’s more
significant rain we can see all the rain down in Texas so let’s move it along and
see how the remnants of Willow move up the coast this weekend now this is with
the GFS map model one say the snows moving on out of Maine now as you can
see by tomorrow lots of rain is coming though it’s going to look how it’s going
to spread all along the Gulf states right on up into Minnesota we have this
string of marine going on but it will intensify as it moves Florida a lot of
you just about everywhere except down in the southern parts going to receive some
amount of rain and as it moves on off of my coast and up it really starts to
intensify more as you can see as we move on up this is around Sunday looking like
Maine you’re going to be getting some more freezing rain and snow from this
system and then it’s going to spread by Sunday by Sunday afternoon look at all
the freezing rain up and down all around and snow in Maine but this is around all
the other bordering states right in here New York’s looking like mostly brain at
this time a little bit of the freezing rain could drift over in there may be a
few snow flurries now and then as you see then we have another system coming
down from Canada has a low by Monday that’s going to affect the mid-atlantic
again Pennsylvania parts of Ohio all the way to West Virginia and North Carolina
and South Carolina in parts of Georgia then it should move off and up the coast
once again bringing more to New Jersey in New Jersey I think
you’re going to get a lot of rain this weekend that’s the way it’s looking out
of this system from the remnants of Willow so that all
said and done everybody thank you so much for watching I appreciate it
everything you do for me I just thank you so much thanks for the
comments and the up boats and the sharing of the information and if you’re
living in these areas up here make sure everybody knows about your winter storm
warnings and advisories because you guys have them in these places I showed you
and told you about earlier this morning right on through the day and part of
tomorrow for a lot of places so everyone please please please stay safe have a
good day a blessed day a good weather day I hope
comes your way if you’re living in one of the clear areas peace loving kindness
to all and thank you so much for watching

14 thoughts on “Winter Warnings are up More Snow,rain & Wind For the Weekend Weather News With J7409

  1. Good Morning Sweet Lady ❤️ 🌹❤️👽 ❤️🌹 ❤️

  2. We are getting "partly sunny" in Roswell NM and it's raining here now…not heavy but continual.🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️ I have appointments today just filling out paperwork, nothing serious… people here don't know how to drive on wet roads so I'm going to be extra aware today!

  3. Hope you and yours are well! Have a blessed day, Jewel 💎

  4. Please pray for me and mine and the people of NM. That caravan is expected to cross over into NM at Columbus NM and that's just 274 miles from Roswell, basically in my backyard! ❤️🌹❤️🕯️❤️🌹

  5. Thank you, J! <3 from Belfast, Maine! Luckily, I am just SE of the snow! Thank you for all you do for us!

  6. As of 9am,A bit of slush,Snow mixed with rain in Maine.Thank you J..73s

  7. As always… Thanks for the updates! I'll tell ya, parts of Eastern Mass. got HAMMERED with high winds & hail! Is that the storm center which is clobbering our neighbors in Maine right now???

  8. Hey beautiful lady. I live in Middlesex VA. Are we expecting alot of rain here?

  9. Good morning, J. It's good to hear from you this morning. What you are seeing looks like a suspense novel for Trick or Treat time. I don't know how many read J's text with her forecast, but if you select "Show More", you can read through what J brings us. Thank you for the forecast, and keeping an eye out for us all. Be well and stay safe, my good friend.

  10. Thank you Jewel for keeping us informed of the update on the weather. Hope you are doing well today! A little bit cooler today, but still in the 60's. Can't complain about that! Mostly cloudy and chance for rain late tonight and tomorrow. Appreciate all you do for us! Much love from NE Oklahoma..💚⭐

  11. I had a big bad old dream about that orange boomerang [email protected]%, in the Atlantic. It was a huge old boogyman storm coming for us in the North Atlantic, huge! SOOO, under current circumstances with another 60 to 70mm rain on us today and tonight, another one Saturday and Sunday, watching YouTube Weather Videos, and The Weather Network, The Local Weather, and on the phone at the airport here for weather…..I have come to the conclusion that the WEATHER BOOGYMAN is coming for me no matter what! My HEAD , is TAPPED out, if you excuse the pun. Love you oodles 😘💞 😘 So enjoy watching you. Got any zen music to play in the background? Just kidding….stay safe and warm.🍁💞🍁

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