Wisata pantai karangsong (AJ Channel)

Wes … I’m at the Karangsong beach here in karangsong indramayu region who haven’t come here yet try to come here this is the position of the water receding so again no too good to photo on the rock it’s already at 5 pm already started cold follow don’t forget to like and subscribe facility for recreation there is jongson much more ok for photos there is also dating there (see guys) the beach is still good if you come here you won’t regret it what do you eat, bro? chicken noodle what would I feel like at sea, bro people on land at sea this is at sea you know. on the beach how does it feel what distinguishes Chicken noodles on land or at sea I can’t talk if I’m eating how are you talking this is through dating people how do you feel? he is alone guys There is a banana boat but now there is no banana boat anymore here you guys are busy on your own guys in the water is also really great Here, someone jailed my sandals, I threw them really bad it’s sunset tsunami bro tsunami crazy people guys My sandals are thrown cool here guys can see see very nice view if we are here bring a partner also more delicious they are forever forever if this does not know where your partner guys already afternoon guys we go home half 6 We can’t have more than half-six guys he said he would be banned by coast guard that’s all from me

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