the wister wildlife management area is located just a little south of wister Oklahoma and it is 35, 500 acres as you can see this is one of our overlooks you come out and enjoy the beautiful foliage or come down and hunt you come down and join join us down here whether it’s waterfowl hunting you’re going to squirrel hunt bring the family come down a deer hunt here in the fall there’s lots of opportunities here on the wister madison area for one we are conjoined with a state park they have some really nice campsites you know with electric hook ups and things like that and if you would like to get on be a little more rough and actually when your deer hunting squirrel hunting things like that you can camp within 50 yards of many were maintained roads also the 6,000 acre lake has great fishing opportunities has lots of crappie a lot to catfish bass but wister lake is mainly known for its crappie fishing, for hunters interested in hunting wister WMA deer hunting where same a statewide the only thing you cannot do is there in the first nine days of deer gun season it’s only deer hunting period you can’t be on here hunting squirrels anything else like that so if i come on out and join us look us up when you get down here

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