#WMassBiz Episode 11 – Westfield River Brewing Company

On this episode of WMassBiz, we’re
going to meet with Sergio from Westfield River Brewing Company let’s go inside and see what’s brewing. Welcome to episode 11 of WMassBiz,
Sergio thanks for being on the show man Thanks for having me So tell us a little
bit about the inspiration behind this business and how long has it been
operating So we’ve been here for five years we’ve been in this location for
four of them and I think you know the inspiration behind the businesses I love
beer, I grew up around beer, my parents owned package stores my grandparents
owned package stores and I just love beer and I just thought that you know
this was the right thing for me to do So did you brew at home before you
decided to do all this? I did yeah, I was home brewer for you know the better
part of 10 years and the story behind it is I was brewing in my kitchen
and I had a glass carboy and I chipped the granite countertop with a glass
carboy and my wife got home and saw the chip in the counter she said you’re out
and I said alright well I guess now’s the time for me to start the brewery. She said “You’re
not going to do it” and I said I am going to do it and here we are. So how many different beers do you guys brew here, and do you have a favorite? I brew about 40 different beers, we rotate through we’ll have ten on tap at any
particular time but I have about 40 recipes my standard answer when I talk
to a customer or anybody else is they’re like your children you have a favorite
but you really aren’t going to tell anybody which one your favorite is I
have three boys and no one gets to know which one is my favorite, although I love them all equally, I would say I’m a seasonal drinker, IPAs are kind of year round, but which IPA I
go it definitely depends on the weather I love light beers as much as anybody
else lighter beer so we make some lighter offerings that you know I love
to drink in the summer we have a Mexican lager that I made called Louie and
Pepe’s Mexican lager that I’ll drink in the summer
I love the stouts in the winter I love the German beers in the fall I mean it’s
just seasonal. So obviously it’s a brewery, right,
there’s a lot of brew here but can you get food and can you take beer home?
Sure absolutely. So we have a full-service taproom here and what we
like to think of that as is we we have a business where we make beers and I brew
all the beer here and you can come in and sit down and have a pint or a
sampler tray and you can also grab a four pack of cans and take them home, so
if you like whatever you drank you can mix and match a four pack, or you can buy
a four pack or one variety but we realize that when you’re having a beer
you want to have something to eat too, so we have a full text of style barbecue here a
friend of mine that from San Antonio Texas has opened up a kitchen here. We’re two separate businesses but we operate under one roof and it’s really been
great for us to have authentic Texas style barbecue So, do you guys do any special events here at
the brewery? We do. A few weeks ago was our Spring Fest and it went great we have a
big 73 acre farm in the back so we have the opportunity to really have some cool
parties up there we have all kinds of bands put a tent up and kind of
something that sprung on us as a result of that is we do weddings so people will
book the farm for their weddings they put a tent up and it’s a pretty pretty
awesome place to get married and we’re also actually going to be opening up a
beer garden so this summer you’ll be able to come out and sit outside under
the shade of the few trees and have a beer from our new beer truck that we
built, which is a Ford f-350. It’s a 79 that I’ve renovated into a mobile
walk-in cooler draught system. So you can walk right up to it and we’ll pour your beer out of it and that will be out in the beer garden all summer So where are you guys physically located? We’re in the old Chuck’s Steak House on Rt. 10 in Southwick. You really can’t
miss it, if you’re coming down ten going north or south it’s a huge red barn that
was built in 1912. So we have all the benefits of a beautiful barn that was
built in 1912 and we have all the downside of a beautiful barn that was
built in 1912. We kind of like to joke that it’s going to be a little warm in
August a little cool in January but the beer makes it feel fine So if somebody wanted to find out more
information about your business, where would they go? They go you can go to our website, westfieldriverbrewing.com. It gives you all the beers currently on tap, gives you the
food menu, gives you what wines we’re offering that week. You can also find us
on Facebook, you can find us on Instagram you can find us on Twitter pretty much
anywhere you look nowadays. Sergio, thanks for being on the show
man, really appreciate it. If you own a local business and would like to be on
a future episode of WMassBiz, you can send us an email to [email protected], or hit us up on one of our social media profiles @RovithisRealty. Please make sure that you like, comment, and share so that others
can find out about this great local Brewery Bang! Like That That was for somebody else Oh shoot, you’re right

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