Wolfpack Wood Recycling: From Crisis to Clean-up at the Oroville Dam (Morbark Owner)

My name is Tim Dempewolf and I own Wolfpack Wood Recycling I’m working on a site here in the
foothills out of Oroville California. I’m under Syblon and Reid company and
they’re working under Department of Water Resources. It was kind of a hurry up emergency to
get people in here to get the trees out. They were worried at the time that if
the water come over the spillway that it would wash all the trees down into the
river and they didn’t want that to happen. When they said it was gonna come
over the spillway the next morning it was … “Get my stuff out first!” It was a lot of people trying to move pretty quick, getting everybody out of harm’s way. Now it’s just trying to get everything in order to so they can start fixing the dam. At this point I started out clearing, like I said, under the emergency overflow. Then I went down and was chipping trees and brush where they were taken to make room to put stockpiles for the dirt they were taken out of the river. Now at this point I’m clearing under power lines that they had to move and reposition. I started my business in 2007. Most of the time I do subdivisions and orchard removals by myself, or my wife and I have. I have Buck and Hunter. They’re my little buddies. I’m trying to teach them how to run the grinder and excavator. My equipment — I’ve got a 320 CAT
excavator and a Morbark 4600XL on tracks. I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t buy
a grinder unless it was on tracks. A lot of the work that I do is on hills
and steep ground. I purchased the Morbark equipment because they’ve always had a pretty good name, and I’ve had nothing but good luck with
Morbark grinders. At one point when I started grinding I
would get my wear parts from a different company because of pricing but now Morbark is getting their prices more comparable and their tips are getting better. At this point I think I am going to stick with Morbark parts. I was doing a project last summer out of Auburn California on a railroad job, and I hit some parts that come out of the
railroad tracks. I’ve tore up some stuff hitting steel, but I never really have completely damaged the machine. When I hear the words “Morbark Strong” it means to me that you’re gonna have something that’s dependable and will hold up. It’s quite a project here. A few people, if I go into a restaurant or something they’ll see me dirty and ask me what I’m doing, I’ll tell them I’m working on the Oroville dam. They’re pretty appreciative of everyone doing their job up here.

30 thoughts on “Wolfpack Wood Recycling: From Crisis to Clean-up at the Oroville Dam (Morbark Owner)

  1. Holy smokes, I was enjoying the chipping and shredding of the stumps and other debris that when you mentioned your loss on April 9th I was gutted and don't even know you. I only hope the hole in your gut becomes more manageable/tolerable as this job continues to keep you occupied. Best wishes.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss, Tim. She must've been a fabulous partner and added much to your life. Thanks for your efforts on this critical project. Been watching Juan Browne (blancolirio channel) and that's how I found your video. So impressive that the grinder can take a whole tree and spit it out in bits. Wishing you and the dogs the best.

  3. good news is that no one ever dies, we are eternal beings and all will be ressurrected thanks to Jesus Christ!

  4. A well done video. sorry about your loss, nice to have a meaningful task and a successful business to keep you going through such an ordeal, well done keeping on!

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. Keep strong my brother. You will be in are prayers.

  6. First and most important, So sorry for your loss sir. You are a great, genuine hard working man. There's no replacement for your soulmate but try and direct your loss/attention to your pups, they will know how to help you. Bless you and in time, the pain will lesson. True American !

  7. I see this video go viral. Sorry for your loss! It's so unfair that these things just happen.

  8. Well done sir sorry about the loss of the wife keep your head up and move forward because that is what she would've wanted for you! God bless

  9. my condolences sorry for ur loss stay strong if u ever need any help sir my husband is always here to help anybody in any way and he excepts cash beutiful video sir

  10. Tim, as a retired contractor I send you my heart felt condolences. May God comfort you in your time of need. Your dogs are the best employees, never asking for raises, never requiring workers comp, and they always love their boss!

  11. from one grinder owner operator to another ……stay strong and keep on grinding….

  12. Tim I like the work you doing, it's amazing nice video easy to watch. Sorry about your wife.

  13. Fellow widower here. My condolences won't help though those who offer them are of course well intentioned. Maybe this will. Stay working, stay active, and stay healthy. Bereavement changes people. You won't be the parson you were, but who you become is up to you and you can find strength you never knew you had.

    Good video too.

  14. I worked with him for syblon reid moving all the trees he shreaded. Awesome dude. Sorry for your loss i remember when it happened. My mom died two weeks later.then my 32 year old wife died 6 months later . We fought ewings sarcoma and lung cancer in my wife for 9 years. Beat it twice came back for a third time and her body was done. I Got told to get plans together to bury her on my birthday she died 5 days later in my arms in front of the family. Everyone said their heartbroken goodbyes 1 by 1 our 10 year old son and 11 year old daughter was strong enough to say i wont be selfish. Its ok for you to move on, i will take care of daddy. We will always remember you. So hard to watch. She passed next morning.

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