WR|Special Episode|Keys to The Dam Map

Hey they’re Tony form Foggy1Gaming coming
to you from the south side of that “Dam Map”… That’s right Springfield. We’re going to be talking about the keys to
victory in Springfield. We’re going to be discussing this first from
the south end, here in the river bottom and the building side. First thing right off the bat… Grab your spawn beacon and don’t assume anyone
else is going to go for it and get it. After you grab the spawn beacon you need to
go grab your farm beacon… your side beacon… It’s a bit harder to defend over here but
this is a crucial beacon for you to get. You need that second beacon. Then the third… You want to grab the one up by the power plant. It’s what I call the center beacon or the
forward beacon. This is a crucial defense point you want to
get to and of course if you can hold those three beacons for the majority of the match… You’re going to get a good shot at a victory. Now when you’re up here in the forward beacon
you want to be addressing side threats. You have to be watching for bots that are
going to be trying to encroach on your position, or on your other beacon positions. You want to address those appropriately and
of course if you’re in a position of tactical advantage, where you’ve got these beacons
secured and you’re addressing side threats. Then you can start applying forward pressure
to the red team’s remaining side and spawn beacons. You’ll want to get up into their territory
and keep them pinned back. Keeping them engaged, so they can’t focus
on anything but you as a threat. Rather than going out and grabbing beacons. Because that’s what this is this is, a beacon
grab. If you don’t get the beacons you’re not going
to win and that’s what we’re focusing on here. You can see here, I’m just right now moving
into enemy territory. I’m taking out bots where I can and just really
engaging I’m keeping them just scrambling. Because I don’t want them to get the opportunity
or even the thought in their heads… “Hmmm well I can go get that beacon.” If they’ve got to scramble all the time, worrying
about me or if the other players are doing this as well… Hey it’s just all gravy from that point on. You can see here, we actually seized their
closest spawn beacon and now we… Just put the hammers to it… We get a victory…That’s coming from the
south side. Spawning by the buildings. Now we’re spawning in the river bottom. The same keys apply when you spawn in the
river bottom. You still treat your spawn beacon as the one
up in the buildings. Your side beacon is still the farm site. Anyone on your team should be focusing on
that. If you can focus on getting those beacons
right off the bat and getting a good defensive position established. You’ve got a really good chance of pulling
off a victory. Yes… here I’m using a Rhino… and the Rhino
is actually a decent beacon grabber. if they are used correctly. You know, you have to assume you’re going
to beacons at some point. We’ve gotten our beacons over here actually
we’ve already got the spawn beat we’ve already got their side beacon because they spawned
up by the dam and now I’m making it an approach on their forward beacon their center beacon
and I’m just applying some pressure here making them defend it keeping them from going down
and trying to get our beacons lather rinse and repeat came back with my hybrid death
button Griffin we actually got their beacon here and the only thing they have left is
the dam beacon way up there their side beacon or if they spawn down below you can call that
their spawn beacon. But yeah I’ve got multiple bots of theirs
taken down. Here I’ve just got them engaged. Just going to try to hold that as long as
I can… So we lose it… I come back and I’m coming back now with a
hybrid Taran equipped Taran and Aphid equipped a Griffin. We’re just pounding away here… We’re just keeping them engaged… They’ve managed it… Now they’ve got their two beacons, but you
can see the beacon bar is shrunk up really, really well and we’re at six minutes left
in the match. We’re all just now going in and just engaging
on this and I’ll tell you it’s a lot easier to take Springfield if you’ve got a decent
team. If you’ve got a random team and there’s nothing
but campers… This is going to be much harder. You can do this by using light bots and stealing
these beacons. But it really helps if you have bots beside
all campers on your crew. You should have a good mix brawlers, speedsters,
you can even have a sniper support bot in back. Helping you by backing you up on long shots. But you got to have someone who’s willing
to go up there and be aggressive and take the bots, well from the enemy, and that’s
just key. You have got to have that.. There we blow one up there… You can see that beacon bar has… I mean… it’s just a sliver left for the
red. We’ve got this really pinned down and we’re
going to take that. From the south side… That is The side… The spawn… The forward and then aggressively defend and
put pressure on the enemy and keep them on their heels… That’s how you take it from the south side. The keys. Beacons you got to grab them. Now let’s talk about the north side. Very, very similar strategies. First we’re going to take this side and spawn
beacons. If you spawn down in the river bottom… Then the one up on the far left corner is
your spawn and your forward one there… is no your forward one in the center… and over
on the side in the buildings is what I would call your side beacon. Once you get those established you’re going
to have to split up a little bit. But you’re going to want to keep that forward
pressure on that third beacon. Now you can’t make a shot over for the farm
beacon and try to get that if you happen to lose the building side and they’re totally
entrenched over there. But the key is three beacons, three beacons
are your out. Don’t chase the beacon… Sorry, don’t chase bots I should say. Chase beacons Bots will try to distract you
they’ll try to pull you away and you’ll break your team up. Don’t do that don’t chase them BOTS chase
the beacons you’ll get plenty of kills plenty of damage to inflict even you know just going
around by the beacons. As you can see here we’ve got a team now we’re
putting forward pressure on the Reds. We’re just… you know at this point… we’ve
just been trying to hem them in and we’ve gotten you know we’ve been consistently holding
three or four of their beacons and that was really, really made the difference. This map is now shrinking up. I mean look at the red bar it is getting short… Yes they’re going to pull a beacon from us. We’re going to re-seize it back here in a
minute. Because I got a decent team here that’s actually
focusing on beacons and that that is a huge thing and don’t focus on damage infliction
that that’ll come if you’re out there fighting. Focus on those red beacons get them back and
of course after you’ve applied pressure and you’ve got the red team scattered. Steal the side or spawn beacons. You need to go in there and take those from
the enemy. Really, really go at them. Then you know, take their home beacon. Taking their home beacon or #stealinghome
as I call it, you go in there and you steal their home beacon. That is a psychological blow to them. That’s going to hit them. You might possibly see players actually start
bailing from the match at that point. Because they know it’s lost. Here we all converged we all go in we take
the home beacon and that’ll cinch it up for us that’ll get us back into the majority and
they’ll get that red beacon bar shrinking again and that I mean seriously that’ll be
the end of it… Just a fantastic way of doing it and the best
way I can describe it is its aggressive… It’s tactically aggressive and not randomly
sporadically chaotically dangerous aggressive. But it’s more in the lines of tactically aggressive
and that’s good military tactics. You see we’ve got them whittled down to a
couple bots left and we win it. Those are my keys to success on the “Dam Map.”
or Springfield map as some people like to call it… I have my nickname for it… This can be done as a solo or a team effort
if you’re doing this as a solo effort I would encourage you to use light fast bots and just
take beacons sneak in sneak and steal because the enemy has to divide its attention up amongst
you know the three beacons that they’re trying to defend if they want to win or recapturing
them if they leave a spot unprotected that’s when you go in there with a Gareth, a Stalker,
Rogatka… Something fast and speedy. Get their steal it move to the next one and
just keep stealing it from them. That would be my next suggestion if you don’t
have a good team that’s got good blended BOTS and is willing to go in there and really Duke
it out or if you have a team that is overly focused on damage infliction where it’s just
all brawlers you might have to go in there with some light bots and just really you know
clean house as far as beacon grounds go so that is something you might want to try… Springfield is a tough map don’t get me wrong
even applying the keys that I’ve pointed out you’re going to have some matches where you’re
going to be the hero and you’re gonna have some matches where it’s going to be a total
zero it’s definitely a full battlefield you’ve got the long river bottom which is in my opinion
it’s pretty much your open field there that that is a Death Zone you’re gonna get blown
up so you want something quick to get across there or run across in a herd or you want
to cross in locations where you know you can you know do it quickly and you’re far enough
out of range from the enemy to you know make it worth your effort to try the last little
topic I’m going to talk about in here is concealment and cover you’re gonna have to get to know
the lay of the land if you’re going to be effective on this map you’re gonna have to
know where you’re hiding spots are and where campers are likely going to sit and take shots
at you this is a campers dream as far as a long-range sniping goes with Kang’s, Trebuchet,
Trident, Gekkos and mollets. You’re gonna have to know where you can retreat
to and hide behind if you’re gonna be effective especially if you’re a running solo if you
don’t have a good team effort going so that’s something to that you really need to be mindful
of allright you guys I think we’ve covered Springfield pretty good here so whydon’t we
close this out hey if you like what you’re seeing and hearing in my videos give me a
thumbs up hey check out the channel and subscribe I’d appreciate it this is Tony with foggy
one gaming keep your bots on the field I’ll get you on the server sometime

14 thoughts on “WR|Special Episode|Keys to The Dam Map

  1. did u upload this before I think this video before if not good tips man and awesome video

  2. Not to long ago, we got 5 beacons at the moment we had 1 second left before we lost
    It was in dam map (Springfield)

  3. New subscriber here!
    I really appreciate it when youtubers/players do tactics vids. It generally improves gameplay over all. I cannot even begin to count the beacon rush teams I have been on where half the team didn't even capture 1 beacon; why even play beacon rush? Beacons are always crucial, even more so in rush mode. Please do more map tutorials! Ty in advance.

  4. I just discovered your channel today and I love it. You just got another subscriber!

  5. usually the team with the most campers loses. I hate it when I get stuck on that team.

  6. i disagree…beacons come and go…I'll take one if one comes my way….damage..ends battle much earlier…it's about damage

  7. The problem of this map is when most of the players in ur team r only going for the damage, the player who went for the beacons always has lower damage and lost more points. If ur teammates willing to take beacons this map is super fun! In conclusion campers ruinted this map.

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