WTF Moments: It’s A Tsunami! | Season 3 | 9-1-1

15 thoughts on “WTF Moments: It’s A Tsunami! | Season 3 | 9-1-1

  1. Producers of 911 we really don’t want Ronda Rousey and Eddie to end up together ! He should be with buck plz ! Don’t do this to us in the future episode ??

  2. I wll stop watching if buck dies. It wont b the same…i luv tht dude

  3. 911 what an exciting show I can't wait till Monday second half of the tsunami episode who will live and who will die, this is one heck of a show, the writers are excellent I wonder if the little boy will survive I'm sure he will and his dad I believe might be hooking up with the other firefighter, I think this is so exciting and might end up with a big romance.

  4. I love 911 this show always have me on the edge of my Seat Best Show Y’all do An Outstanding job with this show I applaud Y’all Keep up the good Work ??

  5. cette série!!!!! c'est quelque de fou que je ne verrai pas toute suite car je suis Française le temps pour de la traduction nous somme là pour 2020

  6. Buck and Christopher my favorite actors in this show, although they are all good! I’m so glad they made it through the Tsunami… ?

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