Wurkkos Flashlight Review (WK20S) – small but mighty

hello we’re gonna take a look at the
wurkkos or wurkkos however you pronounce it diving flashlight yes it is
a diving flashlight but it’s still a flashlight so we’re gonna see how it
works out in everyday use stay tuned thanks for watching hindsight
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to date hello I’m Derrick and welcome to hindsight 101 where you’ll learn about
things that will help you in everyday life now as I said before we’re gonna
take a look at the workhouse wk2 0s fash light now first we’re gonna see what
comes inside the box second I’ll take you through a few
scenarios that I would use it for and then lastly we’ll compare it to some of
my other flashlights so let’s get to it the flashlights a very simple design
it’s just one button there’s no click for confirmation so you just press it 1
2 3 4 you hold it down for 2 seconds to turn it off one thing to note is there
is four modes but if you don’t have the battery fully charged then you only get
3 out of it so once it reaches goes down to a certain level you lose that fourth
mode because there’s not enough power in the battery so don’t think if you just
get it and it’s not working you’re gonna need to fully charge the battery to make
sure you get all four of the modes next is the battery compartment you just take
this bottom piece off and then you see there are rubber rings around it to keep
the water out and then you also get two pair of extra rubber rings in case you
need that all you do is just take the battery and put it inside one thing to
note about this battery it is a 1 8 6 5 0 model it may look like a standard
double-a battery but it’s actually bigger that may be a plus or a con
depending on how you feel about it because this isn’t readily available
you’re gonna have to order it online but I have camera equipment and I also have
a head light flashlight that I can use that I put on my head that I can use
these for so I have plenty so it works out for me so this may be a con for you
if you don’t want these kind of batteries and you just want normal
double-a triple-a batteries but they do work really well you put that in
put the bottom on really well and there you go
you do get a wrist strap that comes with it is a hole right here that you put it
through you just take it push it through pull it loop it through here pull that
out put it around your wrist and then all you have to do is just and wallah
there you go you do get a battery charger with it you get the charger and
the USB cable it just plugs in like so and then you could just place the
battery right here spring-loaded and like this now you don’t get a power
brick with it but any wall wart from a cell phone anything will do something
like this where it’s just perfect and you just plug it in to the bottom so in
this first scenario there’s times when I lose power and of course it’s at night
so let’s see how well it lights a dark room mode 1 2 3 4 ok so in this second
scenario I’m in my backyard and I could be rooting around for something yes I do
have floodlights but let’s say they’re not working here we go mode 1 2 3 & 4 all right so for my third and final
comparison we’ll see how it does in a bucket of water now I’m never going to
take this diving the worst I’ll ever do is either drop it in a puddle or take it
out in the rain so I think this will be a pretty good test all right let’s dry it off and see if
there’s any water inside so here we go we’ve dried it off it’s the little water
on the outside let’s just take a look at the inside nope no water on the inside didn’t make it past the rubber rings so
now we’re gonna do the comparison we’re gonna compare three different lights
we’re gonna compare a mag fash light a mag mini flashlight and the work OHS and
we’re going to see how the different beams of lights compare you the mag mini also has a candlestick
feature where you can take the top off and light a room so let’s compare it
with the workouts so if he wanted more specifics on specs
or anything like that check the Amazon link below but all in
all I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this little guy it looks like it’s
gonna replace my Maglites so thanks a lot
take care

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