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  1. Yes it can but you will need to make sure it is all removed, and not much is necessary.

  2. This was my second acquaintance of "concrete staining" videos and was much more informative than my first viewing. The level of detail pertaining to procedural processes involved in this kind of a project has led me to reconsider undertaking such a task at this time. Information about relative expenses compared with other mediums of floor finishes would have been useful.

  3. this is fabulous!!! I love it! Can you do that in your basement? or I have to polish the florr first to make it nice and smooth before start the stain?

  4. you didn't say what the proper time is to stop the acid stain reaction ?
    Thanks for your time..

  5. @kellejay i would use bellatrex, from the Meadows company

  6. @toilarico Are the stains bright rust colored? They will turn black many years from now. They are caused by the iron corrosion from the bolts that was rinsed off the battery reacting with the carbonates in the concrete to form an Iron Carbonate which then forms that red rust looking stain. You have already acid stained your floor.

  7. @ewetoobebuddah – That is part of the acid stain – probably iron oxide.

  8. @Jasonroy211 You should always use a broom or something to spread out the material and break the surface tension. I have used Kemiko but still used a pad or broom to spread it without puddling.

  9. @rockman2561 Good old fashioned elbow grease- scraper and strippers are ok to use just don't use muriatic acid before an acid stain

  10. @gtijerino don't use a pump use an airless or HVLP or roller would work- Pump sprayers tend to give a bad spray and finish

  11. @rwhdragonmaster Oh ya – this is permanent color- you may need to reapply the sealer every few years if you want it to look new.

  12. Is it Okay to use acid stain on an outside patio where plants are present? Will washing the patio and the runoff harm my plants?

  13. @Jasonroy211 …kemiko is best, if so why?? where is kemiko available? thanks.

  14. @fassy32 ….floor neutralizer…? better than baking soda…w/ no residue?? brand, type, etc…? thx!!!

  15. @timlachance25 …TSP vs. Ammonia vs. generic floor neutralizer…??? brand, type, etc…? THX!!!

  16. @concreteideas … …kemiko is best, if so why… and where is kemiko available? …if not kemiko, which is best and where to buy….thanks!!!

  17. @jk47now kemiko is avaiable at any helm paint just look it up kemiko.com

  18. hi,thanks for this video..what is the composition of the acid stain and where can i find it in mauritius..

  19. It is metallic salts in a diluted acid water solution – best bought already mixed – You might want to order online.

  20. what if the floor has been painted? could you give me a list of materials to do a floor pleaseeeeee!!!

  21. what is the purpose and the benefit of doing the acid stain floor??

    please reply.


  22. A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.” And He left them and departed. Matthew 16:4

  23. how much ist the cust per foot? and where can i buy the material?

  24. @ kent cohea…yes it is good for exterior and yes it will harm plants because its an acid..jus wet vac it bfor runoff or cover and muv the plants bac a lil bit so that it wud runoff in dirt

  25. @ kent cohea…yes it is good for exterior and yes it will harm plants because its an acid..jus wet vac it bfor runoff or cover and muv the plants bac a lil bit so that it wud runoff in dirt

  26. @Richard Domke ..yes it is a proces that takes time, especialy wen the concrete is in terribl condition.. the beta the condition of concrete, the les tedious labor

  27. What is the "acrylic stain" you are using for the accents? It's just water based stain I'm guessing? Non-reactive?

  28. Never heard the word "solvenated" before…I always say "diluted." Stupid me!

  29. Question…I'm in the middle of acid staining my concrete basement floor. When I began the neutralizing/washing process, the acid stain is wiping away…even as I barely mop it. I don't know what to do at this point. I asked a lot of questions prior to beginning the project and was diligent about following them.

    1) Made sure there was no sealant, etc. on the concrete to disallow acid stain penetration. Tested with water. It absorbed. Thought I was in good shape.

    2) Rented a floor buffer (used black abrasive pads and Behr Concrete Cleaner and Etcher solution). I was hesitant to use this, but was told by the associate that this Etcher was safe because it contained organic salts…not muriatic acid.

    3) Used my shop-vac to pull everything up as I buffed the floor in sections. The buffing/shop-vac process took a really long time.

    4) Several days later, I applied the acid stain (via pump-up sprayer and soft push broom to work it in). It looks awesome.

    5) Let it set for a couple days. Would have began the neutralizing/washing sooner, but schedule didn't allow.

    6) Began neutralizing with ammonia/water mixture with a soft mop and the stain is wiping away. I'm barely applying any pressure and it's coming off. So frustrating. I've put so many hours into this project and thought I was doing everything right.

    So my question is…what now? Do I have to continue to wipe everything away and then start over? Trying to figure out where I went wrong. Was the floor not abrasive enough? Did the Etcher/Cleaner mess things up?
    I ordered the stain online (Eagle) thru HD's website. Despite calling multiple HD stores, no one has a clue. The manufacturer does not provide a contact number. Only an email address for comments/questions. I've heard nothing back yet. I've researched the internet to see what my next step should be but I'm having a hard time finding the answer. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  30. I was consider acid staining my concrete floors in my basement, as I'm working on finishing the space.  However, the previous owns kids drew all over the floors with markers, etc.  There are many colors and large areas with drawings.  Will the acid staining cover this or are they likely to show threw?

  31. Can you apply wax to a 2 part epoxy sealer? when should you use epoxy and when should you use acrylic?

  32. What brand and color did yall use? It's a perfect blend. Not too brown. Right between sea blue/green.

  33. Would this be the same process for an outside enclosed sunroom? Wondering if it will withstand zero degree weather or humidity

  34. HI. Is it possible to put a third layer of microtopping on after acid etching? I put two layers down, acid etched it…and now ideally I'd like to put another layer down. Will it stick or do I need primer first? Thanks for any advice

  35. acrylic sealer is not going to last long in a restaurant environment. Epoxy with urethane top coat would be a good choice. Some 2 part urethanes can be applied directly to concrete, no yellowing.

  36. I am wanting to do this in my living room after I lift the carpet (our dog pisses on it all the time) lol. IS this do able in a living room

  37. Can you do this on the concrete under carpet cuz we recently had a flood and our carpet was ruined and we want to get tile but if this can work on the concrete under carpet it could save us alot of money

  38. This is great! Did you order the circle template? If so, where? Thanks

  39. Aluminum “solvenated” spray!?! It’s not even a word. 😃 just say it man, it’s aluminum spray paint.

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