Wyatt Rivers Fails to Get a Turn with Leon Bridges’ “River” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

100 thoughts on “Wyatt Rivers Fails to Get a Turn with Leon Bridges’ “River” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

  1. It's actually degrading to put that in your title.. it's like breaking someone down after they already failed.. glad he got a second chance but whoever's doing the titles should be fired.. horrible.

  2. I'm too young to be using phrases like "good soul", but this guy is a good soul and I love his "slightly gravelly" voice

  3. I really felt this guys, so effortless and full of emotion, i would've turned for him

  4. Kelly is just completely inappropriate whenever there's an attractive guy. At least this one was an adult. What a perv.

  5. what's wrong with them It felt right when they did'nt turn for the other people but this guy is really awesome Are they purposely not turning to put him in the comeback episode

  6. Whoever is thinking up these titles needs to go away… Are you hiring children now???

  7. Phew! Hellllloooo Wyatt! 😍 he’s so cute! And he’s gonna be a Doctor 😅I’d love to hear more from him.

  8. FB: https://www.facebook.com/wyattrivers/
    IG: @itswyattrivers
    You're welcome 🙂

  9. Not for me, but then again I kept thinking of Leons version. Didn't do it any justice

  10. what is going on with those titles this season? so annoying ¬¬

  11. I did not read the title, but the whole entire time he was singing I was thinking if he gets a chair turn with his mediocre Karaoke voice something is wrong. I am glad they did not waste a spot on him. He should not have even made it to the live shows.

  12. Wow, Wyatt Smith is the GOAT. Whoever makes these titles should be fired – SMH!

  13. A mediocre has taken over this channel. it's called a title not a statement, please don't spoil our joy.

  14. They should had turned and gave him a chance. He has potential.


  16. Literally shut up about the titles like for real though, not that serious or that deep

  17. All these innovations only harm The Voice. Because of them, the freedom to choose a mentor and the musical atmosphere are spoiled. Please stop.

  18. The audience really loved him, the judges should listen for that since its the people who will ultimately vote. Handsome, all American, praising G-d.. We’ll see what happens in his second chance..

  19. Blake's comment on the size of Wyatt's arms is my favorite moment so far in the history of The Voice.

  20. Been traveling these wide roads for so long
    My heart’s been far from you
    Ten-thousand miles gone
    Oh, I wanna come near and give ya
    Every part of me
    But there's blood on my hands
    And my lips aren’t clean
    In my darkness I remember
    Momma’s words reoccur to me
    "Surrender to the good Lord
    And he’ll wipe your slate clean"
    Take me to your river
    I wanna go
    Oh, go on
    Take me to your river
    I wanna know

  21. Better for him to go to med school….God knows the best…He should thank God for not be

  22. Dominic and Ricky did better but this was good, however this song choice doesn't really fit him

  23. Blake said he started out promising I agree. Either the high notes or needs a song more fit for him

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