Wyoming Trout | North Platte River

coming up in this episode of the new fly
Fisher we’re hooked up to a great rainbow trout here in Casper Wyoming
we’re guests of the ugly bug fly shop and the crazy rainbow lodge this big
fish adventure is coming up next on the new fly Fisher nearly a half mile war as beautiful fast
water perfect allergic growling little snake here
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products Oskar Blues brewery global rescue adipose Boat Works welcome to the North Platte River
a river that runs just over 700 miles and die sets the state of Wyoming
running right through Casper Wyoming the North Platte is famous for its high
number of cooperative fish the North Platte really is the jewel in Wyoming’s
fly-fishing crown just outside of Casper on the bank of the North Platte River
sits the crazy rainbow Lodge owners Blake Jackson and Bryan Martin run a
well-appointed guide service for guests of the lodge and their fly shop the ugly
bug Blake Bryan and their team of local
professional guides highlight the best the North Platte has to offer it’s late
August and were just about perfect for the beginning of hopper season in
Wyoming thought of by many to be the most wonderful time of year guiding us
today is ty Halleck local artist and year-round fly fishing guide poppers
will start a little later in the day so we get warmed up pimping for rainbows
cutthroat and cut bows we’re gonna be an in fishing a little bit here today in
Wyoming we can use three flies all right so we’re running about four feet to our
lead yeah it’s actually 10 yeah and today I’m running a number one trying to
come in different sizes we’re gonna try a little catice because I’ve seen a
bunch of caddis this morning kind of a generic mayfly and then our bottom fly
is this bigger trike oh okay so when I’m teaching people on this river to knit
fish I usually say you know you guys have seen river runs through it or
they’re up here doing all this we don’t do that here because we’ve got weight
and three flies so basically I tell people it’s just like talking on an old
school telephone you know thumb in the ear pause and hang up the phone it’s
just here hello and hang up that hello and you’re back cast is super super
important because it’s getting everything to kind of flatten out behind
you and go forward with three flies you’ve got to do that because it’s a
mess rectangle yes it’s like especially here and wind blows a lot and if you’re
stopping your rod tip up high one of the three flies is gonna hit your rod tip
you hear the clunk of death yeah and then you gotta you know start over with
your cast so it’s just here pause forward heart and you want to come
forward hard all the way with that thumb down okay so then I usually tell them to
do three good strips off the reel we don’t have to
cast twenty-five thirty-five feet here it’s usually I usually tell people it’s
a rod length away from your rod tip so we’re only casting ten to twenty feet
okay so when you bring it up you want to keep
this side tight and when you go forward you go loose so it’s tight loose tight
loose gotcha tight loose you want to do it in two or
three casts so the cost cost yep so that’s gonna be kind of our distance out
okay and how that indicator is kind of make an awake right there the most
important part of this river is your mint especially with all this
free-floating Moss today if you’re if you’re dragging that indicator around
you’re just gonna pick up Moss okay so what I tell people is you want to keep
that rod nice and still and just snap that tip over okay
now good mend is you want to actually hop that indicator just a little bit but
not a ton okay um what a lot of beginners do that I call them zombie arm
stir or they go back and forth and that just drags that indicator right into the
boat yep there is fish yeah let him run perfect oh nice fish nice one to start the day
which one wonder which flight took look a caddis no middle one a fly and really
this is kind of like our average fish okay
they run hard especially this time of year
yeah so our average yep our average fish right here 16 17 inches he did eat the
middle one male you can tell it’s a male because they have this little kite down
here and the extended front face a standard rainbow trout and then when I
release them they usually put him back in the water kind of let them on their
own terms like I don’t chuck them over I let him
make sure they’re really swimming well and then I just drop that net out from
along where you go cool man right there yeah sweet sweet you keep that rod tip nice and loyal
because if we know in yep hey yes well that’s a better fish – Wow
hi rod tip fight them off the tip now with a three fly rig you’ve got to
really watch where your fly line is in relationship to the tip of your rod there’s a barrier where the fly line
meets the leader and if you bring your fly line into that first I of your man
these are fish fish if you bring that fly especially with fish like this if
you bring your fly line into that first eye and that fish takes a run like it is
right now you’re gonna lose it you kidding me these are hot this man man hey nice
that’s a good fish second cast second fish so we have about 4,000 fish per mile on
the upper section it drops as we go down a little bit but it’s still really high
population to fish we have our average is about 17 to 18 inch rainbow this
river is really good for beginners because we’re not casting long distances
we’re not you know pitching directly at the banks especially early in the spring
it’s a good nice short cast you get a lot of shots throughout the day a lot of
eats so if you miss a few it’s not a big deal give me one more cast about three
feet they’re kind of right on that choppy water a little more there you go
good now put just a little downstream chicken not all the way down you don’t
want to take your other swing yeah you don’t want to take your upstream drag
and mend it so hard you have downstream drag it’s pretty light water so just
that little check to free it up and a lot of times right after that soft
little men down you’re gonna be mending right back up just runs right back at
you but that was the perfect example of what we were just talking about how when
you mend it puts a little bit of action on the fly and it’s an enticer for that
fish to eat jumps runs and your drag is set eight
runs and he’s still not done No nice oh man what a beautiful fish yeah
it’s amazing oh nice I mean the muscle on that fish as the day warms up we
decide to switch to a hopper dropper rig let’s see if the fish are looking up so
when were hopper fishing you kind of want to angle a little bit downriver
just so you get a longer better drift today they’re eating a little faster
water so it’s just kind of putting it right on them and having them eat but
with this afternoon wind does two things it pushes live hoppers into the water
and then the other thing it does is create this little chop on top of the
water or those fish feel a little bit more
secure where they can move into the shallows and start eating hoppers on the
surface yes popery nice you know what sometimes
it’s difficult to get a hopper bite don’t stick with it because hey I’m
speechless man stick with it because the bounty is incredible we just stopped for
lunch at a great sandwich bite to eat and the wind picked up so we decided to
continue with our hopper bite and this is it great rainbow on top perfect
in the moving water a tie yeah and he came back down for what passed a mini
eight it going downstream they don’t quit they’re all try now you have to
watch these grass don’t ya mm-hmm bury their nose in that stuff that’s a thick
fish really stoked from back the belly huh all muscle you look taller on this
thing long arms long arms oh that’s a big one
nice again in that faster water does that count then yeah that’s why I
believe is in the boat the drag free drift
when your hopper fishing is vital to emulate the ultimate demise of a
grasshopper floating down this river any time you have have Wow any time you have
any drag on that hopper it’s an unnatural indication of a of a fly
versus a natural so do your best to do a proper mending to keep that fly as
natural as possible and you get to trick big bows every bit of this five way and
it’s funny tie none of these fish have eaten the dropper they’re all taken the
hoppers nice whammer than that fourth perfect rainbow good morning from the North Platte River
here in Wyoming just outside of Casper this guy is Blake Jackson Blake the ugly
blood fly shop and crazy rainbow are your babies but this river really is
where it’s at what’s going on today gonna be a great date hopefully some
hopper fishing later this afternoon so this is late August and we’re right at
the beginning of the hopper season do we have a shot at fish taking off top today
later on yeah for sure that should set up well we’ve got a
great hopper population this year so water’s up which kind of plays right
into the the perfect recipe for it so the ugly bug and the crazy rainbow in
September if you’ve never fished hoppers in Wyoming put out on your bucket list
let’s do this awesome hey Blake how how you want me to fish
this this river this river is really dynamic how do you want me to fish
hoppers today ideally we’re gonna quarter the cast down the stream
most of our strikes I would assume we’re gonna need to be 30 to 40 feet away from
the boat at a minimum but quartering downstream and ideally if we chuck it in
pretty tight to the bank and give it a quick little mend as soon as it lands
it’s gonna set up and kind of ride down the current the way we’re looking for it
to ride so do these do these hoppers need to be dead drifted or can I escape
them a bit no I mean at times the skate can can help but for the majority of the
goods the good eats we see it’s it’s really on the dead roof so a nice even
fluid you know same pace as the surface current is really what we’re looking for
and where these fish gonna live are they are we gonna find them sort of really
tight to the bank so they’re gonna undercut banks are they relating to
rocky structure we’re gonna probably see a variety everything I think we’ll see
them come out of undercuts probably come off some structure off the banks and
there’s a very good chance we’ll see some you know out and the riffles or
even on some slicks got nicely done we were just Blake and I were just
talking about you know we had a ton of shots at a lot of fish over in that last
back pool and just couldn’t convince one to eat and I thought maybe it was
because of you know as I did that mend I sent out some ripples of into the pool
you know but we decided to give them a bit of a break oh man they dog down in
this our ass in the grass give him a break and we found one down
here downstream angle to it happily feeding and first cast to this fish we
find success thank you sir you have to work for him sometimes but
sometimes every time the reward is well worth the effort just amazing nice fish all these fish are relating to the
outside of the bank current seem and Blake that surprises you how come so I
mean you know generally when Hopper fishing you know the hoppers are much
more likely to be on the on the inside edge where he got blown off the grass
right exactly blown off the grass he’d be on the inside edge closest to the
bank and the fish should be targeting him there but we’ve got you know a
slight little breeze and some obviously some decent current but a lot of fish
you know are out 20 to 30 feet off the bank at times and slamming hoppers out
towards the center of the river they do want down in that grass they do
protection area yep cover protection nice barely get my hand that’s a cup oh
yeah that’s some cutthroat through the gash on the throat they’re good fish
great you know we talked a little bit about
salt water this morning and how you know there’s a lot of the salt water
techniques a little few of the salt water techniques transfer here and
that’s what I did ran I couldn’t keep up with that fish with this mid Arbor reel
so what I did was I bent my rod tip into the water so that the fly line stayed in
and stayed tight good-looking rainbow cool so blake man what a trial by fire
here on the plaque you know it’s our first day it’s been fantastic so far we
caught a couple of rainbows what’s your best advice to people that might be
considering coming to casper coming to the ugly bug fly shop for their first
time fishing there’s water systems yeah and i think it’s a it’s a great
experience we kind of you know depending on what you’re looking for we can
provide a lot of different things this is a great nymph fishery and then stuff
like we’re doing today that’s about as technical a dry fly fishing is as you
want to get right so we can we can kind of cater a trip to just about whatever
you’re looking for right so you don’t even if you’re you may be a beginner
never held a fly rod in your hand this is a great spot to learn I mean you’ve
got shut there’s 4,000 fish per mile here and you know generally they’re
hungry yeah hungry and big I think a lot of people don’t don’t expect or
anticipate you know our average sized fish being what it is and the trophy
potential that this river can hold at times what is the trophy here well you
know really depends on species I mean I think anywhere in the world you can
catch a 20-inch rainbow that’s a that’s a phenomenal fish a really cool
experience but uh but we often see trout pushing that 10 pound mark here or so
well it’s not uncommon for us to see fish pushing 30 inches at time speaking
of seeing fish you see that right there dude there he is again all right that’s
a good one right inside about a foot off the bank crazy rainbow Lodge just out of Casper
Wyoming is a family-style Lodge that feels like home located on the banks of
the North Platte River the lodge sleeps eight anglers and has all the amenities
for the ultimate in comfort and seclusion there are myriad of Fisheries
in the area and this morning Blake has something special in mind
Warren Blake morning it’s a little different than North Platte River isn’t
it yeah yeah we’re gonna chase a little carp the smart carp yeah on fly on a fly
she’d be a lot of fun I’ve never done that honestly I’ve never done that
before yeah hopefully we’ll find some big pods
and and try to convince Annie to dry fly dry fly a carp
what kind of cart were they both common and mere cart but cool majority of the
fish on the surface of me record caught tons of common carp conventionally never
caught a mirror carp you never caught a carp on fly well let’s do something
different let’s do it you know I never thought that I would be
excited to catch carp but here in central Wyoming this is unbelievable
were the only ones on the lake it’s slick calm there’s fish everywhere and
it’s just like fishing saltwater there really isn’t any difference just the
salinity good easy trip got him well done
wheat all these things are heavy the dropper yeah what’s the what’s the
dropper bike that dropper is just a little white bugger
they uses a little minnow you had a little beet head too right yeah
little teenie be dead bugger I haven’t even seen this thing yet there’s the
leader yeah a lot of five wait it’s a it’s a chore and they’ll come up next to
the boat and roll and generally take off one you know at least one more time okay we should have put a GPS on the boat to
see how far it’s towing us right I didn’t see it yet bike no I I said
slight glimpse of the tail and that’s been that’s been it this is just solid
this Rahway it’s raw wait yep and as soon as you put a hook into one of these
fish it’s such a completely different feeling
that’s a patience game right you get to the point where you want to get them in
and you know you can’t rush it yeah normally I wouldn’t be chasing them on a
5 weight either but no fishing trip it does make it fun though nicely done
sweet hard to get out of the net are you yeah
look at that 12 pound mirror carp all right
my carpi friend we’re ready to go as the clouds move in we decide to head back to
the plot to float through the town of Casper hey Blake different technique
today fish and streamers how do you want this retrieved to look for these fish
yeah I mean ideally we’ll throw it in nice and tight to the bank I’m a big fan
of a couple of good strips kind of a strip strip pause let it fall off the
shelf a little bit and then go right back to the strip strip pause often we
get you know the strike will come on the pause so we decided to do something a
little different this afternoon and nice rainbow I head through Casper Wyoming
right through downtown on the North Platte River
but we’re stripping streamers today not hoppers and right away good fish good healthy bow yeah and no mistaking that
hit exploit all right so first streamer fish of the day male look at a cape on
his jaw that’s pretty cool I’m gonna pinch my barb down and let him go well done it’s a fake fish – yeah it is keep it moving yeah good-looking low all
rights next bike so no matter what your fancy is here at the ugly bug and crazy
rainbow Lodge there’s something for everybody
streamers and poppers limping sick release quick release good work awesome equipment is quite simple for fishing
the North Platte River in Casper Wyoming five and six weight rods with five and
six weight floating weight forward lines leaders were nine foot tapered 3x
leaders with 4x tippet for dry flies that’s it this is our final day in
casper fishing with the ugly bug fly shop and crazy rainbow Lodge today we
have the pleasure of being guided by a Dedes a well accomplished angler and
guide odds are her own right Abby’s choice poppers of course perfect every day is a little bit different and
every God fishes this river a little bit different yeah
and every clients expectations are a little bit different of course so I try
and manage those expectations as I get to know them on the river that day and
you before the trip yeah and you and I had a conversation at the shop a couple
of days ago and and you know we talked about what those expectations were I
think that’s a very important part of you know me not only I mean I’m not
gonna speak for you as a guy but as as a client you got to understand you know
how your guide fishes and how that day is gonna shape up so your awesome fish
look at that right the first one of the day fantastic a good one nice patty spotted that fish off this
point and pointed it out to me and sure enough first riff through sure
success I can’t believe a system where the average size of rainbow is like 17
inches pretty impressive sweet here we go fish wow what a jump nice are
fantastic just amazing again the dead drift is the key any movement on that
hopper other than the natural undulation of the rubber legs and they will not go
near it we even had a fish just a little while
ago come up and stare at it and turn around and leave so practice your
casting be able to put it where you want to August is the time come to Wyoming
and fish especially ugly bug putting that ride to work yeah it is and you
also have grass that you’re dealing with as you can clearly see you need to keep
those keep those fish up high amazing oh what a fish what a fight right back
to the yeah what an unbelievable time we’ve had here just outside of Casper
Wyoming on the North Platte River it has been absolutely unbelievable I want to
thank everybody at the ugly bug fly shop and of course at the crazy rainbow Lodge
it has been wonderful you need to come here and do it for yourself for
everybody at the new fly fisher my name’s mark malik thank you for watching
remember adventure is out there all you have to do is go and find it and what
better way and to do it with a fly rod in your hand from everybody the new fly
fisher thanks for watching we’re gonna see you in the midwest hi I’m Tom
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