X Informatics Unit 3 Data Deluge 2 Jobs

Now, here we come to a new section. This section is devoted to jobs. And as this class has been
given to undergraduates who are obviously preparing to get
jobs, that’s sort of relevant. This slide comes from Microsoft,
and is a rather well known slide. It predicts that by the year 2015, there will be 14 million jobs
worldwide in cloud computing. I’m not quite certain that everybody
agrees what is cloud computing, but I think it would include any job
that was actually in X-informatics, that that informatics
application was using clouds. So cloud computing is not just
producing the core software to run on clouds, it is running
the applications on clouds. And so that’s a lot of jobs. And many of those jobs
are not filled at this stage. Here’s another well known study from
the McKinsey Institute which studies big data, the jobs need there, and
they come up with the conclusion that by 2018, 2018,
just looking at the USA. There is some 140,000
to 190,000 jobs for what you might call
nerds in this area, deep analytics,
the detailed number crunching. But perhaps more interestingly
there are 1.5 million jobs for the people who are actually going to
make decisions, run the programs and manage the whole process
of the data science. So this course is mainly aimed
at those 1.5 million, and you would need a course in computer
science to cover the actual detailed technology, which is
very interesting, but not the subject of this class. This is an interesting
slide I found in a talk by Tom Davenport
who is a well-known evangelist in this field of Big Data
from the Harvard Business School. This comes from a very
good conference on big data at Berkeley in November of 2012. And it says that if
you go to LinkedIn, you can find 0.1% of the jobs
are currently in the analytic and data science area, the jobs offered. And that that fraction of
analytics and data science jobs has grown by a factor of
10 over the last 20 years. This just illustrates that this is a
field which has a growing number of jobs associated with it.

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