X-ray ‘Tsunami’ Found in Perseus Galaxy Cluster

♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ Text: Perseus Galaxy Cluster. Simulation. ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ Text: Out of frame, a small galaxy cluster passes by, disturbing the gas ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ Text: A Kelvin-Helmholtz wave develops ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ Text: Processed Chandra X-ray image ♪Music♪ Text: Kelvin-Helmholtz wave ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ Text: Chandra X-ray image ♪Music♪ Text: Hubble/SDSS and Chandra X-ray image ♪Music♪ Text: Hubble/SDSS ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ ♪Music♪ Text: NASA Astrophysics [Beeping] [Beeping]

38 thoughts on “X-ray ‘Tsunami’ Found in Perseus Galaxy Cluster

  1. A tsunami of what? The shock wave of a supernova? Or maybe some kind of gravitational wave? How is it possible???

  2. Were these galaxies hit by a shock wave? Is that the simulation?

  3. William Lane Craig still made a fool of what's his name… 'Button boy ' §

  4. It's amazing how much beauty and chaos our limited eyes miss.

  5. Excuse me but that is plasma not smoke and it behaves as plasma, so your Newtonian smoke demonstration is completely invalid.

  6. To conduct good science that the general public would eat up:
    1. Open up After Effects.
    2. Make pretty, shiny lights and swirlies.
    3. Make up some big words with gigantic time intervals and say some random researchers discovered it.
    4. GG

    I'm going to perform an experiment and watch how well this unfolds.

  7. Hello what are the governing equations, Could you provide the name of the reference? Thanks ~

  8. First time you republish a video.
    See: E = MC2 and Time Stops.
    Simple. It is only using the energies of the phenomena to create the electronic tunnel of CAPCOM
    Marcelo Bizzarro the Mystery Hunter

  9. I though I saw Hugh Jackman flying towards it in a bubble with a tree in it.

  10. On my 3D monitor this is impressive. If you pause just after the wave or galaxy cluster passes you can see the matter or gas lining up with the distortion of space around the massive central object.

  11. An people say there is no god. Laws can' t create such beautiful things.

  12. I was just wondering, is this possibly the birth of a galaxy we are seeing? that is my guess.

  13. Great stuff, but with an oddly persistent error. "Gas" hot enough to emit X-rays is not gas at all, it is called plasma. This is a critically important distinction, as plasma does not behave at all like a gas, and in fact is extremely hard to model accurately using math, as Nobel Prize winning physicist Hannes Alfven noted. NASA should know better…

  14. Come on, are you gut bots? You folk are really being fool https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/dscovrepicmoontransitfull.gif and you believe really in animation images/CGI. Wake up you guys this is fake.


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