Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Company must be held responsible for dam accident: Laos minister

The collapse of the Laos dam,… which claimed
the lives of more than 20 people,… with 131 still missing,… has led the Laos Minister
of Energy and Mines to insist that the power company in charge of the dam must be held
legally responsible. For more on the tragic accident and what it
may mean for the company involved,… Lee Seung-jae reports. The collapse of a hydroelectric dam in Attapeu
province in Laos,… has caused massive destruction and claimed at least 20 lives. And according to the Laos Minister of Energy
and Mines,… Dr. Khammany Inthirath,.. the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy
Power Company cannot deny its responsibility for the floods. In a press conference with Vientiane Times
on Thursday,… the minister said,… based on the concession
agreement,… all incidents are related to the dam construction,… and the responsibility
for them, must be fully held by the project developer. A senior official from the power company was
quoted by the Vientiane Times,… as saying that the firm was ready to handle the incident,…
following the concession agreement and related laws,… adding that the company would not
be attempting to deny its responsibility for the tragic flood and its results. The Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Company, is a
joint investment venture,… whose major shareholders include two South Korean firms,… SK Engineering
and Construction and Korea Western Power. Meanwhile, troops continue to search for survivors
in the remote region of southern Laos on Thursday. While the scale of the disaster is still unclear,
due to the inaccessibility of the area,… reports say that 27 people were confirmed
dead and 131 are still missing,… with more than 3-thousand still waiting to be rescued
from swirling floodwaters. “The most damage is in Sanamxai. And the situation currently is that there
are displaced people who don’t have shelter and we are still searching for the dead and
missing people, at the moment.” While schools in safe areas are currently
being used as evacuation centers,… there is still a lack of food and medicine,… as
rescue and relief teams from all around Asia are heading to Attapeu to help. Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

22 thoughts on “Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Company must be held responsible for dam accident: Laos minister

  1. What Company Build The Dam ?
    They Will To Pay For Populartion..!!

  2. A scene of massacre of the Laos who happened with a strange construction by a Korean company.

  3. It is enough to build more dams in Laos,Laos government should realize that it will happens in the future,who ever build this dams need to pay for all the lost.

  4. Everyone is hopping for the good but just the rain actually as monsoon season that cause the dam quickly full to collapse reason. So hopefully that everything would eventually alright.

  5. This dam was financially supported by China to power its future high speed train in Laos and Southeast Asia to serve China's one road-one belt expansionism. Unfortunately, thousands of innocent Laotians had to sacrifice their lives for China's stupid expansionism. There were videos with virtual drawings (and nice music, too) on YouTube released and confirmed by an official Chinese news agency. It was a $1 billion project, according to a Chinese report. You have to look them up quick before China removes the videos from YouTube to deny its responsibility for the dam disaster in Laos. Chinese dream ended here sadly.

  6. If Lao Govement let the Chinese and Korea People come and involved or do a dumb job like this with some bad ungly engineers then this is how those dams would turn out like this folks. They need to pay a very big price for what they caused. Sad sad for those who died.

  7. As expected, the Korean company which is building the dam is trying to evade the responsibility?? By the way, the company received a huge bonus for progressing faster than planned and the Korean workers on-site evacuated quickly before anyone else. Hope the Koreans will compensate properly for the damage done and lives lost.

  8. Sneaky Koreans destroy the beautiful country and they were the first to run away from Laos.


  10. This is a typical Korean shoddy construction methods.

  11. Don't trust any shameless liar S Koreans.
    Don't treat shameless liar ugly S Koreans as a human being.
    This is the most important lesson for you to avoid troubles.
    Keep on your mind deeply.

  12. How about all others who give financial support….? the era of destroying mother-earth for profits.

  13. Irresponsible Koreans destroy the beautiful country and murdered many innocent people.
    Koreans were the first to run away from Laos.
    It's not the accident but the crime.They must be arrested by the Laotian police for killing many innocent Laotian people.
    Sneaky Koreans will never apology to Laos forever.

  14. Accountability …this sux..I bet nothing will happen to those scumbags responsible..hope they rot in hell..without all their blood money..barstards

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