Yamaha V Star 250 Dam Ride and Review

Columbia River I hope you are enjoying my ride video So what do I think of my Yamaha V Star
250 well I find this a powerful enough fun
easy to manage nimble bike that’s very easy on the
pocketbook I know that the North American motorcycle industry has leaned us towards thinking this is a beginners bike but that really isn’t a true statement
it is a matter what you’re using it for If you take long trips with everything
including the kitchen sink dog and cat then is not big enough if you want to
drive passing everything are you drive in aggressive fast freeway traffic then this may not be the bike for.If you
want a deep sound low torque ride in one gear everywhere then you need a bike with a bigger engine. In review I will just go over some basic things on my V Star 250 which now has just over
seven thousand kilometers On my next video I will have some very basic modifications I’ve done Starting with general positioning the
front page seem to do well for position in city and highway
Occationally on long trips I move my feet back to the rear pegs to
give me a change position as I am six foot one-and-a-half inches
tall but ninety percent of the time the
position is good the shifter is okay as it seems to do well
with my size twelve thirteen feet I haven’t had any problems getting my
foot to the proper position to shift. On a different note I find that once in a while it doesn’t like to go in first gear So I have to go up and down in gearing to get it to shift back down to first Other than that it shifts smoothly in
all gears On the opposite side of the bike the brake is positioned decently. The
braking power is constant and will not lock up under quick
applications good in some respects as it tends not to
lock the rear wheel so easily which is
great for beginner riders. And talking about brakes the front brakes I find, have adequately enough grab to stop me quickly from a higher speed. To stop with more weight may not be as good as the braking I said is just adequate.
The chain drive is quiet to me but requires lubrication every three
to four hundred kilometers With this the lubricant flings out so you have to clean the area occasionally the shock absorbers are adequate for
this size a bike but because the bike is light tends to be a little on the hard side there are some adjustment on the rear
shocks but this is limited. The front shocks seem to do okay keeping me in a straight line after holes ruts or quick braking. The bike is quite light
around three hundred twenty five pounds without any extras. I find the light weight of the bike great as I can push it around easily and
when it leans over it does not feel like it’s gonna push me
over. Because of its lightness i find the bike nicely nimble in traffic. North American trend is for bigger bikes but I tried out the 750 Honda Shadow and founder too bulky and heavy. The seat, for my 250, I find comfortable but a little on the hard side as I need to
stop about every one and a half hours on a trip to get rid
numb bum. was probably really isn’t that bad. The
controls are in good positions close to the fingers and easy to auto remember. My handle bars are the short style
drag bars so they give a different steering
geometry than the pullback style I like the drag bars and my wife likes
the pullback style on her V Star 250 so I think it is
matter what is comfortable for the individual rider. There is some vibration on the handlebars at and above 80 kilometers per hour. My next video goes over what I did to
dampen vibration. The instrument cluster is a simple and
clean looking. Easy to see the speedometer and warning lights in daylight and night but the odometer is a little hard to see
at night. Mirrors are big enough but for me they do not stick out quite far enough to see around my body. I Don’t mind slightly adjusting body to see around but to move any more than just a little
is not really ideal at the same time I don’t want to mirrows
too far out or the rear night headlights blind you. The gas tank is OK but it would be nice to have a slightly
larger tank. Gas gauge would be a convenience but really not needed as my bike gets very consistent gas mileage. so I just have to look at the odometer to where I am at. The headlights work well on high beam but seem to be a little lacking on low
especially on rainy days. the turn signals and brake lights do
their job but could be a little brighter. The power of
the engine is good around town and on the highway. And being just a 250 you have to plan a little to pass cars or climb long steep mountain passes. To
me this adds to the fun and challenge of riding a motorcycle the red line on this engine is 8400 rpm with that you can give yourself a good push in lower gears at highway speeds. But the maximum torque comes up around 6,000 rpm so you have to juggle between the two to
keep your power up to passon long steep hills. Just for reference I
weigh about 200 pounds. I find the sound of the exhaust good as it has the potato sound of a v-twin at idle and sounds a little to me like an older European bike at higher rpms. Though being a 250 there is’t
whole lot of sound unless you modify the exhaust. As far as general fit and finish it is well put together.It has a few
plastic components which are fitted well. I have had nothing break or fall off and the only thing that has come loose
is one mirror lock nut. The paint has a nice finish and is fairly tough. I have run a few objects accidentally over the gas tank and it didn’t scratch and I have dumped gas on it and it retains its luster. The one big plus on this bike is its stingy fuel consumption. I average around
96 Imperial or 80 US miles per gal and fill up is around 200 km for me. Comparing this to other 250 motorcycles
and scooters this bike is on top for good mileage
Starting the bike in the morning the engine takes around 1 minute to smoothly accelerate when the weather is warm with a bit of choke. If it is around freezing it takes longer
to warm up with the choke on for a little while. My wife’s V-Star 250 takes longer to warm up and needs a little choke even on warm days. If you buy V Star 250 that it may vary on yours also. That about wraps up my
review for my V Star 250 Stayed tuned for my next video and I will go into the simple modifications that I have made. Music courtesy of You Tube audio Library

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  1. If you want to avoid fling you may want to check out Maxima Chain Wax. I've been using it for years and I've never had a real problem with fling on any of my bikes whether they be sport bikes or cruisers.

  2. best "real world" review i have ever seen in youtube . very good job mate .

  3. Fantastic review. Sir, I am a 6' 2" tall, 190lb college athlete (34" inseam". Would this bike accommodate my fiancé, and are there any recommendations for 2-up riding?

  4. nice bike and nice review. I'm glad someone finally said it. Just because a bike is under a certain cc measurement, it has to be deemed a beginners bike. ie: the Suzuki s40 which like this machine is good for a lifetime bike. Lighter, nimble bikes are more flexible and fun in my opinion and I've owned large and smaller rides. T

  5. I was looking at a 2000 Virago 250 yesterday and the lady didnt know much about the bike. You gave a nice review and if I can get the price down just might buy it

  6. Finally I have my new V Star 250 simple modifications video done. It includes a mountain pass climb and some simple modifications I have made. https://youtu.be/84yUK3_arrk Enjoy 🙂

  7. Steve, don't worry about those who think they must have a 100 hp 800 lb cruiser.  I'm old enough to remember when standards were less than 400cc.  Sport bikes were no bigger than 400cc until Honda wanted to act like Harley by making larger and larger street bikes.  I'm happy to know men like you who understand that riding is the reason, not the bike.  I remember riding in my youth with mixtures of bikes and no one seem to care and there were no 600s or litre bikes.  I recently downsized to the Yamaha 320 RS and I don't miss my old heave Triumph with the 955cc engine.

  8. V star 250 can be enough power to ride 1500km trip?, and the max speed that I can go without overheat the bike?? thanks

  9. What a great bike. I love that bike.
    By the way, can you name the audio tracks that you used in this video? 😀

  10. I rode one of these back in high school. At that time, the bike was called the Yamaha Route 66. Until a couple weeks ago, when I saw one on display in the local movie theater lobby, I had no idea they still made this thing; I figured it had been discontinued in the early '90s. I had some great times on that bike.

  11. I love this motorcycle and this is a good review! I'm planning to buy one at first chance i get!

  12. Excellent video, I've got the same bike a 2010 model, it is fun, that's all you need tell anyone. Cheers, Ray

  13. Once again, a Virago 250 is being called a VStar 250. XV250 is a Virago,
    XVS250 is a VStar.
    They are similar but not the same. The VStar is a more stylish bike
    which is one reason why they cost more than the Virago. A clue: check
    the exhaust system. On the Virago, the upper exhaust pipe is a dummy and
    is there purely for looks. Prove it to yourself – run the bike for 5
    minutes and put your hand on the upper muffler. If it's hot, it's a
    Look under the chassis just in front of the rear wheel. See that black
    box? That's the muffler used in the Virago. The VStar does not use this
    shared muffler because each pipe has it's own separate muffler.

  14. bro got to ask what pipes do you have on it……. Iv got a 06 250 stock pipes sound shit…cant find anything that sounds good without losing back pressure

  15. I purchased a 2008 v star 650 classic silverado. The bike is so much fun to ride. It's been nothing but an uplifting experience for me and I've come to appreciate the open roads, all over again. God bless. and ride safe

  16. I own a 1990 Virago 250. Great bike. Daily commuter 6 months of the year. Almost 60.000 klm on it. Just general maintenance. Cheap gas and insurance. Still going strong.

  17. Hi Steve, l too own an SV 250 and have been scanning the reviews on YT. I didn't expect to watch it all but it's early morning for me and l was enjoying the ride with my coffee. This is an excellent review. Your observations are very thorough and parallel my own. Over the 5 years l've owned my 09 model l've actually grown to appreciate it more than when l bought it.

    Do you and your wife still own your bikes? Do you still ride them?

    Asap l intend to watch your video on the TR7. I worked as a mechanic at a dealership in the 70s.

  18. If only we had roads like this in the UK. Everywhere is traffic traffic, here take your life in your hands on a bike. I’ve got a 250 virago. Lovely to ride.

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