Yosemite Flood: April 7, 2018

[pattering rain] [rushing water, radio static] [roaring water] [roaring water] [roaring water] [pattering rain] [gusting wind] [soft tapping rain] (radio dispatcher) Southside Drive is going to be a two-way road [car engine humming] [engine hum, water splashing] [quiet] [soft pattering rain] [rushing water] [loud whoosh of water] [engine hum, logs cracking] [machinery beeping] [quiet, with distant water rushing] [loud splashing] [quiet, with distant water rushing] [bird chirp]

40 thoughts on “Yosemite Flood: April 7, 2018

  1. The falls look tremendous with all that water, unfortunately it all ends up in the valley.

  2. "Once-in-a-lifetime" Are you sure about that? Many once-in-lifetime, extreme weather events now seem to come around once-a-decade. I have been trying to figure out why this should be, has something changed?

  3. Holy Shit! A flood in April and now a quickly approaching fire in July. Must be Trumps fault!

  4. 0:49 Near Yosemite Creek? Looks more like in Yosemite Creek. Just sayin'. ;-D

  5. 2:18 This video really plays havoc with the "Turn around; don't drown" campaign. You're setting a Bad Example for all the tourists. Again, just sayin'. ;-D

  6. Totally different from what we saw in August . No more water in Yosemite Fall. Mirror Lake dried up, All water gone.

  7. Wow, that's awe-inspiring and humbling to witness! Such beauty, yet such deadly power. Glad those of you who were filming were safe!


  9. Watching this on a stressful day was like taking a pill,
    I do truly feel better,
    Nice camera footage !!

  10. I'm still seeing the beauty and magic of This Piece of Heaven. Gracias for sharing, all your videos are great. They bring me great memories and I can dream to go back again.

  11. As a child and a young teenager I lived in Calif app 70 miles from Yosemite. My last visit to Yosemite was in 1964. Now I live in the Southern US. It is highly unlikely that I will ever be able to return. I watch video's of Yosemite all the time and LONG to be young enough to return again.

  12. When I visited I kept getting flood watches and I kinda got scared I was like I'm not dieing today

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