You MUST Endure to the End – Tim Conway

And I’ll tell you this, Hebrews 3 talks about
the deceitfulness of sin. And it hardens you. And the reality is it’s deceitful. That means you don’t
even know you’re drifting. You don’t even know where you’re at. Why? Because you’re deceived. Oftentimes it’s the
people who think it’s okay that are in the most danger. They’re not desperate. You remember how Kevin said he found confidence in Psalm 102 because God hears the
cries of the destitute. But you get to where you’re comfortable, things are okay, and you take your eyes off Christ and you begin to become
relaxed in this place, and this place is not a
playground as Tozer said. You better know that
there is an adversary and you need to watch
and you need to pray and that’s what Scripture calls us to. Don’t lull your own self to sleep by saying: Well, I’m saved! I got saved! So I don’t need to fear this. Listen, you don’t endure in crowds. You’re not born again in crowds. You aren’t saved in crowds. And you’re not going to die in a crowd. This is individual. You individually come into the Kingdom and you individually are saved from this wicked and crooked generation and we individually repent, we individually lay hold
on the Lord Jesus Christ. We individually call on the name
of the Lord and are saved. And we individually endure. Now we can help one another and we can stir up one another. That is true. But Jesus is not talking about you helping the other guy. He is saying: the one who endures. You have to endure. And listen, look at your life. One of the tell-tale warning signs is when you can look at your life and you can say like those Hebrews: Past tense, I used to do this. Past tense, I used to do this. Past tense, I used to do that. That’s when you’re in trouble. That is a dead giveaway. Brethren, you need to remember something. Faith is a confidence in
things that are not seen. And you know what Scripture says? All those saints who made it to the end, they had an opportunity to go back, but they didn’t go back. You know why? A confidence in something not seen. You know what’s said. Noah. What about Noah? By faith… what did he do? By faith. Do you know that chapter, Hebrews 11, it talks about Noah;
it talks about Abraham; it talks about Moses; it talks about all these different people. You see, they made it. What was going on with these guys? You know what it says? Faith is a confidence of things not seen. The confidence of something not seen. You know what he says? We believe that everything that is seen was made not by anything that is seen. It’s made by the unseen. You see, we live in light of realities that we cannot now see with these eyes, but they are so real to us. We have a confidence. He has gone through the veil. I can’t see the veil. He’s gone through that
veil to the other side. I can’t see the other side. It’s an unseen Christ. I can’t see Him. He’s gone to His Father’s side. I can’t see the Father. There’s glory ahead. I can’t see that. They couldn’t see it either. You remember what
Abraham was called to do? He was called to go to a land that he did not know, he had never seen before. “By faith, Abraham obeyed when
he was called to go out of the place that he was to receive as an inheritance and he went out not knowing where he was going.” Why did he go? He didn’t know where he was going, but what was he looking for? He was looking for a city. “He was looking forward to the city that has foundations whose Designer and Builder is God.” And it says, “These all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and
greeted them from afar.” See, the thing that
can’t be seen they saw. I would just say this, do you see it? Is it ever before your eyes? You see, sometimes the
things that get in our eyes is the stuff of this world. We get taken up. We get absorbed. And Scripture’s constantly saying: Don’t let go of the confidence that you had at the first. Don’t let go of it. Keep on going. The end of this thing is eternal life and it’s not that far away
and don’t get distracted. Because listen, you say, how can somebody fall
away from the living God? The same way somebody can fall away from the door without
actually going through it. You could walk over to that door,
not actually go through it, and then fall away from it. That’s how it happens. Yes, you could liken it to:
going through the door is genuine salvation. But you know what? My eye cannot discern and your eye cannot discern whether people are
on this side of the door or that side of the door. But what our eye does discern is we watch people fall
away from that door. Now it may prove whether they were God’s house or not – you’re God’s house if you hold fast your confidence to the end. But we haven’t reached the end yet. And you better beware
of presumption and pride because that will be the first
way you’ll fall on your face. Brethren, our confidence – our confidence is in our God. That is where we need to be. Our confidence. Brethren, don’t grow weary of prayer. That’s one of the hardest
things to maintain. That’s one of the hardest
things to battle through. See that with your eyes which they saw, which cannot be seen. See the realities. We have a God in Heaven – a God Who is the Father of lights and Who rejoices in giving to us. We have us a Savior Who spent His blood to redeem us. You can’t see justification.
I can’t see it. You can’t see that blood. But you know what,
we live on promises. If they had been thinking of the land from which they had gone out, they would have had
opportunity to return. Don’t walk away from the door. Go through it all the way. How do you know if you’re in or out? Well, I’ll tell you this,
it’s going to be persevering. It’s going to not be falling away. It’s not going to be giving yourself to some kind of drift that takes you off or some kind of error that takes you away, taking your eyes off of Christ. This excerpt is taken
from the full sermon: “Keep Going” by Tim Conway.

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  2. Amen. God thank You for the message from our brother Pastor Tim. Lord please help us all endure untill we make it through the narrow gate. In Jesus Christ Name. God help us all beloved brethren.

  3. The Arminian Bible Commentary on Amazon. We must endure to the end! Amen!

  4. I’ve been distracted going on my phone too much instead of spending time with God I feel a pull I live with the unsaved who live in sin please pray there is intense spiritual warfare in my life

  5. With all respect seems to me that we have soul that is untouchable by god bcoz of dat freewill that he given us.have no idea how powerfull that freewill even dat bcome d source of our sin he cannot control it.even just for d sake of to much discussion. dat only us can do so.we r just a fracture of his own creation y cant he just improve us.i did not create my mind or brain on my own if i do i choose to be very intellegent but i almost below of one want to be bully at d school bcoz they r no t bright.y god like us to endure to much suffering. y god let jesus crusified in thr cross y he love us to suffer just to show his love.isnt there any other way a loving way to show his love to us.after all to endure are very hard to accept bcoz only d foor the sick illfated otistic the unfortunate the one who is low to the earth kind being only enduring pain were not equally created in this world ders a lot on a highest condition and u might replied d low one is d nearest to the heart of god y is dat.O MY….?hey are we not being decieve sir if u are GOD the creator of them all u can do anything in d snap of ur finger.beside they d one who create lucifer the problem dat we enduring apoligy sir very comfusing.i know u will say becoz of lucifer again that god created.

  6. "I'll be honest" would be better titled "I am honest"


    The former can imply being dishonest, and then turning to honesty.

    The latter, does not imply any dishonesty. Albeit, of course, anyone can say they are honest, when, in truth, they are not.

  7. We need more men of God like him. He's been a huge blessing in my life. Tim, Paul Washer, David Wilkerson, Tozer, these preachers speak hard truths and we need more of it. God bless him and his ministry.

  8. May God keep us. My only hope is my Lord's preserving power to keep me. Thank the Lord that nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ.

  9. God Bless you Tim . Lately I’ve been praying less before meals , you uplifted me , thank you Sir .

  10. 'Perseverance of the Saints' is a doctrine which makes it impossible to know if you or others were ever converted/saved. The Scripture teaches against that because the Scripture says they saw people becoming saved when they got the Spirit (Acts 10;44-46). Remember, all who have the Spirit are already adopted as heirs (Rom 8;14-17, Eph 1;13-14). Paul mocked the Galatians for not realizing they had entered into salvation prior to conversion to Judaism (Gal 3;1-3). Paul wrote that the Ephesians should agree that they have not come to know Christ unless they had changed their conduct departing from evil (Eph 4;20-23). 1John says we know that we know him if we keep his commandments (2;3-4, 3;10). Therefore, Heb 3;6 & 12-14 must not be saying that we never entered into salvation if we do not endure (leaving us unable to know if we or others ever entered into God's forgiveness), but instead that we do not remain converted unless we endure. He refers to them as Holy brethren, PARTAKERS of the heavenly calling (Heb 3;1). He refers to the threat of DEPARTING (3;12).

    If you (1) believe and (2) live in a condition where you remain departed from evil you are currently abiding in salvation. The Holy Spirit causes both. If you are led by a false spirit contrary to the Holy Spirit you depart, being drawn into sin (usually one of the subtle sins like bitterness, hypocrisy or pride) and when sin is fully grown, it brings for death (James 1;15, 5;19-20) evidenced by abiding in evil, which evidences unbelief.

    Being 'alive in Christ' or 'dead in your sins' (Eph 2;1-3) depends upon whether you are in sin or departed from it. You can go from being properly converted out of sin to being back in it, cut off with no inner call to repentance and no fear of God.

    God's mercy is on those who fear him. You can go from fearing him to not fearing him. So don't try to tell me you cannot go from being in his mercy (saved) to not being in his mercy (damned). Grow some balls pastor. Every pastor in the USA teaches this faith-alone eternal security pedophile priest trash doctrine from hell. Wake-up! The Scripture teaches against it thoroughly.

  11. The vedio you make seventh day Adventist is misleading, not the Truth.
    Write for me if you are faithful.

  12. church tends to label spiritual growth as corporate occurrences and I believe this is why people who want to grow individually in the Lord are exiting them

  13. He tells it like it is. He is a direct to believer truth speaker that is almost unheard of nowadays in ministry. He delivers exactly what we are supposed to hear.

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