Young Lions Try to Cross Crocodile-Infested Waters

100 thoughts on “Young Lions Try to Cross Crocodile-Infested Waters

  1. Usually when I see these videos I think it ends bad but sometimes not

  2. If yo don't like this channel, don't watch it! Take your negativity somewhere else!

  3. I'm probably the only person that thinks it's strange a guy goes thousands of miles with cameras to see and film lions getting eaten by crocs.

    Some people have weird fetishes .

  4. Es la mejor forma de cruzar el rio si las cebras escojieran una parte del rio no tan profunda no tendrian tantas bajas la ley de la selva gana el mas fuerte y el que comete menos errores

  5. When you are shooting half a mile apart everything looks closer !!! In fact they are far far away from each other! There was no threats or danger between two different creatures ! Peaceful border crossing !!!

  6. I was thinking of safety of the elephants as well:crocodiles,pride of lion,and the low level of water and hippos..WOW..WOW..WHAT A CHALLENGING SITUATION FOR THE YOUNG LIONS AS WELL AS BABY ANIMALS..🤔 BUT THANK YOU

  7. what is that music that plays at the end after the video is over?

  8. Why the title say “try” ?? They did cross the croc 🐊 infested river

  9. Thank you Lord you helped them. They made it. Yeah. I was all tensed up just waiting for the worst to happen.

  10. There were no crocodiles near them , just fake story

  11. What a load….as the croks close in…… what they didnt show is yhe fact the croks were 500 feet away

  12. Why did the lion cross the river lol

  13. Have been watching this series and it's the best reality TV ever. If you have any kind of TV service you can watch the full episodes.

  14. Click bait. Water is a half of paw high of a lion. Crocs® nowhere near the lions

  15. Who else was rooting for the youngsters to make it safe to the other side? 👍🏿💪🏿👏🏿

  16. 1:18 Hippo Unphased by other hippo being eaten by crocodiles. “That’s for pooping in the river Jerry!!!”

  17. If they were hoofers , they wouldn't have made it halfway . But the crocs were hesitant and very mindful of the risks attacking well armed creatures .

  18. The crocodiles: Don't be scared lions, we are stuffed from eating hipo all day. Just remember when you three don't see us eating on a bloated hipo, you're fair game.
    The three lions: Thanks for the heads up Mr crocodile, in the meantime we'll search for a narrower spot in the river to cross.

  19. Omg thank god they made it please just stay there😢😟😟😟

  20. This is why Lions are not as brave as Jaguars. Jaguars not only jump into Caiman infested waters without hesitation, but they actively hunt and eat the Caimans as well. Also, he used the term "hissing", which, in this case, was the incorrect term, as Big Cats are incapable of purring, meowing, and hissing.

  21. Crocodiles actually respect Lions. From my observations I haven't seen a croc attempt to attack a lion thus far.

  22. He said hes seen a full grown lion take n down by crocodile ..Show us the video pls .

  23. Later Maya and her brothers thanked The crocodile's for giving they a easy way 😀😀👍🙏

  24. One day there will be no white people in Africa God willing

  25. I was in the edge of my seat watching this with my legs up as if it was me crossing with them😱

  26. Phew, I thought the bad editing was for sure gonna get those lions

  27. Narrator really milked this situation….
    Why not keep it going for another hour?

  28. The water was about a foot deep and no crocodiles around the video could have been 30 seconds long

  29. These lions look weak and skinny, they cant fight anything and…have they heard of walking around? idiots.

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