Youth Alcohol PSA

We’re going to be late for rehearsal! Don’t worry about it. I-I’ll be in a minute. I have to go do something. Okay man. Hey Brendan Hi Miles ‘Got the best brand here, Brendan. Vodka on the spot, alright. Do you have the Rubles? Sorry, I brought some Yen. That’s okay Alright, do you want another round? I’m fine for right now Okay Here, I’ll fill some more up anyways… Before someone else comes Brendan, I hear footsteps! Get down! Is this Vodka? That was a really close call, Brendan. We should leave… You’re right. Don’t forget the cups. Leave no evidence… Where were you guys? Ummm… Helping Antonios get some chairs… Is that alcohol? What are you two thinking! That’s extremely dangerous ‘You want some? No! ‘You sure? I said no! See how you guys are acting? Why don’t you try some though… I’ll give you half off Peyton No! Seriously, you two need to consider the dangers of consuming alcohol and how it can affect your future… Did you know that just by drinking a little bit of alcohol your balance, judgment, and coordination will be impaired? Also, drinking causes blackouts and memory-lapses More serious issues can occur like high cholesterol, liver disease, and heart failure Yeah, but don’t the benefits of alcohol… I mean- Alcohol causes decreased productivity in school… And don’t forget about the relationships we lose because of alcohol. Also, you’ll eventually lose all your money ’cause of careless spending. Miles… Maybe we should rethink this… Shut up Brendan, you don’t know what’s good for you! Plus, you know, how will I make money? Get a job then! At a bar? No! ‘You know what? You’re hopeless! Alcohol will be your downfall… Maybe we should just leave… Not so fast! You’re getting in trouble too! You drank that alcohol… *Running* I got Officer Mills! *Falling*

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