YTP: Toby’s Dam Flood

‘One summer’s day, TRXN made a YouTube channel.’ ‘He made everyone laugh with the station joke.’ ‘But YouTube doesn’t like its content creators,’ ‘And wants to fuck them over
so they can make even more money.’ ‘COPPA will destroy TRXN’s channel,’ ‘And he can’t make YouTube Poops anymore…’ The Fat Controller laughed. ‘Like that’s ever gonna happen!’ ‘What a load of…’ *toilet flush* Smash Mouth – All Star The Fat Controller had been hard for weeks. Toby was feeling miserable. Everywhere was wet, wet, wet… Toto – Africa
‘Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you!’ Only the great wall known as a dam… ‘Did someone say ‘Wall’?!’ Not now, Gordon! Percy arrived just as Toby was about
to inspect the dam for any damage. ‘Why does the water in the river
look like baked beans?’ Said Percy. ‘I don’t know…’
Replied Toby bravely. His journey took him over a wooden
bridge at the end of the village. The river surged dangerously beneath it. Harold the Helicopter was inspecting the dam… ‘OWWWW!’ ‘Be brave Toby!’
Called his driver. ‘We have to cross to the other sus!’ The dam did not look sus at all… Toby was very worried, and soon he knew why. ‘The dam’s breaking up!’ ‘Ripping up dams, what a life!’ Percy was wetting himself by the bridge. ‘I pissed in the water too!’ Toby arrived. ‘The dam’s breaking up! We must find high ground!’
Shouted General Kenobi. ‘Your only chance is to cross the bridge!’
Called Percy. ‘It looks safe to me…’ Toby was halfway across the
bridge when Gordon struck. ‘Oh fuck!’
Called Toby. Carousel – Blow High, Blow Low As Toby floated helplessly on the baked beans,
they passed a sign that made them shudder. ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. ‘We’re doomed!’ ‘We’re going to drop a rope to you,’ ‘Attach it to your neck, quickly now!’ ‘Catch the rope and hang Toby!’ Toby was dead. When the floods were over and the dam mended, The villagers had a big party for Toby, Hosted by the Fat Cuck. ‘You were very brave, Toby!’ ‘Is that it?!’ ‘A big party just to tell me I was very brave?!’ ‘Fuck you, sir!’ ‘Thank you very much to all the Patreon supporters!’

100 thoughts on “YTP: Toby’s Dam Flood

  1. And the final episode of Thomas will have the fat controller remove his hat to reveal shrek ears. And Gordon will crash the wedding.

  2. 2:26 don’t tell me…. HOUROFPOOP reference
    Edit: Trxn can you make a ytpmv of Toto-Africa I would love that

  3. Breaking News; TRXN finally uploads a new Thomas YTP!
    and also, why does the river look like beaked beans? Also the Shrek intro was epic and I want to see a full Michael Angelis singing Africa. Also spotted a reference to HourofPoop’s Thovis YTP.

  4. 0:52 This looks so good! Most Youtubers animate only the head but you animated the entire body! Very impressive!

  5. I agree with Toby. A party just to say he was brave? Come the hell on. Because people have nothing better to do?

  6. Wait, if Toby was hanged and Harold was struck by a plane, then they’re dead, right? So at the party, all we see are their ghosts.
    You know, I always thought the only lore in the TRXN universe was the origin of Gordon’s crash and the soviet engines.

    Impossible! Perhaps the archives were incomplete after all!

  7. 1:39 Why does the water in the river look like baked beans?

    10 Questions science still can't answer.

  8. TRXN I gotta ask you, how did you know so much about history!!!??? I’m impressed in you WWII!! Please tell me!

  9. I smiled watching the whole way through and this poop is certainly one of your best. Up there with World's Worst Diesel

  10. The river looks like baked beans because a member of the crew was watching Cars 2 during filming and accidentally spilt their beans into the water, resulting in it's appearance. Great video as always, TRXN! Hopefully now people will stop asking where the next Thomas YTP is for at least a few weeks.

    Edit: 3:05 Gordon: My god, what have I done?! I did one station joke too many!

  12. Bmanlegoboy has to react to this, can you tell him to react to this please?

  13. A great YTP as always mate.
    Really shows how far you have come with ytps. Could you do a full version of Africa by Toby perhaps?

  14. Hahaha! 😂
    Your videos just keep getting better and better and that was probably the best YouTube Poop video you have made so far! 🤣
    Well done TheRealXboxNerd! 👏🏻
    Keep up the good work! 👍🏻

  15. Your editing is getting better every video! “The Rise Of Skywalker.
    ‘We’re doomed’” lol

  16. Great start to the New Decade, intro is so true tho, you are my favourite YouTube Pooper, keep up the quality videos 👍

  17. Hey it's finally time that the real Xbox nerd YouTube poop finally for reals I thought he died

  18. COPPA is just as silly and useless as Jar-Jar Binks. But the latter would most likely do a better job in parenting their kid.

  19. Does anyone else miss the credit sequences? I’d rather just have the regular thomas intro with different music if it meant sacrificing the credits.
    That being said, great ytp, I love the Thovis reference and the face that Toby hung himself (that sounded so bad). Although could you tone back the references to the station joke in future? Don’t stop the joke, it never gets old, just don’t keep referring to it outside of the joke itself.
    You’re the best, TRXN.

  20. Didn't think you could top the american dad style intro but The Fat Controller laughed "You are wrong!"

  21. Loved the Shrek intro, I was laughing when I saw that The Fat Controller was portraying Shrek.

  22. Hope to here from you again soon TRXN, and welcome to Day 11 of the New Decade.

  23. Watched video thought it was amazing. Just about to go to sleep…. forgot to comment how good it was. Shit

  24. Completely lost it at "We're going to drop a rope to you, attach it to your neck, quickly now" its been 10 minutes and I think I've recovered now.

  25. Some one needs to show this intro to the heads of YouTube and tell them to bug off

  26. If I made a YTP for this Episode I would definitely do some kind of Pink Floyd The Wall Reference on the Dam

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