Z71 Silverado Strobe Lights for Trucks

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George with Wicked Warnings, here again with some more strobe lights for
trucks on this beautiful new Z71 Silverado. In the grille of this truck, we
are featuring our Razor LED set on an amber pattern. Now this light does amber
and white, but you don’t necessarily have to use both colors. You can select
warning in amber or warning in white and you can also use the white flood
override. We are also showing our TIR-3 in amber in the front fog pocket, as well
as our Mirror Mod Kit on the forward facing tow mirrors. In the amber LEDs on
the mirrors there, you can see. There you can see just a little bit clearer the
TIR-3 in the side pocket. Hiding back in the background there is the Wicked Jeep.
Let me show you what that flood mode does. As you can see, we’ve steady burned all four of the upper grille light Razors in the flood mode switch. This also
steady burns some lights around the back that I’ll show you now. Around the back
of this truck, we have featured our Thin-X LIN series under the tailgate. Those
as well, you do not need to use both colors. We have set them on an amber
pattern with the white steady burn flood. We have our LED HAW DUO in the third brake light, as well as the reverse lights. We’ve also incorporated the flood mode
in the rear. As you can see, the Thin-X illuminates steady white, as well as the
cargo. We elected to leave the reverses off the flood mode, just so we didn’t
lose all the warning in the back of the truck when we did the flood mode and if
you turn the flood mode off, it’ll go right back to the warning pattern. The
other thing I like about these Chevrolet’s with the tow mirrors is as
you can see, there’s white rear-facing lights on the mirror. We also
incorporated those into the flood mode. So not only does the entire grille light
up white, the cargo lights, the mirror rear-facing and the Thin-X all tied into the white flood mode switch for scene lighting on this
particular build. We did use our Thin-X LIN series in amber-white, set to an
amber only pattern, as you can see here. And in the front again, it was the Razor
and the TIR-3, as well as our LED HAW DUO. Make sure you check the description
for a link to each one of these products individually, as well as a link to
purchase this entire build parts as a package. We’ll put all the parts that I
used to make this entire build in one simple cart click. So if you just want
your truck to look exactly like this, click the link and buy the parts. Thanks
again for watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for LED emergency
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