53 thoughts on “#ŽalgirisOnAir S01E13 K.C. Rivers and Thomas Walkup

  1. Puikus podkastas ! Thank you K.C , thank you Thomas, ačiū Žalgirį.

  2. Shout out to all the smoke podcast!!! That's what's up.
    Nice one KC..
    Everyone else should check out Matt and stack..

  3. The idea of making Thomas a host ended up really well. Keep it up, guys 🙂

  4. Feels like Thomas been here like for ever. It's great to see how well he adapted and became part of Zalgiris organization. Both K.C and Thomas are straight up ballers and such a great and outspoken guys. I'm very glad we managed to sign Thomas for an extention and I really hope KC gonna get his soon! That man worth every penny

  5. Thomas Walkup is kind of better than Lithuanian journalists.. Calm, funny, interesting, and relevant questions.
    Loved it!

  6. That's one of the best podcasts that i've ever listened. Keep it up and do more podcasts in english! 💚💚💚

  7. A Lithuanian in Oak Hill? I wonder who he was. I know Rokas Gustys went there (who now plays for Šiauliai in LKL), but he's just 25yo now, so guessing it was some different guy 😀

  8. Wow..lads, you saved my day at work today. I think Rytis should be laid off after this

  9. Thomas has been top notch host, but K.C. just blew my mind, he seems very calm and kind person and a true professional. Hope the extension is on the way.

  10. Thomas is a great host. Would like to see more of him as a host. K.C is so calm and his voice is soo nicee, like for podcast. Btw great podcast !

  11. Motiejūnas… during his podcast he mentioned that at his early age he was incredibly skinny and quite weak physically because of it, which was an achilles heel for him 😀
    As for budgets being more even, the euroleague is slowly working on several things to address that and will be implementing the first measures in a couple of years.
    Wonderful podcast! Had a great time listening to it

  12. All the other players, ex players and legends that were on Zalgiris on Air were great…but KC, you blew all them away! Most def the most interesting episode of them all, now probably half of the fanbase want that extension of yours!

  13. KC should be reading bedtime stories on a radio 🙂 really calm voice, nice person!

  14. Was pleasure to listen, what a great example, K.C gentlemen as always.

  15. For me, K.C. ist the best Zalgiris foreign player in all aspects of all time. Please stay for a longer period

  16. Thomas what is wrong with your name? I dont mind and kind like it ,but is usually in USA name like this? Would be interesting to heard why does Your first name ends with as?

  17. KC’s voice sounds like Stallone, especially when he says “…that glue guy” lol

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