Zapplight Bulb As Seen On TV

And there are tons and tons of dead bugs
up inside the lights here yes hello there today all Tony’s reviews will be
reviewing the as-seen-on-tv zap light this is part of the outdoor summer
series and the zap light is a bug killing light and we’re going to check
it out and see if this thing lives up to what it says it does on the box right
here above my trash can I’ve got standard floodlights and what the
problem is is right now I have mosquitoes collecting and moss
collecting here and frogs build up on my trash can try to eat these things so I’m
trying to avoid the frogs collecting on top of my trash can that’s really why
one of these zap lights I’m afraid of heights I’m gonna have Tony climb the
ladder here and change the light bulbs out normally here at the estate I’ve got
these fancy light bulbs that are going now these old bulbs were on so they’re
kind of warm which gives me the opportunity to pull out the old ShamWow
and use it as an insulator one down right here it looks like we’ve got the
bulb itself and down in here looks like we’ve got some metallic bugs zapping
metal check that out and we see right there it says zap light okay I’ve got a
screwed in there nice and tight and right now we’ve got balled number two
because I like balance speaking of balance I almost fell off this ladder and as that light comes with a little
brush so that you can brush the dead bugs out of the death chamber okay so
these bulbs look pretty bright they look about as bright as my other bulbs are
open you saw a flicker these bulbs are pretty bright they look about as bright
as the other bulbs I had up in here and they’ve got the stuff in there
I said bug land on me I’m gonna give you a close-up here so you see the blue
light up inside the bulb okay so here’s the zap light and you can see it’s got a
blue light up inside there and then what I like to call the death chamber I think
that’s kind of what lets you know that it’s working that’s got a pretty bright
glow to it and that’s all I wants a little light out here a little security
light so I really like the appearance of these zap lights they look a lot better
than my old standard light bulbs I had out here so we’re gonna leave these out
here for a while and then we’ll check on them once it gets dark to see if they’re
killing bugs very well so now we’re out here watching the zap light and it’s
nighttime now and you see the lot of bugs are buzzing around here are lots
and lots of bugs and I can see up inside the light here and I’ll get a little
closer and you can see up inside the little what I call the death chamber you
can see lots and lots of bugs are in there and already dead so this thing is
doing a pretty good job of killing the bugs I will say this though I’ve seen a
few bigger bugs that just seem like they can’t get in here because it’s a little
bit small in there but all in all it seems like it’s doing a pretty good job
killing bugs and here’s the little brush that came with it I’m not going to stick
it in there why there on and I just want to say I really like how
well it’s killing the bugs but at the same time I’ve still got a lot of bugs
on the outside of this and does that bulb and the zap light came with this
little brush here and it shows that you can use it to clean the bugs out of this
thing so I’m gonna get up inside of here and see if I can clean out some of the
bugs you can see right here on my trashcan lid all the bugs that I got out
of this app light there were quite a few bugs in there do you know what the momma mosquito said
to the daddy mosquito hey let’s go out for a bite my final recap on the asking
no TV zap light is this I think they’re great light bulbs
I like the colors they’re very neat they get rid of a lot of bugs but they don’t
get rid of as many bugs as I hope they would these will probably not and I
shouldn’t say probably these will not replace a standard bug light or a good
sized bug light my grandpa had one when I was a kid and it got rid of like all
the mosquitoes this is not gonna do that I’m probably still gonna have a problem
with frogs when it gets further into the summer
I’ll have frogs in my trash cans so these zap lights are probably not gonna
do the trick but I still like them they’re good looking light bulbs so next
week I’m gonna release the two final videos in the Timmy’s reviews asking on
TV outdoor series I’ll be reviewing the as seen on TV lucky leash harness and
the as seen on TV slice right watermelon slicer if you enjoyed the review today
please remember to Like subscribe comment and share thank you so much for
tuning in and god bless you

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