Zeal & Ardor – Blood In The River // Off The Road Sessions

Welcome to the Off The Road Studios, where today you hear and marvel at
traditional gospel songs ringing out. Sounds like they once were, emanating from the
tortured throats of the black fieldhands of America. It would absolutely be worth listening to, if only the artists of today hadn’t
bastardized the pious sounds of the past. Their songs, indeed,
do not praise the Lord, but rather his adversary. Satan, in persona. And if that’s not enough, “Zeal and Ardor”
also lets black metal infernos sound out. If those who were slaughtered
had performed such ghastly music, slavery would probably
have been abolished much earlier. For reasons of musical aesthetics. Do not be surprised if a goat is
slaughtered during his performances, or a virgin Catholic sacrificed. Do not say you did not know, when streams of blood flow from the stage
and it reeks of guts. No! This man is not thirsty for applause, he is only in the mood for
revulsion and disgust. Let your stomach beware. And switch off – now!

100 thoughts on “Zeal & Ardor – Blood In The River // Off The Road Sessions

  1. Great video all the way around! Love their live performances so much. Also, great dramatic opening.

  2. Best thing ive heard in ages.. this better not be it cunts i cant find much of you guys!

  3. Not a bad song, but reading all the hype in the comment section set me up for disappointment. Shame on you.

    And this isn't black metal, by the way.

  4. Great scenario, good edition. I'm still deciding wether I find this band genius or a mistake, but I wish they continue touring and making music nevertheless.

  5. Am I the only one who likes these performances better than the recorded versions?

  6. The riverbed will run red with the blood of the saints and the blood of the holy
    Just amazing.

  7. Absolutely astounding production of the video on top of the amazing work from the band. I am nothing but goosebumps. Fucking FANTASTIC.

  8. So I ignored this lot for a long time, because the track that was recommended to me was some shite dubstep that I hated. This – this is on another fucking level, though.

  9. what the fuck is this german guy talking about? i only understood "satan".

  10. Amazing, look forward to seeing you guys live! Also uh, cool sigil on that snare (I think it's the snare?). "The Twelfth Spirit is Sitri… He enflameth Men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired."

  11. revolutionary black metal or the bizarro of 'Church of the cosmic skull' ?

  12. How many babies have been sacrificed to aquire such talents? That's what I wanna know. How many innocent lives? Also, human responsible for editing is guilty as well. Intro was awesome, but in this case, I think a goat or maybe a black rooster or two, would do the trick.

  13. "The riverbed will run red with the blood of the saints and the blood of the holy."

    I love that line. I go around singing it to myself all the time. This guy is brilliant. Next level stuff.

  14. I never thought I'd be singing something so dark in my head. I fuckin love it. The riverbed will run red with blood of the saints and the blood of the holy. 🤘(..and I love the way he punches the 🎸)

  15. Meilleur Band depuis très longtemps, je peux plus attendre pour le shoe de Quebec à L'ANTI

  16. I'm not gonna lie I'm really digging this band, definitely on my to see live list. The variety in styles is awesome!

    Does anyone hear a country/blues influence?

  17. I am just discovering this band! Why do metal traditionalist dismiss this band? They are fucking awesome! They offer something new, yet they go back to metals origins which has it’s roots in The Blues.

  18. Just saw these guys live, amazing! No goat or virgin sacrifices tho lol, just fat riffs!

  19. omg!!! how didn't i know about these guys, in terms of originality it's up there with Mike Patton… and i think that is the highest accolade any one can have bestowed upon them!

  20. why Zeal & Ardor didn't made Netflix's Sabrina soundtracks?! matches the theme perfectly

  21. Its nice to know there's still rock & metal bands out the trying something new. not another copycat band.. nice

  22. This band is amazing, so artistic and original, this give meaning to my life, love it!!!

  23. Not typically a fan of Black metal just by it's lonesome but Blackened music is the bell of the fucking ball.

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