Zoho Deluge – Search Multiple Records

– I got a question from a friend. He is a Zoho Deluge developer. And he was asking me,
“how can you create a search criteria with multiple searches? Search on an email, a name, a date, so on and so on in one quote.” Now, this is not the way to do it. Okay? You need to be a bit creative here. So, the solution is like that. First of all, you’re going
to create a view in your CRM. Now, once you create the view with all the search
criteria that you like, you will get a unique id. You need to copy that. Now, you’re going and
creating the function. Then you have the get records. You have the module. You have the index, from and to. And then you list the view. Now whenever you list the view, you will get the results
based on this specific view. That means that you can create a big search criteria for one call. Have fun. Give lots of value to your clients. Bye.

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