Zombie Tsunami Hack – Zombie Tsunami Cheats for Free Gold and Diamonds

Welcome to gen4game Today I will show you how to get free gold and diamonds This is a just part of a proof… But let’s go step by step As you can see, we have only few gold and diamonds So, let’s go to gen4game to generate some resources! As you can see, generator is very simple and easy to use Just choose how much gold you want to generate to your account And how much diamonds… Than click on GENERATE Here you have to write your e-mail And to choose your platform Than, simply, CONTINUE Wait a few seconds for the generator to find your data in the database Sometimes you will have to finish human verification because a lot of bots are trying to generate gold and diamonds for major sites But this is a really easy step, just make sure that you finished all steps In other case, if verification is not completed, resources can’t be generated As we can see, verification is successfully completed and resources are generated! Let’s get back to game to check how much resources we have! EASY! Now, let’s spend some to show that this are real resources

79 thoughts on “Zombie Tsunami Hack – Zombie Tsunami Cheats for Free Gold and Diamonds

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