100 thoughts on “Zombie Tsunami [Midget Apple Plays]

  1. I vold like se a litl Apple zombie and litel appel yoh Are litel

  2. play zombie rush on roblox so you can kill zombies as that you do as human you can play as a zombie too! And zombies won't attack you if you are zombie

  3. Thank you ! Re this the your yiyiyiyyiyt is going it's not the type the ride I issue that I iititiitit I 8iitrrieririritittttitiititittiitititititititittitititosikeles


    Ninja: You can double jump and throw shurikens at bombs
    U.F.O: It respawns more zombies for backup
    Giant Z: The zombies fused together and become a monstrous beast
    Quarterback: You can’t lose zombies, you can knock out vehicles and bombs
    Tsunami: A tsunami goes forth and slides the zombies. You can tap the screen multiple times to boost the size of the tsunami
    Dragon: Zombies became a dragon head and the body. When a zombie is killed, one piece of body is lost

    Balloon: The zombies’ head floats and to get them down, hold the screen if nessecary.

  5. 1 like =1??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. You can upgrade a bonus one there is an update to zombie tusnami
    They added a mecha you have to reach level 150 i guess well to upgrade you have to complete the missions and full the expirenent potion and order to do that complete some mission click the pause button or click go to potion and but some hat

  7. Why are the people just standing there waiting for the zombie to eat them

  8. When you have giant Z you still loose zombies when you touch bombs/mines and those helicopters and cars that move

  9. I’d like to see these zombies.
    1. An airplane with a giant zombie head up front that shoots laser eye beams at people to abduct into the plane. Warning: zombies are inside that will be dropped out. Plane’s mouth can also eat people.
    2. A zombie cannibal that puts tied-up zombies inside a pot of boiling water and finds humans to fatten the zombies.
    3. A zombie that’s been eaten by a shark waist up. The zombie’s hands poke out of the shark’s sides because the shark and the zombie are really a waterproof robot that’s controlled by a zombie cyborg inside. The shark tries to inhale people. The arms are useful for grabbing people so they can be inhaled.

  10. im playng this game for 6 yehrs now i have 683 brainz wehn i was 4 yehrs old now i am 9

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