ZOYA YASCHENKO – “After Tsunami”

[The song was written in 2011 after a major
earthquake and tsunami strikes in Japan
and is dedicated to those who died and
die there from the forces of nature] Oh, these people live in mussels
In deep sea, far from dry land And blue fish, like caretakers,
Keep their souls in big vessels Sometimes I hear worship singing
In predawn stillness from a distance With hands raised to blind sun-disk
Their shadows glide on Fuji’s side-hills And in the evening when rays weaken
And grasses are touched with coolness They listen how tireless crickets
Reveal the Earth’s secret musings Ruined and abandoned houses
Seem like smelling with warm rice And the boat spared by chance
Waits for someone by the seaside Fish sometimes come to the surface,
They break vessels there, in grottos And right before someone’s born
Sakura gently blossoms

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